sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • just boinging this back to top! Another thread is starting up re sub 4:30! suggest we merge?!
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    Hi guys it was me who started that other thread cause I didn't look down far enough to realise that one already existed.
    I been contributing to the sub 4:00 thread but having taken a reality check and the fact that I'm a marathon virgin a sub 4:30 is more of a possibility.That's around the 10 minute mile for 26miles which will still be tough. Anyway you'll hear more from me later.


    I guess its just a couple of weeks and we can start checking the bank accounts to see if cheques have been cashed! (Those of us who were manies and didn't bequeath anyway!)
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    Thanks HR,I've got a bond place anyway although I did bequeath my entery fee.Are U doing FLM for the 1st time? Hows your training going? I've just got new shoes and orthotics on the advise of a pody.I've tried the orthotics a couple of times and on a longer run they seemed to make my legs a bit stiff. Pody on holiday for a week so will not use until I've spoken to him. I just want to do some trouble free running thats all LOL.
  • oops! Meanies not manies!
    2nd FLM, IF i get in!Did 2003 in 4:39:27! So hoping to "loose" 9 and half mins somewhere! (Goodness knows how when I look back to how it felt tho!) Can't do it for charity this time tho', running out of fundraising opportunities as FLM was my 2nd big fundraiser. So not doing specific marathon training, but reasonably on top of half mara training so will build IF I get a place!
  • I'm a meanie manie too, closing date this week then we can me manic meanie manies!!
  • Hi,Stylish. Fancy seeing you here!!
    My reason for appearing here is the same as yours -reality check! SUB 4? Maybe a second marathon later in the year is feasible. Anywhere between 4 and 4.5 hours is just fine. Its all about finishing {he said through gritted teeth!}
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    Hi Normski, I gonna put a message on the sub 4 thread re my transfer to here. All I know is that the more miles I do the slower I get, so 9 mins miles are not really gonna happen for 26.2 miles. Plus having looked at the training to do that, 5/6 days a week well I'm not gonna have the time or the energy to do that. Also as it's my first marathon I don't want to put undue pressure on myself. All I wanna do is get round and feel good on the day, a sub 4.30 would be a bonus.
  • This will be my 3rd FLM, if I get in. The first one I had grand ideas about a sub 5 hours, I realised very early on in the run that I was not going to acheive this and just concentrated on getting round, which I did in 5.40. This year I went out with the same sub 5 ambition but a secret hopefulness of a sub 4.30. I managed my sub 5 with a 4hr 56min so was well pleased with the improvement.

    I am now aiming for that sub 4.30 once again!!
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    Hi Dips,with the sort of improvement that you had last year sub 4:30 is definitely within your reach. How often are you running at the moment and what sort of mileage? I'm just trying to ease into wearing orthotics and not doing that much as I gradually build up distance.
  • I am aiming to do my first FLM in between 4.15 and 4.45. I am a beginner but began my training in September when i sent off my application form. But then again I'll be happy just to finish, preferably quicker than my boyfriend did this year (5.30).
    I am working off the sub3hour training plan that Children with Leaukiema send to interested runners, but there is no way I could run that quickly. I'm just hoping that starting early will mean that I have a better chance of doing it in the time I want....lets just hope I get in!!!
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    Hi Rachel,why are you working of a sub 3:00 plan?? If you go to the grey training tab right at the top, under this section you will see some tabs for various distances about half way down. Click on the marathon tab and you will see schedules for various times. There is one there for 4.30. This should be more manageable for you. It's good that you started your training early it's all about time on your feet. Anyway welcome and keep contributing to the thread.
  • I'm managing ok off the 3hour one basically because I'm training with my boyfriend. I've been on it since september and am enjoying it. It is hard work but it takes my mind off difficulties of my final year at uni. Also my boyfriend trained off 3-4hour last year and it took him 5.30. I'll have a look but think i'll stick to what I know. You never know I might suprise myself come april.
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    Just remember sometimes you can over train so by doing more you're actually doing less. That could explain his 5:30 time of a 3:00 plan.Any way good luck.
  • I'll trust him, he's doing sport science and all he is ever going on about is physiology etc (most goes over my head). it took him so long as he was ill after the FLM 1/2 marathon in March and basically didn't do any running between then and April. So far I haven't had any break downs. I was fit (from swimming/cricket) before I started running so once I'd got into actually going for a run I've found it not too bad.

    I am aware my body might start moaning at me. I'm currently on a lighter week in my schedule and basically and have only 2 weeks before a rest week (its my 21st and i've already scheduled it in)
  • Humm seems a bit odd doing a sub 3hr training schedule when you are aiming for a sub 4.30 but who am I too wonder!!!

    Sylish at the moment I am sticking around 3/4 runs a week. My long run tends to be about 10 miles up to half marathon. Not really seriously training right now just ticking over.

    My typical week contists of
    track night, speed sessions
    one club night of about 6 miles
    one easy/recovery run of about 30mins, but not every week! depends what I am up to
    One Gym session
    One long run approx 10/13 miles

    Once I start uping my training I try to fit in a couple of recovery runs each week, only 30 mins so you can fit them in the lunch break.
  • I'm reading this wondering if I'll ever get back to my training plan. Dodgy knee has stopped play at the moment. Just need patience. I'm still going to the gym and doing what I can and I'm busy stretching and strengthening daily (its my IT band) and I'm hoping to be back soon but its VERY frustrating....
  • Tired, have you tried a Sports Massage. It finally did the trick for me and my IT band trouble. I endure a massage weekly towards the end of my marathon training.
  • Morning all,

    I'm with you Tired - actually wondering if i've bitten off more than I can chew though. Been out of action since mid September with achilles injury. Working on stretching and strengthening at the moment and have been to the gym 3 times - cycling (yuck - hate bikes).

    I'm going again tonight and i'm gonna add the cross trainer (if i can get my co-ordination going). My Fizz reckons i'll be running again - on the treadie anyway - by beginning of November. Does that give me enough time to train up for the FLM I wonder? - i am new to this and not a young un anymore!
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    Morning all how is everyone today?

    Dips - you've got a very good schedule there and a good base for a sub 4:30.I went to our local track last night to do some speed work. Got stiffish knees at the moment.I'm going to increase my schedule to 4 runs a week as soon as I know my problems have settled.

    Tiredgirl - I've had ITB, who hasn't lol. Physio didn't really work for me but stretching is the answer. Have a look at the website below. It might help.

    Lo Hump - remain postive. If you can start running in Nove you'll still have a good 5 months to train. Don't worry I'm new to this to and not a young un either,youngish LOL!


  • Thanks Stylish - i'm trying not to panic yet but it's getting harder with every little niggle i encounter!
  • Thanks Stylish - I'll have a look at the website and keep stretching and thanks Lo, it's good to know you're not alone!
  • Lo, have you tried swimming or even an aqua jogger.

    Stylish, I go to my local track on a Tuesday too, although last night we did a 5k time trail on the sea front. 27.27 for me.
  • Hi Dips,
    Haven't managed to fit in swimming yet but keep meaning too. Can't quite muster the frame of mind to get to the pool at 7am!

    Would it be best to do breatstroke or front crawl (is that a dense question?)
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    Dips, I've only started going recently because I don't like running on pavements that much, especially in the dark.Nice bunch of people at my club (not officially joined yet) and have to say that I've been shown up by a few people many years wiser than me <hangs his head in shame>.LOL
    One guy is about 75 and d'you what, I can't beat him over 400M <give me time, give me time> he's that good. We normally do 400M,600M or 800M speed work.
    Thats good time for the 5K by the way.

    Lo- Why don't you do both. First do one stroke and when you get tired do the other if you can.
  • LOL - That's half a length sorted then Stylish!
  • another reality check here. would love under 4 but as it's my first i really should be thinking about getting around. heck, if i can get to the start line without injury it will be an accomplishment.

    dips, your improvement is really encouraging!

    just wondering who else besides normski is training with a heart rate monitor? my plan is to continue base training until the new year, then get into one of the 16-week plans. i'm also doing the pose clinic the last weekend in october so that may throw me off for a bit.
  • Hi everyone

    i know you probably all think I'm mad but i'm enjoying running off the sub3hour plan. and I know I'm a beginner and all that but isn't enjoying running what its all about??
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    Hi Lucrece, how's it going? You are quite right, getting to the start line be an accomplishment itself. Don't forget to tell yourself that when you get there, that's what I'm gonna do (if I remember lol).
    My training plan is going to be along the same lines as you. I'm going to get a sports watch at X-mas cause I think it does really help to know what sort pace you're running at and the mileage done.Also when the FLM is out the way I gonna really attack the distances and see what I can do PB wise. Not really concerned at the moment.
  • I agree Stylish - i'm gonna carry on after FLM too and start going for some PB's.

    Rachel: I agree with you too - enjoying it is everything so keep doing what you're doing and have fun.

    Lucrece: I'm not using a heart rate monitor yet but thought i might try to get one for Xmas - my breathing lets me down so it might help if i monitor the old ticker and aim for improvements.
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