sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Looks like I'm going to have to start some kind of joosters mail-order service!

    Welcome KS. Don't worry too much about having had time off-at least you're well rested! Don't go crazy with the training and try to make up for all the runs you've missed, that will just get you injured. Be sensible about it and you'll be fine.
  • Zimchick - not sure which bit of the Embankment you're running but I run the south side in the morning from Vauxhall to Blackfriars and find it quite pleasant (despite living in London for 8 years I still love seeing all the sights). I also did some running from Blackfriars to Tower Bridge in the summer and found the south side nicer - it's slightly confusing around London Bridge, but just follow the Thames Path signs.
  • Dear All,

    My trusty IronMan Triathlon finally died on Thursday, does anybody have any suggestions for a replacement?

    I was considering a HRM (Timex 5C411), but noticed Bananna mentioned GPS... Any suggestions? Bananna, what GPS thingy are you using?


  • Chris - I use a Nike HRM which is fine (~£70). GPS measures distance by tracking you via satellites which is all very high tech (which also means expensive! I think about £150)

    Bananna - would be intrigued to know if the GPS works and is a good guide. Plus, how did fundraising event go?

    In terms of mobiles they never seem to work on massive occassions for me so won't carry it - I'm on vodafone, maybe other networks are better.

    I have been told that it's good to have your name on your race day top because then complete strangers apparently shout encouragement - sounds good to me. I also know someone who has done the marathon seven times and he is going to tell me some good spots whereby you can see your friends / family and they can see you - I will pass on when known! My families track record on spotting me on runs is currently zero so hopefully this can improve for FLM! I couldn't cope with fancy dress and 26.2 miles.

  • Hi folks,
    This forum gizmo is all new to me, so I thought I'd pop in and say hello to some of the people who will be overtaking me on the day.
    You all sound 'up for it' and I hope to use your examples to get me round in under 4.30.

    You recently mentioned Joosters for energy - I'm using Rowse's Acacia honey. It comes in a squeezable, stumpy little plastic bottle that fits perfectly in my bottle-belt. Easy to use on the run (needs water with it), cheap and easy on the stomach. I also e-mailed Rowse to tell them how great it is and asked if they would sponsor my fundraising for the MS Trust - they said yes - so if any of you are running for 'charity, mate' try getting some corporate money.
    Other than that, there's nothing I could tell you that you don't already know.

    I hope to meet some of you on the day - running 26 miles 'alone' is not so much fun. Fortunately, I won't have to run as a giant honey bee.

    Good luck and good health to you all,

    Mark (my wife calls me Fatty) Painter.
  • All, GPS is a really useful tool for training as you can easily read your minute/mile pace and control your speed. If you combine it with a HRM as well such as the Garmin 301 you have everything you should need for your training.

    Regarding the Jooster debate, I get mine from Tesco there are always packets of them in the sweet isle.

    Have a good weekend training.... just come back from a 3.75mile threshold run in 28 mins. 17 miles tomorrow
  • Ran 80 minutes - haven't measured it yet but it must be around 8-9 miles.

    Tried sucking on a Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum but found that it interrupts my breathing ! Am not sure that it made much difference to my performance.

    Bought a Freestyle 716 Xterra Watch at JJB Sports at Fosse Park in Leicester (reduced from £22 to £9) - mind you, no HR or GPS but it works fine !

    One day, I'll count up how many have contributed to this forum : should be interesting for a get-together !!
  • Ran (well jogged comfortably) for 2 1/2 hours this morning in light snow. Joosters are non-existant here (i think Banana has bought them up nationwide!)so used a camelback with maxim drink. Ate a porridge,honey and raisin breakfast 45 mins before and it made all the difference, no dizziness or blurred vision this week.

    Am running for Leukaemia Research and for a girl who is undergoing radiotherapy for a brain tumour. She's in my youngest sons class at school and was awarded the Princess Diana Award For Bravery last December. Thats my inspiration to finish the FLM.

    Rely on my HRM and Ironman Triathlon for every run. Chris, they're only about £30 or so, so replace it. Mines 6 years od now and on original batteries
  • Hi everyone managed a run of 16.12 miles today in 3h 4m 1s. It hasn't been a great week for running, mainly due to snow. But I'm happy that I managed to complete the run this week that I failed so miserably to do last week. Thanks for all of the positive comments I got, it really helped.

    Injuries - Been reading about everyone's injuries, I have been okay so far apart from a bit of niggle in my right knee. The only other place I seem to experience any discomfort is my abdomen!!! Not sure why that should be???

    Shoes - Is anyone going to be buying a new pair of shoes before the FLM? Mines are edging towards 500miles, which I have read is the point to get new ones. Is that the rule of thumb that others go by?

    Joosters - None at my local Morrisions yesterday, is there a UK wide shortage????
  • 16.6 miles in 2:40 this morning, struggled the last couple of miles due to running into the wind and some severe hills. Definitly buy new shoes now if you have done 500 miles in your current ones, this will give you the cahnce to bed them in before the day. You till have the best part of 200 miles to run before the race. I bought my Saucony Omni 4's last week and will be interchanging them between old and new pairs until I feel comfortable with my new ones to be able to do 18+ miles.
  • I've got a garmin Forerunner 201 gps and it has transformed my training. Ok, I like gizmos and gadgets but I find it so useful to know how far & fast I am going. It even has a 'virtual buddy' to keep pace with you. The downside is that you become a slave to the miles rather than using a HRM to see how hard you are working. If I was buying one now, I would get Garmin 301 which includes HRM.
  • Been too depressed over the past few weeks to contribute anything because of injury. 'Sub or about 4.30' was about to be replaced by 'sub or about 4 DAYS'!!. However, due to the wonders of a local physio, and membership of a local gym, the marathon is definitely on.
    Its been inspirational just reading your exploits, guys, so thanks heaps. Like the idea of a get-together. Any of you staying in London over marathon weekend?
  • 17 miles in about 3hrs 15mins I think, I thought someone said 3hrs 30mins but that seems an awful long time...I'm sure I wasn't that slow. Blizzard conditions for a while and HRM was high.
  • Only 10 miles today, in 1hr 31. First run after a 2 week break so not too bad.

    On the shoes issue, I definitely need new ones before the big day, I've been looking round for a while but I'm going for it this weekend as I'm in London. Think I'll check out the adidas footscan going round. Any experiences of it?

    I might buy some joosters while I'm at it...if I can find any!
  • Footscan is very useful,particularly if the shop doing it will also do gait analysis. Joosters - try Tescos. Our local store does big bags
  • Kattysparkle, I but all my shoes from Sweatshop, they give you really good advice and don't push you into buying the most expensive pair, only the pair that is right for your running style. Make sure you get the right shoes, I have tried several different makes in the shops but I always end up buying Saucony's as they suit my running style. Good luck hope you find the right pair.
  • Very impressed with the lengths of these long runs that you're all doing. I've not had the patience or been willing to give up that amount of time yet but know that I must at some point soon ! Mind you, I'm doing the Ashby 20 in two weeks so "soon" will have to be much sooner !

    Good luck to you all
  • Disaster struck at the 9 mile point of my 16 miler on Saturday. Was running fairly well even though I was strapped up. I went to cross a main road by a pelican crossing, when I went to push off and my knee/leg injury gave way. Had to limp to a phone box and get the wife to pick me up. I’ve iced it all weekend and looking to book into a Physio later today.

    Severe depression this weekend :o((

    Further news of the injury tomorrow

    All the best to the rest of you.
  • Morning people!

    Well I ache like a sod this morning, but feel quite happy, did 15 miles yesterday in just under 3 hours. Not fast but was pleased with the way I coped.

    MASSIVE thanks to Banana, as "Joosters" are little miracles! I carried with me a couple of the pouch lucozade drinks, and filled a plastic money bag with some joosters and I felt great, not hungry at all, and finished feeling like I could do more! I would definetly recommend them, they are so fruity gives you a real kick!

    Have a very sore thigh as I did a similar thing to Allrover as I tried to beat the traffic lights I tweaked my thigh with about half a mile to go, bit of rest and I'll be good hopefully!

    I've seen a few people mention plans for the day, so I will throw this out there... If anyone wants to join me on the day, I'd be glad of the company! Don't all rush at once, form an orderly que, etc!

    Have a good day all!
  • Hi All, hope your weekend runs went well. I only had 10-miles to do in 1:38.

    I have to get to sainsbury's and get a supply of these Joosters, that everyone's talking about.

    Bananna-you should be on a commission from Joosters.
  • Achey legs this morning, one day I will learn to stretch properly!

    Jaffa cakes kept me going yesterday, but bulky to carry, and messy if it's too warm.

    Rest today. Maybe I should actually think about something other than running...
  • And maybe I should do some work rather than keep logging on hear to read what we've all been up to!!!

    Sorry to hear about those struck by injury, hopefully lots of ice will sort those little pulls caused by 'beating the traffic lights'. I managed just under 13m in 2 hours 10 so was pleased. A few niggles but stopped and stretched a few times, consumed a flapjack and an energy gel and felt good - aside from freezing fingers, despite gloves!!! I too have to get some of these joosters, anything rated as good as they have been on here I have to try!!!
  • Hi All,

    I've been reading posts on here for the last couple of weeks and thought it was about time I joined in.

    I'm training for my first FLM and training has been going ok, managed my longest run so far yesterday 13 miles in 2hr 10min and on a trendmill!!! It was icey when I got up yesterday so didn't want to risk a slip.

    I'm doing Reading 1/2 Marathon this weekend and am guarenteed to set a PB and its my first event at this distance. I would like to break the 2hr mark but we'll see.

  • I did 2 1/2 hours yesterday and it went really well. Kept going through snow and hail which gave me a real ego boost at the end. I took lucozade, and of course joosters, but I didn't have anything except water until the end. Just didn't feel like I wanted/needed it. Knees were fine, and not too achy today so it's all good.

    The concert was a massive success. 112 people came, but I got so many extra donations and sponsors that I raised somewhere in the region of £1300 which brings my total to £2800. Gone soaring past my target which is awesome!

    I have a Timex Ironman GPS with HRM which is fantastic when it's working but can take a while to kick in and refused to work yesterday. I can't believe the batteries have run out already. So bit a of a mixed bag. I'm training just by HRM at the moment.

    Hope the injured are well soon and good luck on the half-marathon MnA. I'm looking for a sub-2hr time at silverstone in 2 weeks.
  • Bananna - glad to hear your concert went well. My ceili was a great success as well. I made £1321 so was very happy with that.

    I have a Polar HRM which is great. I am using it fr about 3 years without any problems. I had a Nike HRM before that but it stopped working after about 6 months
  • Went on the search for joosters today. Exeter proved fruitless, none in Sainsburys, Tesco or Woolworths. Would skittles have the same effect?!
  • I know this sounds stupid, and aplogies for pointing out the obvious, but...

    Joosters are made by Starburst, and the pack says Starburst with Joosters in smaller writing!

    For a picture of the bag have a look at this link!

    I couldn't find them for ages but was looking in the worng place, but I am a stupid man, I admit it!

    P.S. I think I'm getting obsesed with Joosters, do you think they could be addicitive?? I can't imagine live without them, and I blame Banana entirely!
  • Bananna - u r famous - from now on everytime i see a packet of joosters or any type of starburst sweets, I'll be thinking of you, as I'm sure a lot of others will too.
  • Thanks Linda. I join the embankment at London Bridge on the north side, and stick with it all the way to Chelsea harbour, then cross over Putney Bridge. There is alot of traffic though, so smog is pretty bad

    Did 18 miles yesterday in richmond park, nice and icy, but its stunning up there. Well worth the jog up Putney Hill to get there! Managed to miss the 1000 Runners doing the 15 mile training certainly was a popular place to be! Well done to everyone on their long runs, it really is a mental step forward in this weather................
  • Skittles taste of just sugar, and instead of giving you energy, they just make you hyper! Or is that the same thing?! have loads of both and many more scrummy things also!
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