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  • Not a bad weekend, did my long run with some girlfriends, much more pleasant. Threshold session on Saturday. Beginning to think it is this dull weather that is making me feel depressed!

    I have been making sure I use my HRM lately, my HR seems to be way too high though. Its not that I am going too fast either...promise.
  • Dear All,

    I held off on buying an HRM, not sure if it would help (and not sure I could afford it!), but more and more I keep seeing everyone referring to theirs.

    I'm not a keep-up-with-the-Jones's sort of person, but I was wondering, if I'm heading out on my long run, does the HRM give you some sort of obvious feedback, audio for example, so you can tell if you're going too fast?

    My big problem seems to be getting the pace right, I invariably end up going off too fast then have to walk and get stuck in a cylce: run too fast/walk/run too fast/walk... Would an HRM help me to stick to a consistent and realistic pace and at least start to solve this problem?

    Any advice very much appreciated!

    PS It's great to be actively posting here again, it's having the desired psychological effect. It would be nice to meet some of you over in London on the big weekend and put faces to names. Maybe we could all go for a huge carbo-loading session on the Saturday, might be fun!


  • 3 mile easyish run this morning - few problems. First run with a Heart Monitor and it looks like I'm running too fast ! Will have to do my calculations agian !
  • Help! Where do I get a HRM and how do I use it? I have just been running the distances set in the Runner's World training schedule and usually end up finishing in roughly the time set.
  • Meeing up on the Saturday would be great. My partner and I are staying in London over race weekend. We'll no doubt do a bit of the tourist thing on the Friday, then theatre in the evening.
    Saturday will hopefully be a 'chillin' day, so getting together for a bit of a social thing would be good. Keep me posted,ok?
    My HRM also tells me Im running too fast! My LSD runs are at conversation /singing along to the radio sort of pace. Any slower and I'll be in reverse!
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    CM & MP, a heart rate monitor will enable you to run at different heart rates and these will be a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). This percentage will depend on the type of run you're doing ie recovery, threshold etc.Most monitors will "bleep" if you go outside predetermined limits. You can buy and learn more from:

    They are a good company both pre & post sales and competetive.

    Only thing with heart rate monitors is the transmitter which you have to wear on your chest which you might find a bit akward.
  • I've been using my HRM for the last 3 weeks and it has definitely helped my training. I don't have the audio-alarm on because it's annoying but it only takes a second to look down and check what your heart rate is doing.
    I don't even notice I'm wearing it anymore, so it's definitely not uncomfortable once you're used to it.
    The only thing I don't like about it is that from about 5 different sorts of calculations, my max heart rate is from 180-205, which doesn't really help with working out a percentage working heart rate to run at. But after a while you get to know what your conversation pace heart rate is and you can work backwards from that.

    Normski, if you can sing whilst running then I wouldn't have thought you need to go any slower!

    Chris, good idea about meeting up. Me and the boyfriend are staying in my brother's friend's parents' flat near tower bridge on the saturday night. As you can imagine, I hardly know them but they won't be there over the weekend so I may want to eat out rather than wreck the kitchen!
  • Hi everybody, sounds like you're all training well. I did my first 11 miler yesterday. Took it really steady and enjoyed it - that's a bonus, didn't think i'd ever enjoy running!

    So far so good with the achilles and calf problems too - seem to have knocked them into touch but i'm still being careful - don't want to re-activate them at this stage.

  • Hi, i have the same problem with my HRM.I seem to be running too fast but it feels like a comfortable pace. I think if i had to run any slower, I'd be walking. I worked out my heart rate and all using the formulas but it just seems too low. I then read an article saying if it was too slow, add 12 beats per minute on to it. I did that and it still too slow.

    Also, when I going up a hill the HRM beeping like I'm gonna take a heart attack and I feel fine.
  • Cait, it does take a while to get used to running according to heart rate, everyone has to slow down, so give it a real chance before giving up. After my first long run keeping to the target heart rate I finished after 60 mins and felt like I'd had a walk to the park and back, not run for an hour, I felt fine. But I think you're supposed to feel like that for long runs, fitness-wise.

    When running up hills, slow the pace down so you keep even effort, not even pace. I find this hard, it's much easier for me to power up a hill, because it goes quicker and you have something to focus on. But unless you're hill reps, that's the wrong thing to do.
    Help this helps in some small way. Persevere for a week or two and then re-evaluate if it's working for you.
  • My long runs are going to be very long if i have to go according to my heart rate but i'll try for a week to see how it goes.
  • I'm running the Watford Half Marathon on Sunday and will try to run it to Heart Monitor rate. Will let you know the result !
  • Did a 13.1 mile race on Sunday over multi terrain called the Broadclyst Bimble (down in Devon) my time was 2hrs 19mins not bad if you saw the forests and the thick mud we had to go through, I’m really pleased with my performance.

    Now the bad news – I’ve got a couple of big blisters in the arches of my feet, I think they were due to my feet being wet from the start of the forest and all the thick mud (energy sapping as well), first time I have had blisters whilst running so I don’t put it down to my shoes. I’m just a bit put out, I feel I should be out doing a recovery run or something and not just letting my feet heal and resting.

    I think what I really need is someone to tell me that a few days off will not put my training back too far.
  • A few days off will not put your training back too far.

    There you go - easily done !
  • Nice one Paul I feel better already........
  • Did 11 miles Sunday which was OK, today did 5 miles, nearly killed me!

    I am a fan of the HRM, I'd read that despite all the forumlas your heart rate can vary from the ideal by about 25 bpm. Personally, after a while you get used to your own pace / capability and now know what BPM to run at on a long run, quick run etc.

  • Good advice,Steve. It used to freak me a bit when rate was too high (as prescribed)on long runs etc, but will note rates on various runs, and work from that. Shame to leave the thing in the draw!
  • My wife says that it's the fact that I'm overweight that's making my heart beat faster. So her solution : lose weight !
  • Sensible wife, Paul!!
  • Dear All,

    Out for a six mile run this morning, glad I'm checking back into this forum, it's got me back on track. Thanks everyone!

    Banana, Normski - and anyone else interested - let's meet up on the Saturday for a drink or something, it would be good to put faces to the names and, times permitting, maybe we could run together?


  • If memory serves me right there is a 4.30 pace group which of course will be ideal for this thread!!!
  • Sounds good Chris, both that you're back on track and about running together. I can't even imagine the thousands of people who will be following the 4:30 pacers, so we'll have to come up with a plan of where to meet etc, but shouldn't be too hard to find each other.

    Did my very first hill reps session today and it was really hard, but felt good afterwards except for a very aching bum! It's lucky that there is a grassy park on a gradient in the centre of Oxford. Looking forward to recovery run tomorrow.

    Also really chuffed today because I got my very first 1st in an essay on talking while driving. Off to sing in the choir now...
  • I have decided to pull out of London as my latest comeback has ended in pain. I think it's trying to do too much too soon, due to pressure of catching up on missed training runs.

    As I have a club place, I am able to give it to a club mate so I thinks its fair I give it up now.

    I hope to start running again in next two weeks but ease in gently so I can run some races later in year

    Good luck everyone - I wish you every success in London
  • Thank you Undulating. Take it easy.
  • Thanks,Undulating. Get well soon. See you out there sometime.
    Good idea re. drink on the Saturday. Is anyone else bringing partners?.
    Not sure if we'll be 'penned' together so running as a group may prove tricky.
    Training-wise,I've got a bit of a calf niggle, so am staying off it for a few days as a precautionary measure.
  • Sorry to hear that undulating. Glad you're being sensible and taking it easy though. Injuries are very tricky things.
  • Sorry Undulating - sounds like you've made a wise decision though - hope for a speedy recovery for you.
  • Wish you all the best, undulating

    As for the pre-race drink, I may have to miss this since i'm running the FLM with my brother and staying with him the night before. Hope very much to find you all - and the Runner's world 4.30 pace runner - at Blackheath !
  • Bring your brother along?
  • Going by last year's 'Pen' admin at the blue start, the back end is pretty relaxed. I imagine it might be stricter at the front although I still manage to trip over walkers after the first mile.

    I started with the 11 min mile pacer last year despite haveing a Pen number one behind him.

    We should be ok huddling in the same pen. ba baa
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