Plantar bloody Fasciitis

Developed this gradually, and gradually it got worse.
I havn't now run for 13 days, and am very gumpy, as it doesn't seem to be getting that much better.
I want to run in the W.A.C. Christmas Cracker (2 weeks away), but I'll need a U.N. Resolution to get my GP to part with a hydrocortisone injection. She has suggested ultrasound but there is a waiting list, so I may only get one treatment before the race.
meanwhile, cycling with avengance to keep my VOmax up. (my knee now hurts!)
Any suggestions?????
really pissed off.


  • Neil, do a search on threads for plantar (rather than bloody)and you'll find this one has been round a bit - you might find something that helps.

    Cycling (or other cross training) is of course a great idea, but there's research that says it's no use in maintaining running VO2max - training needs to be specific, apparently. Sorry if that makes you more p*ssed off.
  • Neil, how old are your running shoes and do you over or under pronate? The thing with PBF is that Ultrasound/ hydrocortisone only really get to the symptoms, not the cause. If your shoes aren't up to the job the problem ain't gonna go.
    Have you investigated Private physio, might not be as expensive as you think
    Hope this helps
  • Neil

    I agree with Rich here - lokk carefully at your shoes (and not just your running shoes - I know a postie who had PF). I had this problem, and eventually discovered that I was supinating. I changed from a neutral to a curved last shoe (Brookes do 'em) and the problem resolved itself (but slowly)

    In the interim try sticking your feet in a bucket of ice water for 5 minutes or so when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed. Do some stretches as well..

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the advice.
    I do over-pronate. The Plantar Fascia problem started when running in my old Reebok DMX6 after many months of loyal service, without problems. Now running with Asics 1070s and Saucony grids (couldn't get on with the new Reebok dmx) but the problem has only got worse.
    I've heard taping can help, but how to tape?
  • I agree with Rich's advice. A steroid injection, if successful (they aren't always, and it's a bloody painful shot), will relieve the pain, but if the problem is a biomechanical one you'll get further inflammation and pain or, worse, the plantar fascia will scar and shorten, leaving you with permanent foot problems.

    Deep tissue ultrasound has some, but limited, effect statistically, but is worth a try - you may be one of those for whom it does work well.

    Ultimately it would be worth having a gait assessment. Shoes are important, but the underlying problem could be as far away as your lower back.

    (Posties get it quite a lot. It used to be called "policeman's heel" because coppers on the beat were prone to it. They all ride horses around here nowadays.)
  • I've never come across taping for plantar fasciitis, Neil, although it's a useful technique in runner's knee. If you have a rake through the "Blisters on Arches" thread there may be something there. Zinc oxide tape certainly gets plenty of exposure there!
  • There was a taping for PF article in another running magazine, see:
    I thinks it's on other sports injury sites as well.
    good luck
  • Yes you can tape for 'PBF'. Its not the most convenient thing to do, and again is likely to only produce temporary relief, but I have found it useful. Ask a friendly physio
  • Neil

    I was using Saucony Grids when I had problems. I think they are probably a bit too neutral - so anyone who over or under pronates is likely to have problems.

    I actually think that decent socks help as well. I picked my PF up after a particularly wet run when I wasn't wearing any and my feet and shoes got soaked. Since then I've invested in some Thurlo trails and a pair of SealSkinz waterproof socks.

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