sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Hi Guys glad to see some people are back on the mend. I unfortunatley have picked up an injury of some sort which I can't fathom out yet. There's a tendon, just above the knee cap, and half way between the ITB and the knee cap itself and it is a bit tender when I touch / rub it. I don't know how I've done it, may've been the long run on Sunday or the training on Tuesday. However the only time I really felt it was the last sprint on Tuesday. When coming up stairs I'm concious not to put all my weight on the left leg. Went for a run last night hoping to do a fast four miles but it felt as the my left leg was tied to a blank of wood because the knee didn't have the same "bendability" as the right one.It seemed to get better but the pain did not go completely. I stopped after 2.5miles. I have a 10K on Sunday for which I'm not going to be fully fit for. I'm gonna stretch & ice and stretch and hope I can run freely on Sunday. Boooooohoooooo.
  • Poor Stylish, RICE method needed then, and lots of it by the sounds of it. Perhaps a good massage before you run might help with the warming up of it? Just a thought.
  • Hi Lo, yep lots of stretching, massaging etc to be done in next three days. If it's not one thing it's another, argh. This injury has come right out of the blue. Just goes to show you don't know what's around the corner.

    Glad to see you're making progress and hopefully on the road to full recovery.
    Speak to you later.
  • Hi all. Sorry to hear about your injury stylish, hope its just a niggle and nothing too serious. I'm back on the road to recovery (again!!), went back to the fizz yesterday and he's quite confident that its not my itb this time but due to low flexibility so it's stretch, stretch stretch for me too. It does give you comfort to know that we all seem to go through it but we all come out the other side too (hopefully!!) Good luck all and be careful on Sunday Stylish, there will be other 10k's....
  • Morning all, really p***ed of now. Just went for a run, hope to get to 20 mins today, managed 10 then my calf went again. Same injury as the one I had in August. Why am I even bothering?? :-(

    Have good weekends all
  • Dear Lo,

    Yo're bothering because you'll get there eventually (like all of us I hope) and feel like you've made an achievement. ;-)

    I finally got out last night, same run, 15 seconds faster - boy those seconds count! I confess I still had to stop and walk once, but hey, onwards and upwards.

    If you - or anyone else - feels up to it, I'm going out again tomorrow (Monday night). Maybe we could mutually agree to go 'together' (albeit virtually), the sense of guilt you'd have by not keeping your end of the bargain certainly got me out the last time Lo!

    Hope the calf improves and you're having a good weekend.


  • Hi everyone,
    hope everyones had a good weekend, its my first time on this forum, ( hope its ok to join in? )
    i only started running this year and i have a golden bond for FLM 2005 and hoping my time will be between 4hrs & 4.30hr,
    hope to talk with you all later,
  • hi stevej, welcome to the forum!hope training is going well.
    Lo Hump, you must be so frustrated. Dont lose heart though as you still have time to recover and get the necessary training in. Thankfully I havent hadd many injuries during training for the 2 flm's I have done, but I get loads of niggling viruses which can be a pain.

    Me and Mr Billie went out for a nice 11-12 miler this morning . It was sunny but chilly. Took a slow steady pace and really enjoyed it
    My accpetance pack arrived yesterday. I am impressed by the training plans and will "float" between the "ideal world" and "real world" schedule. Plan to take things sensibly for next year after pulling out of 2004 with glandular fever and heart probs due to over training. Wont be such an idiot this time!!
  • thanks for the welcome Billie,
    training is going well (i think! ) today has been a rest day...yesterday i did my first 10 miler and i have my first ever race in january (10k ) so i am looking forward to that!
    hope your training goes great & well done with your accpetance pack
  • Welcome Stevej, nice to have another 'virtual' partner to train with.

    Billie and Chris, thanks for your words of encouragement. Won't be getting out for a while methinks but am hoping to get in with my fizz someime this week, we'll see what he says again.

    Well done ont he run Chris, 15 seconds faster eh? Good on ya. just because i'm not gonna get out today doesn't mean you can slack though - i'm still here checking up on you!! :-)

    Run well peeps and hope you all had a good weekend. I did, my OH bought my chrissie pressie - a W reg MGF! (don't know what I did to deserve that but hey, I ain't complaining!
  • Morning all it's been a good weekend for me. On Saturday I went to see my wife modelling clothes for the store that she works for and others nearby. She looked stunning in all the different outfits and every part a cat walk model with all the right poses etc. I've got it on video too. I was chuffed to say the least.

    Yesterday afternoon I watched my beloved Liverpool beat Arsenal in a cracking game and then I ran in the Nike 10K. It was a different experince and I took it easy because of my knee. I got round in 55.47 unofficially which I happy with considering, but I can feel the knee a little bit the morning. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my new orthotics? I'm gonna go running tomorrow and if it's the same will go and see the pody again.

    Tired knees, thanks for your words of caution and I don't think that I will do any more 10K before FLM it doesn't really fit in with my plans. I hope to do a half marathon at the end of February (it's a local one) and the a 20 miler mid March or thereabouts.

    Stevej, welcome to the club.

    Lo Hump, sorry to hear about your set back but hang on in there. Keep up your cross training whilst you recover. Hopefully your chrissie present has raised your spirits.

    laters guys
  • Dear Lo,

    Just to say I +did+ get out there last night. Another 1.5 mile run, same route, and 9 seconds faster.

    Still, I'm a bit depressed, only 1.5 miles and I had to stop and walk on a couple of occasions. There was a time I'd have done this with my eyes closed (never mind this, longer distances).

    I'm wondering about upping the figure a little and going for a 3 mile run - even running and walking - to get the 1.5 miles in context.

    Anyway, hope your leg's better (your early Christmas present sounds good!).

    BTW, I still haven't had official confirmation and other people seem to have had. Anyone from N. Ireland heard anything?


  • Hi Chris,

    Good on ya - the distance isn't a problem at the moment, it's time on your feet you need to increase gradually really. Perhaps up your time out by 5 minutes to start with and see how that goes?

    I haven't heard anything from FLM either but did get a letter from the charity yesterday offering a gold bond place. At least i'm in with that if i want it.

    Went to physio this morning and had the full works on my calf. Now need to do lots of exercises and i'm back to see him on thursday p.m. It does unfortunatly mean no running for at least 1 week and possibly 2 but i should be able to start the HH program on 13th DEcember. We'll see.

    Keep up the good work, slowly but surely you will see improvements and you will be ahead of me by the time i start training again - easily.

    Hope everybody well today. Catch you all soom.
  • good morning all,
    thanks to you all for the welcome, hope every one is doing good!my training is going well ( i think ) and i am enjoying it,( most of the time ) at least its stopped raining here...if only for a short time!
  • Hi 4:30 hopefuls. Wanted a reality check to see if I can join your gang. Haven't done any races this year so no idea of performance. Am now up to 20 miles per week plus one interval session but am using HRM - keeping heart rate below 75% leaves me doing almost 12 min/miles. Is anyone else using a HRM and how fast are your long runs?

    I know FLM is a long way off but I stumbled onto the Training thread looking for advice on HRMs and found people complaining they could only do 7.5 min/miles! Crept back here feeling inadequate!

    (Did FLM 2 years ago in just under 5 hours - but did stop to take a photo at Tower Bridge)
  • Hi Baggie,
    im using a HRM and my long runs are 9.25min/miles ( thats with keeping at or below 75%, ) but my times are getting quicker, using a HRM has been a big help for me,
  • Hi Baggie, good to see you. I'm going to use HRM when I get back into training.

    Love the name, I used to have an Old English Sheepdog called Bagley and I called him Baggie so it brings back loads of wonderful memories.
  • Just had a closer look at your picture and realise that Baggie is for Bagpuss now!
  • hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and am hoping to do around 4.30 for the FLM. Like everyone else I'm running gingerly with what I think is a bit of a shin splint problem - already have the orthotics but am still suffering 2 years later!

    I'm looking around at schedules but have a slight problem in that I actually go away 4 weeks before the marathon for 2 weeks. It seems I would have to do my longest run whilst away (can't see that happening!) - anyone know if you can make the taper 4 weeks or 2 instead? And which is best?
  • Dear All,

    Just a short note to say I heard today that I'm in, so now all the training is for real - looks like I definitely need to keep this up now!


  • Lo Hump
    Thanks for the welcome - perhaps I'll change my picture to a sheepdog!

    Stevej - looks like you're well ahead of me. I won't give up on my 4:30 target yet - I'll keep plodding for a couple of months and see where everyone is up to by then. A bit too much christmas pud might slow you down to my level....
  • Congrats to all those who get/got in. I got my number last saturday but I was already in from last year (deferred entry).
  • morning all,
    hope everyones doing great!
    Baggie.. your right dont give up on your 4.30 target, when i started running a few months ago i could only run for 2mins at a time ( felt like i could walk 1 mile quicker than run it!)i am happy with the progress i have made....but there is a long way to go, the main thing is i am enjoying it! i will have to watch that christmas pud, its easy to get carried away with it!
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm very nearly back to running again. Thank god, because I get such itchy feet reading about everyone else's training.
    Getting new stability shoes tomorrow which should solve my knee problems. I hope it doesn't matter that I haven't kept-up my knee exercises, so boring.

    Hope everyone's happy and injury-free (this thread seems to be prone to injuries!)
  • Dear All,

    I'm out for a run tonight and was wondering if anyone else was... The mutual guilt thing with Lo worked to get me out the door (!), i.e. I'll feel obliged to get out if I know someone else is!

    Hope everyone's training is going well.


  • Morning all,

    I'm back at the fizz this evening - don't expect he'll let me run yet but hopefully won't be too much longer.

    Chris, I can still give you a good tongue lashing if you don't get out there this evening - wouldn't want to subject you to that really so "GET YOUR @RSE OUT THE DOOR".

    Good luck Banana, hope the shoes work and you'll soon be flying (well, running anyway).

    Baggie (sigh) don't know that we're all ahead of you actually. When I can run it's only 11 - 12 min/miles so I too have a long way to go to manage 4.30. Never say never but plod on steadily towards your goal and see where it takes you.

    I still haven't heard from FLM so can only presume that I didn't get in. I have heard from the charity though with a golden bond place offer.

    Happy day to all
  • Dear Lo,

    Don't worry Lo, I'll be out there. My parents are coming to stay for a few days from today (always stressful) and a run will mean a break from that!

    I've been meaning to ask, is anyone using a heart rate monitor, if so, what are the benefits? My brother-in-law is a sub 3.00 marathon runner and he swears by his, but I'm still using my trusty Timex stopwatch.

    Would an HRM be worth getting? If so, does anyone have any recommendations? I was looking at the new Timex package which uses GPS satellites (!) to plot accurate distances and speeds, unreal what technology lets us do these days.


  • morning all,

    Chris, im gona be out for a run tonight(5miles) so you wont be the only one...i hope it will be warmer than last night(-2)
    and very frosty,

    and about HRM, i use one and i think its the best thing ive bought,mine is a timex 30lap (cant remember model but will tell you later if you want?) its not the GPS type ....because me and technology dont get on! i have found it helps keep me on track as far as slow runs and runs where i need to push harder,
  • Dear Steve,

    Thanks, it keeps you motivated to know someone else is out running too. I'll be doing three miles 'ish tonight which is my next step up.

    I'm looking at Timex HRMs right now. Quick (and probably obvious) question: Do they all have these chest straps? The chest strap looks a little uncomfortable, I wondered if it might slip off?



  • Hi Chris,

    as far as i know they all have the chest straps....but im not an expert on them, as far as comfort my one is great once its on you dont even know its there, and i have not had any probs with it sliping off, i got mine from a inter net company, if you know which one you want you can get heaps of cash off through the net, if you want the name of the company i got mine from i will send it to you...there was a realy help full lady there who knew what she was talking about,

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