sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Chris, probably sore shins because of all the training, rather than despite! There are a whole variety of things it could be but it has probably been caused by the increase in running intensity. My own problem is shin splints but I manage to keep them under control these days!

    It's probably best to book in for a sports massage with a physio who can have a look at them and see where the pain/soreness is coming from. Ice is probably better than deep heat however and you could also stretch your shins - walking around on your toes for 5 minutes and then walking on your heels for 5 minutes is one recommended to me! Also stand on the stairs and one leg at a time, let your heel half of your foot hang below the edge of the step (does this make sense to anyone!!), if you bend your leg at the same time you should feel a stretch in the shin! Give it a try if you can work out what I'm talking about!
  • Did 5 miles warm up on Sunday before the Sussex beacon half marathon, and still did under 2 hours for the last 13.1 miles, so was quite happy. Even with the 10 force gale wind up on the cliffs in Brighton, and the 1 degree temperatures, it was pretty pleasant. Struggled to drink any water though, does anyone else have this problem? Find i have to force liquid down and normally only after running for 2 hours
  • Chin up Stylish sorry to hear the news, lets hope it improves a bit when you see him Monday.

    Did 8.5miles today 1hr 15mins and felt really good even though a bit chilly so hopefully put the 15miler that turned out to be a 14miles behind me.

    I'm going to have to try these joosters just out of curiosity seeing everyones going on about them.
  • Stylish - I am having a shin problems this past month and I know how frustrating it is. My marathon is 7 weeks from today and I am definitley still doing it (as it cost me a fortune). I have physio every Friday and this week I am having ultrasound everyday for 10mins. It eases it a bit but I am unable to do a lot of my shorter mid-week runs.

    I have had to change my training approach to the following:

    - as long as I rest my leg enough during week to manage my long run, I feel pychologically that I can still achieve the marathon.
    - When my shin is too painful to run during the week, I do the equivalent on the cross trainer and also add the gym bike in as well, just to keep my fitness levels up.
    - My long run times have not suffered as a result of this new approach.

  • Hi Guys,who had snow ball fights and built a snowman then. No one??

    Allrover - 8.5M in 75 mins is excellent.

    CJS - Sorry to hear of your troubles and hope they get better. I'm not going to run until I see him again and am currently cycling which is a pain in the gluteus maximus. The seats are like rock lol.
    Agree that the long run is the most important of the lot and I'm looking to get get one in the weekend following this one.

    Bananna- Hope you are well and not getting any more of those knee niggles.

    Best wishes to all.
  • After a smashing run yesterday i woke this morning with one of these popular knee niggles, its on the right knee on the outside right on the joint/bend i will be icing it then heating it to try to do a 5 miler tommorrow. Any how fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the praise Stylish it made my day.

    Good luck with your plods
  • Hi Guys,

    Sounds like a recurring them is starting... sore knees!

    Well I'm not sure if this will help, but here's what happened to me! I knew I over pronated and this was causing me to let me knees roll in too (my osteopath said I run like a girl!) Sexist yes, but what we meant was that my hips, knees, and ankles were not aligned. This caused too much pressure on the outside of my knees, and they ached like hell the day after, especially going up stairs, etc.

    Anyway he used Lance Armstrong as an example, saying that his legs work as a perfect piston because he keeps everything perfectly straight. So my suggestion would be to watch yourself in a mirror if possible at a gym or something and check that your hips, knees and ankles are alligned, and you piston your legs! I also got some really good trainers that support my arches and stop me overpronating.

    I'm not sure if that makes sense to everyone, but it has helped me a lot, and helped the knee and shin pain, I am beginning to realise running is a lot more technical than I could ever imagine!

    7 miles tonight, come on!!!
  • Kieran, I too have been told to watch my positioning in a mirror whilst doing squats and one-legged knee bends, but find this does not translate so easily when actually running - have you managed it???

    Sorry to hear so many of us (and yes I mean us, cos it's me too) have recurring niggles, I am hoping my niggle does not become a major problem, cos it did last year!!! Meanwhile keep thinking positive all......
  • Hi people,
    I have orthotic insoles to correct my overpronation (I too run like a girl!) and they are sort of working I think. I don't get the consistent pain on the outside of my knee like I used to, but I have had the odd niggle in every other place imagineable!
    Was so pleased that my knees didn't hurt at all on sunday's long run, but then on monday the stairs were a knightmare and I'd never had that before. Not sure if it's better or worse.
    But I'm plowing on nonetheless! Up to £1500 in sponsorship and donations with the big fundraising concert on Saturday. Fingers crossed for 100 people to come.
    Cross-training session tonight, will do 20mins bike and 20mins ellipsoidal thingy.
    Not sure how I'm going to do my hill session tomorrow, everywhere will be waterlogged because of the snow (no snowball fights or snowmen for me I'm afraid stylish). Might have to pound the pavement.
    Happy healing everyone.
  • Stylish - good to hear you are carrying on.

    Ask anyone who doesn't run if they would think it's abnormal to have 'niggles' after running 12-18 miles - I think they'd be in pain at the thought of it!! My knees niggled me Monday on stairs but they're fine now.

    Snow and cold confines me to the gym at mo as runs are either very early or very late in the day - wouldn't want to slip on ice and undo the training!

  • Steve K

    I was hoping to get out today but the weather has been really bad with heavy snow, looks like it might be here for a couple of days. Hope that it lifts by the weekend so I can at least get a long run in.

    Tried a gym in the past but they seem to limit running on the treadmill to 20mins or something ridiculous!!!

    Is your gym different/
  • I do a lot of running in a gym too. They say only 20mins when the gym is busy, which it never is after 8pm, so it's fine. Wouldn't recommend a long run on a treadmill though, it's amazing how hard it is to keep running at a constant pace for a long time, even if it's slow. I need the flexibility to stop and stretch my knees out occasionally!
  • Luckily I've avoided the snow altogether! I'm not sure if it will last, but I feel like I'm living in a different country or something (SW London, btw!).

    7 miles (11.3km's) in 70 mins last night, nice and steady. Felt terrible after 30 mins but it's amazing how your mind plays tricks on you, and after an hour, I felt great, and when I got home I felt so energised! It's great when you get that feeling, I wonder what I will do after the marathon???

    I think though that Steve hits the nail on the head, I don't think it's possible to train for this and not feel niggles and soreness! Just keep remembering you are now fitter than probably 98 out of 100 people in this country if not more! I'm sure I read some statistic like that somewhere anyway, keeps me feeling good about myself anyway!

    Found some mythical "joosters" last night, can't wait to try them on my 15 miler on Sunday! Hope it makes all the difference after hearing so much about them! If not I blame banana! :-)
  • I did 14-miles on the treadmill 2 weeks ago as i wanted to run on a cushioned surface - soooo boring.

    Does anyone know if the way you sleep can affect muscles around your shins. I am having a shin problem and getting ultrasound on it. Anyway, when i went to bed last night it was ok, but when i got up this morning it was sore again. This has happened a few times, and i am wondering now if it happens during my sleep.
  • Dear All,

    I'm not sure about the position, etc. you sleep in, but the amount of sleep you get - especially when training for a marathon - is important for muscle regeneration/repair. So a few early nights don't go amiss...

    I got out last night for approximately 5 miles last night, but my watch ran out of batteries half way through the run (!) so don't know times. My left knee felt agony at one point (I was doing some trail-running/fartlek at the time) which really worried me, like I'd pulled a tendon or something so I eased off and things improved a little.

    I don't know about everyone else, but the first few miles hurt for me, once I get into a groove later in the run things seem to pick up a little and last night I was quite enjoying it at the end.

    Haven't tried a treadmill although wondered, what's it like? I worry I'd fall off the back!


  • Chris, absolutely agree! The first 25 mins of my run last night where agony! I too had a few niggles and at one point I felt like my knees where going to go out beneath me. I have put this down to your body warming up and all the little nots and stuff slowly easing out, etc.

    After 30 mins I really began to enjoy myself, and have begun to find it fairly relaxing, i.e. my mind wanders off and I hardly notice Im running anymore!

    Of course, after an hour, I'd had enough!
  • Hi All, we all seem to suffer over the first half hour which must be a good thing as we eventually get over it. After all we're putting our bodies and minds through something they're not used to. I'm intrigued and motivated by all your comments and wished i'd found out about this forum before last week.

    First time FLM runner following RW programme. Managed 7 miles in heavy snow yesterday, will wear glasses next time as it stuck to my eyes, apart from that i really enjoyed it.

    Kierean- i'm gonna try Joosters this weekend for the first time too as i felt really sick after a 15 miler last week.

    Running long distances on a treadmill is bound to get boring, i make sure i've got music and vary the speed and incline slightly at regular intervals. Find it helps to keep my mind active as well as quell some of the boredom
  • No run today as the knee is still in pain
    I feel pretty depressed as a 16 miler looms on Saturday and my schedule says I must do it :o(

    I know its only been two days off but I cant help beating myself up for falling behind the schedule as I was more or less spot on with it.

    Its nice to know that everyone takes a while to get into the groove on the longer run as this happens to me also.

    plod on.
  • Allrover, don't beat yourself up over falling behind your schedule. As has been previously said on here it is the long runs that count. To this end I have reduced my schedule to just 2 runs a week, 1 long and 1 shorter at tempo. I have done this to prevent the injuries I have been plagued with over the past 2 years as soon as my long run gets past the 10/11m mark. I am still able to comfortably manage my long run every week, which is making me think that I can do without the extra runs that I am missing. I hope others agree as I did feel guilty and quite inadequate to start with, but think my bod has been trying to tell me something, when it gets an injury (and not just a niggle) as soon as my long run increases.
  • I've cut down ( not that I was doing a lot ) and am happy to pay the consequences. Was going to run today but it's far too wet so will go for a long run on Saturday instead and see how it goes.
  • Thanks for that Essex I know it sounds a bit sad but it helps to hear that other people are in the same boat as I always imagine its going perfect for most.
  • Hi Allrover and crew

    I was feeling pretty bad too for missing two runs this week (one 10 miler and a shorter one yesterday), however, like you I've been on schedule and to be honest I believe it can do you good every so often to have a break - gives your body time to rest and rebuild after all the training.

    I'm really enjoying the 10k distances, might start to train specifically for them after the marathon!! Managed a nice training run of 11.25k today in 60 mins. Feel better for it.

    It takes me ages to get into a run sometimes! On the longer runs, sometimes up to 4 miles before the creases iron out and I get into a zone, on the smaller runs, around the mile/ 2 mile mark depending on the speed Im going.

    Training is never going to go smoothly over the long period of time we are doing it for (for me since october) you are always going to have off days (and sometimes weeks) its the battle through that and the fact you come back to it that counts in my opinion.

    I'm also worried about my big run looming this weekend - the weather is awful!!

    Time for food!

  • Morning all

    Why is it that running home from work is always so difficult? The legs hurt, you can't breathe, and every step is agony! Yet, you can get home, and go for a run after work, and its comfortable and enjoyable? Am becoming quite bored with running along the embankment though on the North side. Does anyone know how windy etc it is to run on the south side?

    Keep up the hard work, its not long till all this training pays its due!
  • Hey all!

    Just been shopping looking for the mystical "joosters" but couldn't see them?

    Then I remembered a TV ad, are they Starburst joosters or something like that??

    Not sure i can eat them anyway, as I am a vege and I am sure they will have some sort of gelatine, but wanted to check!

    Any suggestions for non-sweet based food to carry with you when running? banana's have always been my fav, but not practical to carry.

    Also on the day, do you reckon it will be easy enough to spot friendly faces in the crowds? I was planning on having friends slip me a bananan or something in the 2ns half of the race, but am not sure if they will find me or I will find them?

    was thinking of maybe carrying my mobile, but wondered if the amount of people may cause a loss of signal?

    What are everyones thoughts? Are you planning on having a "support team" on D-Day??
  • Hi guys, have a great weekend and enjoy your long runs. I only have 10-mile long run this weekend as it a recovery week - yipeee!!!!

    I have one of my fund raising functions on tonight - a ceili - should be a laugh and will get me some extra exercising in for the marathon.
  • The packet of Joosters next to me here has ingredients in Spanish (bought them in Lidl ! - 75% extra free)

    Contains starch, gum arabica, vegetable oil but no mention of gelatin

    As for spotting people in the crowd, when I did the FLM in 2001, I told my family not to bother trying to spot me because it would be impossible but, in fact, I reckon that it will be quite easy to link up with loved ones as long as you work out exactly where. Also the mobile phone will work : I saw other people using them without difficulty as they ran !
  • Hi all,

    Knee still niggles but definetly getting better. I'm going to attempt my 16 miler tommorrow so fingers crossed.

    Hope all your runs go well over the weekend and I will catch up with you all Monday morning as I will be on earlies. ( do all this at work see!! naughty) :o)
  • Good luck Allrover. Try not to run through the niggles too much (advice I never follow myself!). Walking for a few minutes can make all the difference I find.

    Finally using the GPS this weekend. This is where I find out I'm running 15min miles instead of 10 and then really start to panic!
  • Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this thread, I'm a bit concerned as I have been out completely for the last 2 weeks with tonsilitis. I'm trying my best to catch up with my training!

    Weather in the SW isn't good at the moment which puts me off more, I really need a balaclava to run in as the wind is so icy!! Any other suggestions?!
  • All- enjoy your runs this weekend, i'm doing 2 1/2 hours tomoro morning as i've got to Cardiff on Sunday for the footy. Big BLUES Fan! Will try to keep the liquid refreshment of the acoholic kind to a minimum!

    Banana- i couldn't get Joosters anywhere! will use a banana and a maxim drink instead
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