sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • I'm having a bit of time off as its my birthday tomorrow and anniversary on wednesday and don't have time to fit in big runs at moment. Going to go for a nice 30min jog later. Still don't know about the ballot!! The suspense is killing me.
  • Hi Rachel, I've added your name to the "When's your birthday" thread, you share it win "dan dan".So watch out for the best wishes messages tomorrow. Anyway many happy returns for tomorrow and Wednesday.
  • Hi Stylish, I'm resting at the moment. I figure if I rest my knee for four weeks then I can get back into runnning slowly through December and I'll be alright to start marathon training in early January. Does that sound do-able?
    I don't actually know if I'm in yet, I'm desperately trying to get internet banking set up to see if my cheque's been cashed but the bank's being slow and hasn't sent me my password yet. If I don't get in it might even be better, I could build-up training more gradually and do Edinburgh marathon in June. Although it might be in the middle of my finals!
  • Oh well, I'm not in! Cheque not cashed so giving up on next years FLM now! Breathes sigh of relief at not having to do training!!

    Thats 3 rejections on the trot! Only 2 more to go and I get a place!!

    Theres always the running club ballot!
  • Hi Bananna, you're a bit of an alround action girl aren't you? Rugby, cricket, rowing, kickboxing......
    As I've said before you need to get to the route of your problem and find out what's causing it. Resting four for weeks will make the problem better but it may resurface once you start intensive training again.So it's best to sort it whilst you have time on your side.Most schedules are for 16 weeks and it depends on your aims for FLM, but it is do-able.
    If you've got your finals next year then you're gonna be a busy gal. I'm a firm believer of "if it's ment to be it's ment to be". So just wait and see if you're in or not.
  • Hello Peeps,

    Well, actually managed 15 minutes on the treadie last night so hopefully my achilles is recovering. Fizz says i'm to stick at that for a few sessions and then try upping to 20 mins - fingers crossed eh? FLM looms!!
  • Stylish, I generally get roped into various different teams at college! I don't row anymore but the rest is still relevant.
    It appears that I didn't get in to FLM afterall. Hope that doesn't mean I'll be kicked off the thread!
    I'm planning to do the Bungay Black Dog Marathon instead, on 3rd April. Only 139 people entered last year but it's nice and close to where I live.
    As far as the knee is concerned, I think I should have all possible causes covered. If it's an injury, I'm resting so it'll heal, if it's muscular, I'm doing exercises every day to strengthen quads and if it's something else, hopefully my new insoles, and an appointment at the orthotics place will solve it. I don't think I can do much more!
  • Bananna, fellow injured peeps here. i've just received my orthotics and i have to say they seem to be really comfortable (haven't actually run in them yet though - just been to the gym) I was just reading another thread all about orthotics and everyone seems quite positive about them. My initial reservations were through comments heard from friends of friends...... So good luck, hopefully this might be the answer we're looking for to get back up and running. I've also booked to go to pilates to help with the flexibility because it seems that may not be helping me either.......(and so it goes on!)
  • I've taken the plunge too and have an apt next week with a podiatrist - have tried everything else so here's hoping orthotics are the answer.
  • Fingers crossed tiredgirl!
    At the moment I have some insoles I ordered over the internet. You're meant to put them in the oven for two minutes so they mould to your foot. Haven't done that yet but worn them walking around and they're really comfortable. I think they make a real difference.
    Have been planning to go to pilates for weeks. I've turned up to two classes in different places that were cancelled and yesterday I forgot to go completely! Reckon that'll help too if I ever get there!
  • Hi Guys. How is everyone? I've just got orthtics too and the best thing to do is just gradually increase the distance that you run in them. It would be best if you went for a 20 min walk before you did any running. They do make your shoe heavier and also less roomier inside.I think that the biggest difference for me was going from neutral shoes to stability ones. I will only really be able to tell if orthotics are of benefit to me when I can do really long runs trouble free. The longest I've done using them so far is 6 miles.
  • Been back to the gym again tonight, hoping that I'm over the worst, didn't run but went on bike, xt and rower and did some weights. It's great to be back, just desperate to get back out there now. Just thought today only 5 months to go, that sounds scary.... Back at fizz on Fri so hoping might get the green card then. Fingers crossed please peeps!
  • I started this all off many moons ago and have the Stevenage 1/2 tomorrow. Looking to get round without walking but otherwise looking for around 2hrs 15 running (and walking if necessary !) I'll keep you posted.
  • Good luck Paul. Try to keep to a planned pace, 10 min miling should bring you in at 2.10. I am not sure if this is your first or not, but you might feel better going at a 10.30min pace. Slower, steadier and hopefully not walking. If you find some fuel still in the tank over the last mile or two then push it up a bit.

    Secret is not to go off fast, stick with your pace, let them all over take you, then watch as you pick them off in the later stages, struggling. Then again you might know all apologies!
  • That's what I did in my first half-marathon in september. I stuck to my 10 min mile pace the whole way apart from the last mile when I slowed down. It was a real boost in the second half to be over-taking loads of people who'd stormed past me in the first couple of miles. Finished in 2:12 in the end, and didn't collapse!
  • Excellant Bananna. Its very easy to get pulled along in the early stages especially if you feel you are near the back. Once you start picking people off, you can start focusing on a runner ahead and see if you get nearer...aim for them. It gives you a target and something to think about if you are getting tired and the mind is wandering, but stick to your pace.
  • Good news ! A brilliant performance by my standards : 2.08 ! I started at the back with my brother, dropped him at arounfd 6 miles and felt that sub-10 minute miles was on all the way round. I even think that i got a bit faster towards the end. But the calves are telling me now that I may have pushed too hard ! Well worth it ! Fills me with hope
  • Hi everyone, I havent posted for a while following 2 weeks of not running through feeling generally washout for some reason.
    Have been back running for judt over a week now. Managed 7 miles last Sunday,4 miles tues, 6 miles thurs and 8 miles today. Just slow and steady pace at present not doing any speed work as such but just up pace every now and then, Hope everyones gaining general fitness ready for the scheduled training which will start soon. Still cant decide which schedule to follow this time. I have had a look at Hal Higdons schedule a feel that this one looks withi my capabilities, taking into account work etc- what schedule is everyone else considering.
    Loved watching Paula win the NY marathon today, utmost respect for the pace they run!
  • Excellant Paul, well paced.
  • Well done paul, much faster than me and at least you had something to look at rather than a treadmill and an empty gym!!! I'm doing my first race on Sunday, the Townmoor Memorial 10K in newcastle, I'll be happy to do it around 55minutes maybe a little slower!!
  • Hi all

    Just pondering whether to join you lot over here, or the crowd on the sub 5 hour thread….

    I have been running for a mere 5 months, only done one race before (GSR, 1:38), currently doing around 15 miles a week, sometimes more. Other races booked so far are the Nike 10k this month, and the Bath Half Marathon in March. A couple of little 'uns being pondered.

    I'm by no means quick (see GSR time!), and seem to have a comfortable jog pace of around 10.5 to 11 min miles. GSR time was all sub 10 minute miles and to this day I don't know how I managed that. Will be 31 in December (eek), and some may describe me as "stocky"… heh. By no means am I built to be a runner.

    Anyway, am I in the right place, or should I move along quietly?
  • Jon that was a great time for the GSR and if you can keep that up you're definitely in the right place. 31, you're still a young'n mate. Hope to talk some more with you later.
  • Hi all, very excited tired girl here. Just ran 20mins on the treadmill with no ill effects at all, surely over the worst now. Hoping to get outside by next week, orthotics seem really comfortable but I guess the tester will be the longer runs.
    PJ, not really speaking for everyone but most of us are on this thread because we're hopeful of sub 4:30, not confident!! Well done on the half Paul, hope you're recovering well.
  • Hi excited girl, thats good news about the injury and the orthotics. Take it nice and easy and hopefully you're well on your way. I'm just getting used to my orthotics to.

    RC How did you 10K go? I'm doing the Nike one at the end of the month.
  • PJ, I'm a beginner too (started running over summer) and am hoping for a sub 4:30 time, although will be happy to just get round in one piece to be honest! My steady run pace is about the same as well. So I reckon you should stick with this thread.

    What is GSR? At first I thought it was meant to be GNR but am confused now!
  • Looks like I'm sticking here then!

    Bananna - GSR is the Great South Run.

    Will no doubt keep in touch with you all over the coming months...

  • Hey peeps where art thou? How's it going?
  • Too busy running to post;)
    Not really, just building up slowly and so far knee is holding out.
    I've got a 10k booked at the end of the month, does anyone have any advice as to whether I should do it or not, bearing in mind I'm only just back from a knee injury and I'm getting used to my orthotics.
    I would like to but am bit scared of making things worse again!
    All advice welcome!
  • Done two half hours out on the Downs this morning, brrrrrrrr very cold but glorious sunshine. having ITB problems again though.
  • Tiredgirl, I don't know much but I would say you should do the 10K if you want to, as long as you don't go full out and race it. If you use it as a training run then you'll probably be fine.
    Dips, sorry to hear you have knee problems again. I have a feeling the same will happen to me as soon as I start training again-it's very frustrating!
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