sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Awww Happy - taking a step back occassionally won't hurt (so I've read anyway!) - fit in that long run at the beginning of next week instead.
  • Just posted my application at lunch time! I have a golden bond place just in case, but it would be nice to get in through the ballot.

    I'm also seeing an osteopath tomorrow night for my right foot. I told them on the phone that I wanted to catch the problem early for FLM, so I am hoping it will be nothing serious. That said, I haven't run since last Weds. :(

    How's everyone else doing?
  • Ok, I am going to take the plunge and predict a sub 4.30...or wish for anyway!

    If I get in this will be my third.

    I ran 2003 in 5.40 not really knowing what to expect but hoping for a sub 5. Stopped at the loo twice, had a couple of walk breaks and chatted to a couple of not surprising it took another 40mins really. Looking back neither my training or run were very focussed or streamlined.

    This year I planned by schedule better, went on a Trailplus Marathon training weekend and put the learning into practice. I hoped for a sub 4.45 and came in 4.56, ran all the way. No loo stops and kept with the 11min mile pacer until around 17 miles when he seem to go off on turbo charge and I flagged into my darkess moments!

    I am getting used to running outside of my comfort zone now, so lets hope a sub 4.30 is not an impossible dream!
  • I'm not doing very well at the moment as i have an achilles injury. No running for 2 weeks so far and i'm about to start strengthening exercises so we'll see how it goes.

    I originally wanted to do it in 4.30 but doubt very much i'll achieve that now - still, never say never eh? I'll wait and see how it goes.
  • hey........its ages away yet! The training programme won't even begin 'til New Years Day! Rest, recover from injuries, then just build up general fitness until approx 20 miles/ week is reasonably comfortable. Thats plenty of base to then build on for sub 4:30 training. Remember - LOADS of people manage 5:30-6:30 having NEVER ran in their lives before starting training! Don't panic!
  • Phew - thanks Happy, I needed that reminder.

    I was one of those people in 2003 - it took me 6 hours!
  • At the end of the day, it's about finishing. As previously mentioned, there are THOUSANDS of lard-arses out there that can only DREAM of emulating your achievement.
    In years to come when asked if you know anything about this marathon lark on April 17th 2005, you'll be able to say with pride, as you clutch that well worn, well deserved medal-'2005?, Yeah I was there!'
  • At least i'll remember it which is more than i can say for most of my birthdays (that's due to age not drink peeps)!
  • Reading all this has made me feel better. I've got an IT injury and have been told to rest for 2-3 weeks. Nothing serious I'm told, just lots of stretching and strenghening needed. I was worrying that it would really set me back, I'm aiming for 4.30 or there abouts, I've managed one half in 2.16 so I hoped in 6 months I might be able to double it!
  • Trick is to increase your training gradually, alot of injuries occur around February/March when runners increase the training too sharply. Your long run should increase by no more than 15 mins a week with a dip or two on odd weeks. Too many peeps go from nothing on 31 Dec to full on marathon training on 1st Jan. Work on your base training leading up to the new year. Get some milage in your legs.

    Regular sports massages help with minor problems, ITB probs.

    There are plenty of Lard arses that get round London, but they will suffer through lack of training and preparation.

    It is far better to be prepared and run a comfortable if slower race.

    I throughly recommend the Trailplus Marathon training weekends, I went on one earlier this year and it changed my who outlook on my training.
  • Good advice Dips - there's lots of that available through these forums and it's great for us beginners.

    How do i find out about the trailplus marathon training weekends and what's involved when you attend (i'm definitely not ready for one of those yet but hopefully will be once i can get some training going again).

    Dates in Jan/Feb next year
  • this sounds fantastic! dips, would you say it is better to go on one of the earlier camps in january, in order to get all the principles in earlier? or is it best to sign up for late feb when i've built up a bit more endurance?
  • Thanks for that Dips.

    Good question Lucrece, I was about to ask that myself.
  • Hi Lucrece, hi all

    I've got a charity place with Debra if I don't get in through the ballot this time. This'll be my third marathon. Did FLM 03 and Paris (my local one!) in March. I'm planning to keep myself at half marathon fitness up to December and then follow(ish) the Hal Higdon Intermediate programme.
  • hi, rach!

    i've got a charity place, too. just praying my injury in the right foot clears up.

    i'm really thinking about doing that trailplus camp. maybe i'll start a thread and see if any other forumites are attending.
  • Lucrece, I like the look of the trailplus camp too but will have to wait a little nearer the time to see if my achilles clears up. Should know within a couple of weeks so i'll be able to make a decision about which camp soon.
  • cool, lo, i hope it clears up quickly too! looks like the camps get sold out every year.
  • I'm not surprised - looks like a whole bundle of good advice and experience to me. I might contact them and see what their cancellation policy would be? Could possibly book it anyway.

    When you thinking about going?
  • I went on the second one last year, it was excellant. There are a range of abilities and the programme is designed to suit all.

    The accomodation is basic, youth hostel style but you only need the rooms to sleep in as the whole weekend is jammed full of activities and seminars. The food is very good.

    I am thinking of going again next year

  • Hope nobody snores or sleep walks on the dorm!
  • not sure which one to pick really; my weekends in jan/feb are free at this point! maybe i'll pick one in the middle.

    i have been known to sleep walk!
  • Aaaaargh!!

    As long as you don't carry an axe in your holdall though.... we should be ok! :-)
  • Mind you are not in the top bunk then!!
  • lol - my mind's gone into overtime now - I have such a vivid imagination!

    Could it be that a couple of people may be forced to bond quicker than others?? :-)
  • Don't worry if you are a lone traveller they will put you in a same sex room!!!

    Same sex just meaning all females or all males/ no funny comments!!! or thoughts ;-)
  • Well, i've booked for 11 - 13 Feb. (really scared now - what have I done?)

    There's a whole bunch of forumites going that weekend, the 'first half marathon' thread is where most of them are posting if you wanna take a peak but it's a long thread - be warned.

    If you want to join us let them know at Trailplus that your from the forum as they're trying to keep us all together.
  • where is that thread? what section?
  • lol - my mind's gone into overtime now - I have such a vivid imagination!

    Could it be that a couple of people may be forced to bond quicker than others?? :-)
  • Huh, where'd that last post come from? It's a duplicate!

    It's on the beginners forum (methinks anyway, but I am getting old and I do forget these things easily). Have a look at my forum pages and get to it through there perhaps?
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