sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    red runner - hugs

    to be honest though the marathon is a funny beast - not even a perfect build up can guarantee a perfect race? there are so many factors that come into play on the day...

    4 mouthfuls of drink every 20 minutes doesn't sound enough to be honest? maybe you can experiment with taking more fuel and liquid on board in future long runs?

    Your first marathon is really just about getting round anyway - now you have that under your belt you can decide what the next event in your long distance career will be!

    take it easy

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oh dear Red Runner, not a pleasant experience. The cramps are most likely a combination of starting too fast and not being properly hydrated but that is something to correct in training not race day. I don't take on much sports drink as I find that Luco Sport makes me feel sick so perhaps the mixture of that on top of your own drink caused the upset tummy?

    Sadly, as Gladrags says, the perfect build-up is only that.....race day itself is a whole different beast. Mark it down to experience and use it to spur you onto your next marathon. Good luck.
  • Thanks Gladrags / Redhead

    As you say a learning experience! Already looking forward to the next one and have got my eye on the next marathon challenge!

  • for those who didn't get there goal at London............

    last year my OH trained really well for his first marathon .........he did all his runs and was feeling good.On race day at London it was warm and from mile 17 he sufferred with cramp and came in at 4:12...............

    By the time he got home I had entered him for Abingdon in the Autumn...........he trained well again but took some salt tablets in the heat for long runs and on race day.............this time it wa cooler and the race went well ... he got 3:28..............

    however well you train you never know what race day will bring you.................but keep going and you will get one of those days when everything goes right.......and thats a great feelingimage

  • Just seen my BBC show - right at the start, waddling in the middle of the screen!

    (short chap, white top/black shorts, white baseball cap just after Steve Cram says "look out for loved ones" 2 misn or so from the end of the BBC2 show - part 1 - on iplayer)

  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    sorry Jim - have deleted it -great that you had your moment of glory though! image - was nice to meet you!

    seren - I was all set to enter Abingdon - had even persuaded a friend to do it with me but it's full! pretty sure I will try another one in the autumn though - if I can get the dates to work!

  • SCharm you must have shot past me at the end. Fantastic time you deserve it the amount of effort and training you put in this winter well done.

    I have a swollen right ankle for some reason, not sure if its from twisting on a bottle but the office have just had a laugh at me hobbling in today after being fine on Monday and Tuesday......wont be able to run till next week now!!!! Shame!!! Wish I had gone slightly slower at the start and stopped for a refuel at mile 17 support group as I had planned which knocked me abit when I realized I had missed my jelly babies, I guess every marathon is a learning curve and for my first I have learnt those two lessons. I dont touch the Lucozade drinks while running, just stick to SIS gels and water. I had some Lucozade Fuel acouple of hours before but find when running it doesn't settle in my stomach too well.

    Well done to Iccle Jim will check you out on the i player and a friend has taped the whole four hour show for me.

    RedRunner you made it round thats all that matters for a first. Bring on the next one.......who is entering the ballot for 2011? Is it worth trying I wonder? Will my OH speak to me again if I get in?

  • Just been out with the school's running club - sent the kids on a pyramid and joined in for the 1600m, 800m and 400m at the end. Did the mile in 8:07, the half mile in 3:44 and the 400m in 1:33! not bad for "meant to be tired and hobbling"!!!

    Taking the weekend off running now. It'll be nice to have a lie in on a Sunday!!!

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    IJ, you great big show-off! I've just been walking each day ahead of the next one on Sunday then I'll probably take a week off running.
  • Redhead you can have a year off I reckon........image
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭
    (whispering) - does anyone know anything about the orpington marafun? it's a week on saturday. accepting entries on the day - am wondering whether i dare......
  • Are you mad!!!! Stay in bed!!!!!
  • Hi all, no running for me till next Tuesday am taking a good long rest for once as I want to make sure I am in good shape for the summer race season!  and of course start training for Kielder in October.  Going swimming tonight, hope my toenail stays on as last year after Edinburgh had the same nail problem and the swim just finished it off - nice for those also swimming!

  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    scharm - yup - toenail issues here - am in birkenstocks today to let the air get to them a bit image

    mark - agree - madness - but have been mulling over another one for lots of reasons.... my taper went a bit mad with being stuck on holiday, and then london is so busy that despite being happy with my time, i know i could have gone faster.... have ordered the gels and a new belt (after throwing mine away on sunday) - will try a run over the weekend and see if legs are working!

  • My legs are almost back to normal. Want to do another marathon now!
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭
    fancy orpington russell??
  • Lol gladrags, you are mad.  Glad legs feeling better tho.

     Some fab stories. 

    Had to put off the results of my scan again as had to go to Scotland unexpectedly, getting them on Tuesday now.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    It would have been even better if you were in that photo Gladrags image
  • For those thinking of doing another do one in the next few weeks is fine if you just want to enjoy and get around.................but if you want to race it then i think you are going to find it tough on the body................I woyuld leave it at least a month or two if your going to go for a PB.....

    good luck anyway.....

    and that banner was brilliantimage

  • great banner, Gladrags!
  • Thought the banner should be on display!image Well done Gladrags image

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Gladrags, you should have that as your forum piccy.

    Three Forts Marathon for me tomorrow - forecast is for wind and rain which is not good up on the South Downs! Got a bit of a niggle in my right knee so will be taking it nice and slowly.

    Happy recovery everyone image
  • Best of luck Redhead. Slowly realising I am going to have to enter an ultra event soon, what else can top the feeling of finishing a marathon?
  • gl RH xxx
  • have a good run Redhead,,......................

    Russell its the way forward..either that or go for a faster marathon time...........getting a PB at a marathon is quite a buzz too.....image

    I have had a really good week of running this week and picked up some cycling and swimming as well so happily recovered from my marathon......can't believ it was only 2 weeks ago...image

  • Bit late but.................. GO REDHEAD!!!! ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!!!!! image

  • good luck redhead
  • Any news on Redhead yet? She is probably knitting in the pub by now hopefully........we await the full report..............
  • I hope redhead is ok...............i heard the weather was horrendous down that way today.................not the day to do a marathon when tired............
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