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  • hi everyone. i was on this thread a few months ago but a new job kind of got me sidetracked from posting!

    i went on the trailplus camp this past weekend and came out very motivated. 4:30 will be a challenge for me, especially as i keep my long runs very slow since i am paranoid of getting injured. i'm currently dealing with some leftover shin splints/soleus muscle soreness.

    i agree with what's been said here--sports massage is pretty invaluable, as is ice. i ice morning and night even if there's no pain--just in case! going to start trying ice baths too.

    just curious which training plan people are following? i'm using RW mag's improvers schedule, which was written by the guy who leads the trailplus camps.
  • Hi lucrece, I went on a trail plus camp as well and am following the beginners schedule as the RW mag. Would have liked to do the improvers one but I haven't been running that long really and have some orthotic insoles that I'm still getting used to so thought it'd be safest to stick as a beginner. I also reckon that 4:30 will be a challenge as I still get some pain in my knees now and then but I'm willing to try!
  • Hi Lucrece and all,
    Following improvers plan RW also. Finding it okay! Dread the hill sessions but music is helping a lot and it is really rewarding - I ran 15 miles last sunday which is amazing for me!! I remember this time last year being stuck on about six. Good luck with training - much better to be careful it is so awful being out with an avoidable injury.
  • hey everyone, did 2 hours on an upright bike at the gym today. Legs felt like jelly when I got off but I stretched really well so they should be ok.

    Is anyone else monitoring their weight throughout training? My weight is normal but I thought it wouldn't hurt to lose a few pounds but not sure how to go about this whilst training. I can't restrict my eating during the day without real determination so at the moment I'm just trying not to snack after dinner, which means I go to bed with a rumbling stomach. Haven't lost any weight yet, actually gained 2 kilos this week because it's rest week. It doesn't bother me too much if I don't lose any weight before the marathon but I was wondering is it possible? Anyone with previous experience?
  • Dear All,

    Disastrous week not getting out at all, but got out this morning for a 15 mile run. I managed a disappointing 2.49.05, but I'm still pleased I got out there.

    I hadn't eaten beforehand, and only had a drink at the half hour mark which was a big mistake. I hit the wall big time at two hours and my legs went to jelly, but hey, it felt like an acheivement when I got home.

    Banana, last marathon I did I put on weight (although looked and felt fitter), I think it's to do with the fact that muscle weighs more than fat.

    This time around I'm the same weight as usual, but stopped drinking (alcohol) this week as a last ditch attempt to shed a few pounds in the final weeks before the marathon. Fingers crossed that works.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!


  • I always loose weight over the last month of training when it reaches its peak.

    4 mile easy for me today, 14 miles tomorrow.
  • Dilema!!! I have just had a look out the window and the weather is appaling. A howling wind and snow.

    I am due for a long run today.

    If the weather does not improve later, would it be ok to put my long run back to tomorrow, which would mean two long runs in the same week?!!!

    Decisons, decisions
  • Hi Bernard

    I'm sure it'll be fine to put off your long run til tomorrow - you'll still have several days between long runs to recover, just don't push yourself too hard on the days in between.
  • Hi All

    I'm new to this site (signed up only 5 minutes ago after seeing this thread).

    The London Marathon on the 17th will be my first attempt at anything like that. I have been following a strict program (given by cancer research - who I am running for).

    It involves 6 runs a week, started doing 10 minute jogs but can now happily do 12 miles at around the 2hr (or just under) mark. Although I'm following the program (and its been done by pros) Im worried Im not doing long enough runs as of yet. I'm just about to go on a 13 miler which will be my longest run so far (and its just started raining! - just my luck).

    The program takes me up to about a 21 miler but thats it (4 weeks before the race). Do you all reckon this is ok and i'm on track - I lose heart sometimes!

  • Norma

    Thanks for the advice. Will see how the rest of today shapes up before making a decision.

  • Hi Bernard

    I've swapped runs around before and its been ok - so far!! The weather is deteriorating here too - think its actually snowing!! Really really want to do a long run today - and beat my previous distance so am going to brave it...hat, gloves...
  • Hi Ewan

    Thanks. You are much braver than me. I was out yesterday and the wind was pretty bad, even worse today and some snow.

    Will try tomorrow.

    Have a good one.
  • sound well on target, no need to run any further than 20/ 21 miles in training.
  • Thanks Bernard and Dips :)

    Just got back - had a mixture of fierce winds and a bit of rain but nothing too bad.

    I was supposed to run for 125 minutes, and I set myself the target of around 13 miles. It was going well though and I've wanted to prove to myself I could do a bit more... so ran to Methley- Just south of Leeds. Just checked my OS map here and still cant believe it but I managed just under 17miles!!

    Still trying to find out if I've made a wrong calculation!! I was seriously struggling though for the last 4 miles - more than i eveer had. It felt like I had absolutely no energy left in any part of my body. Just got back and necked 2 bottles of lucozade which has perked me up a bit! Going to eat now.

    Feel so much better - and pleased to hear Im ok and on target - thanks Dips.

  • Ewan, try no to panic and push the distance too much, you should only increase your long runs by no more than 10% each week otherwise you will burn out.... If you are up to 13 at the moment you have plenty of time. there is still 7 weeks of long runs before tapering so aim for 14.5, 16, 17.5, 19 and at least one 20 miler, maybe 2 before you start to taper and you will be fine.
  • Hi Jonah - I agree, I wasn't really expecting to go that far (well, secretly wanted to!) Im following a strict schedule given from Cancer Research (, and have stuck to it well, I was just worried I wasn't getting the distances in - now I know I can do it I'll cool of a little!

    One question I wanted to ask people - do you take any drink / snacks with you when you go running. I never had before, but at the 11 mile mark really suffered for it and think a glug of lucozade or a high glucose snack bar would have really helped. Was thinking of getting a camel pack or maybe a small waist holdal kind of thing - anyone got any ideas / opinions on this?

    Cheers! Ewan.
  • Hi, I'm here for a bit of inspiration. Have had a few weeks of only doing 2-3 sessions a week due to injury. Up to 11 miles last sunday and then had swollen glands so haven't run since Wednesday. Feeling a bit down about it. Am I still going to be on course for the marathon? Was aiming 4.15 but think that's too ambitious now... just want to get round! This is my first one.
  • Hi Holly

    I've had a few off days (and one or two weeks) in my training too - one due to a knee injury and recently a bad cold that took it out of me. 11 miles sounds great - especially if you've been down on the training.

    The most important thing is your health - there is no point overdoing things when you are not well and just making it worse.

    My first marathon too and I was aiming for 4:30 - my training is going well at the moment so might try to do it a bit faster - the most important thing for me is not the time but to get round and raise the money for Cancer Research (

    Don't get disheartened! When you are feeling better get back to your schedule - its your first one so relax with it :) I've had a few down points and then just got on with a run and felt better for it afterwards.

    Keep us informed :) Ewan.

  • How did all your weekend long runs go and what distances are you up to now? I did 14-miles yesterday in 2hrs 20. Hope that means I on course for 4:30 marathon. First long in weeks where i experienced no shin pain, bt don't want to count my chickens yet.... incase the sore shin comes back
  • Dear Cait,

    Well done! I did 15 miles in 2.49. I also took some Brufen before I ran to ease the shins which appeared to work well (either the Brufen worked or it was psychological!).

    It feels like a real achievement to get up to 12-15 miles, doesn't it? Suddenly the FLM doesn't seem so out of reach...

    Hope it's going well for everyone else.


  • hey People!

    Havent posted for a while, but have been reading keenly! So pleased to see everyone doing so well. I did 13 miles yesterday around Richmond Park (the hills nearly killed me) and I was slower than I wanted by about 25 mins, but was happy to get round, am in uncharted territory now! I am dissapointed as my mid week / tempo runs are not proving a problem, but I am still struggling with the longer runs to keep up the pace. Do you think it's better to hit the distance or time? i.e. i was supposed to do 12 miles in 120 mins, I did 13 miles (due to getting lost) in 165 mins, but was at 150 mins for 12 miles????

    I was also wandering about food/drink as Ewan mentioned, as after two hours I really start to suffer and was feeling the need for sugar or anything sweet to keep me going. What do you do on the day, as 4 hours running without food seem unbelievable???

    Also for the first time today, I ache like a ba**ard! My knees/side of legs feel like they have broken! I pronate quite a lot so I guess it's that, but man do I hurt today!

    Keep up the good work everyone!!
  • Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Ewan and Kieran, I always take some kind of glucose out on a long run. I have a camelbak, which is great once you're used to the extra weight. I have taken lucozade before which was really good, like sipping sugar along the way, but don't like to carry it. Probably won't take it again unti l there's someone to cycle next to me with it.
    On my last run I put an energy gel and some joosters in the pockets of my camelbak. Had half the energy gel after 45 mins and actually retched it was so gross. So abandoned that and had joosters half an hour later-much tastier.
    You really have to try stuff out to know what works for you. Any sweets are good, just take your favourite and nibble them along the way. Looks a bit strange but keeps you going and is very comforting.
  • Hi Guys not so good news from me. I strained my calf and hamstring in my right leg last week on the treadmill when I was walking on the incline. Didn't feel a thing until the next day and even the just a lit tightness. Layed of until today when I was supposed to do a long run and stopped after 3.5 miles as I could feel it right from the start and didn't want to make it worse. I'm feeling really peaved off as I was hoping to increase my mileage and hadn't don't anything stupid to cause the injury. Just can't win!! Don't even know how long it will take to get better.

    Anyway re the "I was also wandering about food/drink "

    My personal view is that if you are going out for a run of over an hour then you should be taking some sort of sports drink or gel on board. It will give you that energy boost that you need. I take the lucosade gels after about an hour and then repeat.The drink is good too but it gets very bubbly if you carry it around. You need to experiment now on your long runs as to what is good for you as there is no way that you will run FLM without it.
  • I'm trying SIS products and they seem to suit me better than Lucozade etc but I also find the gels too sweet. Would ideally like to have bananas and bagels on a run but not great to carry. Everyone tels me Joosters are great - are they just ordinary sweets or do I need to get them from somewhere special?

    8 miles for me this morning before work, really enjoyed it after feeling so miserable about not being out for a few days. If anyone is feeling disheartened with injuries, try to stay positive as you will maintain your strength and fitness for a couple of weeks. Frustrating not making progress on the miles though and being off the training plan. Thanks to Ewan for your positive words!
  • Wow - well done everyone. Sounds like you're all doing great.

    Stylish - really sorry to hear about your injury - best thing is to get that sorted and healed before doing anything too hard - don't want to make it worse. Frustrating - but use the time off to rest (it can actually help having a week off every now and again).

    Regarding the food / drink thing - I will definately have to bring something along as at the 10 (ish) mile mark I go downhill (not literally) - I tried one of those high conc. glucose things and they were revolting!! Its going to have to be a mars bar or something next time - I think it'll make a huge difference. I really struggled for the last 4 miles on my 17miler on Sunday.

    Is anyone else fundraising? This is the thing Im finding hardest at the moment - and get disheartened the most about!

  • Yeah, I'm fundraising too, for Childline, and it is bloody hard work! I am about to about £900, need to get £1500 minimum.

    Have raided everyone at work, and all my friends, had a fancy dress party and charged people to come!

    Later this month I am organising a 5-a-side footy tournament (in Wimbledon if anyone wants to play!), and then I am playing a little acoustic gig down my local! Everyone is welcome!

    All in all, with my training too, I am knackered!
  • HGL-Joosters are just normal sweets, Tesco usually do them. They're like fruity jelly beans. Nothing too special about them I'm afraid, I just prefer them to Jelly Babies, which lots of people use.

    Stylish-commiserations on the strained leg. I had a similar thing after deciding to do a power-walk up a gradient as cross-training, it's amazing how different the muscles you use for walking uphill are to those for running. I think if you're not used to it you can do too much too soon. I know it sounds silly as there are loads of wobbly-bottom ladies who do it in the gym with no problem (no offense to wobbly-bottom ladies who do this!!)

    Ewan and Kieran, I'm raising money for The Prostate Cancer Charity and so far up to £1180 of £2000 target. It's actually been fairly easy so far, my Dad e-mailed the thousands of wealthy, middle-aged men at his company and given the nature of the charity they were very generous. Am just starting to get money flowing in from college friends now and my boyfriend is organising and performing in a classical concert to raise money for it. £5 a ticket, 100 people (hopefully), keerching! Haven't asked family yet and they'll be generous as I'm raising for the PCC because my Grandad died of PC. The only downside I've experienced is the added pressure to stay injury-free so I can complete it, otherwise the sponsors go out the window!
  • Hi All - re eating on the run. I read in the latest Runner's world that Joosters were the best for long runs out of the sweets they surveyed. Mars Bar came 3rd but can go soft if running long distances in your pocket. For my long runs, I stick to water for about 8 miles, then switch to Lucozade sport(the plastic pouches which you can carry in your pocket). I find it really helps me. I suppose it depends on what you're used to. They hand out Lucozade sport during the marathon but you would need to be used to it before the day, as the 1st marathon I took it and ended up with the runs at 20miles.

    I am also fundraising. Trying to raise £10,000 for 2 local hospices. I find it very hard trying to train and organise fund raising events at the same time. Also, I am not the sort of person who finds it easy to beg people for money.
  • ER, most gels are disgusting but will give you a longer energy boost than a mars bar. Try a few different do get used to them, the trick is in the swallowing. Just take it down and drink immediately!
  • On the drink / energy bar / sweet theme, I have got one of those belts that holds a bottle. After a few mins I forget I have got it on, which usually means I forget to take it off at the end of the run and sit on it!! I put the lucozade sport drink in it for the long runs and use the powder to make the drink (it's about £6 for about 30 bottles from Boots or similar) - I thought the powder would taste different to the ready made but it doesn't.

    In terms of running I had a hamstring problem then a cold, so missed most runs for a week or so. Rest seems to be OK to pick up where you left it as I ran 14 miles Sunday and feel OK today.

    I think breaking the half way mark has given me a big mental boost!
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