sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Hi Chris, I have a timex HRM. chest strap is fine, doesn't dig, chafe or slip. Easy to use and i don't have th GPS type either.
  • Hi Chris,
    I've just started with a HRM -its a Polar basic one which beeps when you're outside the set limits (very embarassing if you speed up to overtake someone out for a stroll and it goes off!). Chest strap is fine - I was worried about it slipping off the first time so did it up tight but found I couldn't breathe!
    Makes long runs more relaxing as I now go slower. Used it for intervals last night and found it was my legs rather than my heart that couldn't manage the pace. Must have a low lactate threshold - or just be unfit. (I'm getting all sorts of training jargon from these threads - don't know what most of it is but it keeps training interesting!) Fixed the monitor on the treadmill where I could see it for intervals - it gives you something else to focus on besides the distance counter.
    Good luck
  • Chris my one is model type t5c401 30 lap
    and the company i got it from was

    they were very helpful,
    i hope this helps,

  • Morning all. Currently 'rehearsing' the first month of the 'ultimate' sub 4.30 schedule from RW. First race on Sunday - Victory 5 in Portsmouth, then back in line with the timimg of the schedule with the Stubbington Green 10k on Jan 9th.
    Have a HRM. Basic one that came free with last pair of trainers. Very good; chest strap doesnt slip; and its got an attachment for the bike. Have a good day
  • Hi everyone. Hope your all ok and that the running is going ok.

    Just thought I'd say hi.
  • Hi Rachel,

    how you doing ? good i hope !
  • Fine...had a bit of a bad chest etc and been unable to run. Went out last night for 45 minutes, not nice, very cold, and very hard. Still waiting to find out if I'm in. I know by boyfriend must be as his cheque has been cashed and he didn't bequeth it but I did and mines been cashed too, so I guess I'm wait and see!!!
  • hope your over the worst of it,
    good luck with the results, the waiting drives you mad,im still waiting too but i do have a GB place if i need it ( i think i will )
  • Hi Rachel, good to see you again. Chest infections are a pain in the @....chest aren't they? I had one two weeks back and it drove me nuts.

    I haven't heard from FLM either. glad you're on the mend now.
  • Thanks for your get well messages. I'm much better now. Can't shake of cough but that will go soon (hopefully). Wish FLM would hurry up! I'm not the most patient of people. If i don't get in I'm still going to run a marathon in April just Have to find one!!!
  • Hi everyone,
    just back from a 6 miler. Thought I'd be good and get it out the way early.It was lovely and cold and really sunny. Enjoyed looking at the scenery and it went so quickly. Although I have a ballot place carried over from this year, I still plan do do some fundraising for charity. I have organised a christmas hamper draw at work .All the staff have donated an item so now draw tickets are being sold ready for the actual draw just before christmas ,so that should raise a bit. Hope everyone else's fundraising is going well. I know how difficult it can be with GB places as I've done them twice .

  • Really worried now...been looking at other threads and it seems that cheques cashed on 3rd Nov have been rejected. Mine was cashed then and I bequeathed but Martin (my other half didn't bequeath and his was cashed then too) I'm all a flutter now...wish I was at home to see if Mr. Postie is being kind or nasty....if I'm rejected going for Children with Leaukaemia place...Martin ran for them last year and they were wonderful!!
  • Chris, I find my HRM can be a little uncomfortable, but it's mainly due to trying to fit it around a sports bra so you shouldn't have a problem! They are very useful.

    Didn't get any shoes today, there weren't any that completely corrected my over-pronation so the guy told me I'd be better off paying to get some custom-made orthotics. Have an appointment to get the mould done on monday and should get them soon after christmas.

    It turned out that my cushioned New Balance 1022's plus arch support insoles weren't too bad so I'm going to train in those till then.
    Went for a 15 min jog earlier. It felt good to be out again and there was only a tiny bit of soreness in my right knee afterwards. Wasn't as easy as I thought it should be, although that might be due to a slight cold. They seem to be going round.

    Hope your cough goes soon Rachel. I'm waiting to hear from FLM too, bequeathed and cheque cashed on 3/11 so I'm suspecting that I'm not in. Hoping for GB place with The Prostate Cancer Charity.

    Anywho, happy running people!
  • Feeling quite depressed having read about everyone's training - I'm not running again. I deferred last year with a pulled hamstring, got back on track in the summer and now I've a knee problem. Thought a bit of rest/easy training and lots of ice would do the trick but no - 3 weeks later it's still bad even to the point of aching just from normal everyday walking - sorry this is just a whinge but felt the need to join in as I was hoping for a 4.30 - now I am doubting I'll even get to run - sorry to sound so down, having a "I'm feeling sorry for myself day"!!! But well done to all who are training well.
  • Essex...sorry to hear of your knee probs,i hope you get it sorted soon, i had knee probs at the start of the year when i had only just started running and that put me of for months, my prob was going to fast to soon,( happens to lots of newbies im told)but all is ok now,
    good luck with getting it sorted
  • Don't worry Essex, it may be alright in another couple of weeks. I felt exactly the same as you 3 weeks ago, I stopped going down the gym because I just wanted to kick everyone off the treadmills!
    See a physio or someone and do lots of strengthening exercises and stretching rather than running on it. It needs to heal properly otherwise you'll aggravate it.
    Hope it's better soon.
  • Essex, try not to worry. there is still time. I know it can be frustrating reading how well others are doing when things arent going to good. I had a virus a few weeks back and I could even bear to log onto the thread, and when I was driving in my car I felt myself sneering at runners on the side of the road. We all have our times when things go bad.I too had to defer my 2004 entry due to glandular fever and appreciate how keen you are to get to the start line in 2005 as I know the place cant be deferred again. I am just concentrating on training sensibly so I get to the start line and get that medal round my neck. It'll be my 3rd FLM but I am just as excited
  • morning all

    I thought I would come and say high.

    I am also looking at a 4.30- FLM. ran last year and was looking good for sub 4.30 up until 19 miles , I slowed so much over the last 7 that I came in at 5.00, happy and upset at the same time.

    Everyone says its about even paced running, I ran my fastest 10k and my half marathon mark was 2.00 10 mins faster than I had run before.

    So now Im working on the fact that I need to learn to run at a consistant pace and have patients.

    Started training again 4 weeks ago, ran 53 10k and was pleased this week.

    Need to do more speed work, lifting the knees up when tired really helps also core stability.
    I was lucky I trained in the day last time but now I am running at night and it is so much harder to get out of the door.

    Look forward to supporting and being supported by the group.

    woof woof
  • Morning all, welcome Bentley.

    Essex - i'm with you on the bench at the moment and it is really really frustrating. Got my running jacket yesterday too but have been offered a GB place with DCTC so if i'm fit enough i'll run for them. Had 2 fizz appointments this week already for my calf and now have to do lots of strengthening exercises - when?? he wants me to do them every hour - not a chance but that just means it will take longer to heal - vicious circle. Keep your chin up, we still have time and if you rest from running and do strengthening exercises you may just be ok. Never say never eh?

    Hi to everyone else and happy day all - catch ya later.

    Chris: did you run last night?? how'd it go?
  • Morning All,

    Lo, Steve, I confess I didn't get out last night - don't worry, I felt very guilty - my parents had just arrived for a few days stay with us and I felt like I couldn't just up and leave for a run (much as I wanted to!).

    Anyway, I got out this morning, 3.3 miles in 33 minutes. I'm still having to go with a combination of running and walking, but I feel good for having at least increased the distance and time I'm on my feet.

    Looking back in my running diary I'm 1.5 stone heavier (!) than I was six years ago (when I last ran the marathon) and I'd have done the same run without stopping in 25 minutes. Seems a little unattainable now, but I'm trying!

    BTW, thanks for all your pointers on HRMs, much appreciated, I'm thinking of asking Santa for one.


  • Thanks all for the advice and cheering spirits - trying to keep my chin up as they say - and Billie, I am relieved to know I am not the only one sneering at runners whilst driving!!! Very unethical of me I know but I promise not to be bitter and twisted forever, as long as I am not injured forever that is!!!
  • Just come back in from what was upposed to be an easy run.

    45 mins at 10mm, felt like I was pulling a bus, wjy one day is it so easy (?) the next so hard.

    Havn't been out the booze, rested well .

    Crazy, crazy

    woof woof
  • First 'stepping stone' race towardsbFLM this Sunday -Victory 5 on Portsmouth. Have been following the 'ultimate' sub 4.30 schedule from RW, but started early. Pre-race nerves kicking in nicely!!
  • normski

    good luck on saturday, hope the weather holds up for all there.

    Nice distance , its all over real quick.

  • Hi,

    I'd planned to go for a short jog this morning but didn't in the end because it's the end of term and had to pack and meet friends for lunch and nice things like that!
    I'm busy all weekend too so i won't get out again till tuesday. But after that there's gonna be no stoppping me-i'll have 6 weeks of freedom to run whenever and I'm going to the trail weekend on 7-9th Jan. Anyone else going on this one in the Forest of Dean? I can't wait it's going to be brilliant.

    So at least I'm being enthusiastic about running, even if I'm not actually doing any!

    Good luck on Sunday normski, and happy healing to all the injured runners out there.
  • Cheers, guys. Full report soon.
  • Morning all,

    How'd it go Normski? Waiting with baited breath for your report??
  • Morning all. WELL pleased with yesterdays effort.
    Have been following the 'ultimate' sub.4.30 marathon schedule, albeit a month early. It says I should have aimed for 44 mins for the 5 miler, but as this was the first race for years, my confidence wouldn't allow me to push too hard.
    Aimed for 50 mins, but did 45.30! Ran well within myself, and was disbelieving of the mile markers at first. You know how it is - 'Theres no WAY Im running that fast!'
    Will now repeat month one, which brings me in line with timing for the marathon, and a 10k on 9th Jan (Stubbington Green,Hants)
  • Excellent news normski, looks like your well on your way!

    I'm now torn between Hal Higdon's plan and the ultimate 4:30 RW training plan.
    I like the simplicity of Hal Higdon's, and the opportunity to do cross-training, but I think I'd probably benefit from the speedwork in RW schedule.
    Think I might end up doing RW one just because it starts later so I can get into runnning again now without the pressure of a schedule to follow. Tricky business.

    Still haven't heard from FLM people, but don't think I'm in. The Prostate Cancer Charity told me to wait till I heard to send an application for a GB place but I might send them a letter soon, even if I still haven't heard. Don't want to have to do my local marathon with zero support!
  • Surprised you haven't heard yet.
    Hal Higdons schedule is ok, but the thing that put me off was the vagueness of expected finishing times. At least the RW schedule sets you targets to aim for.
    Do you have any other races planned, before (hopefully!) the big one?
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