Pace times for different distances

Hi All,

I want to do London next year in 3:30.
For that I need an 8-minute mile pace for 26.2 miles.

Question for the group in terms of training.....
What pace should I be at for 1/2 marathon, what pace for 10K, what pace for 5k? (assuming the paces for the shorter distances should be faster).

Thanks guys!



  • I think the rule of thumb is to put 10-15 mins on your half marathon time doubled ie. half marathon 1:30 x 2 = 3 hours + 15 mins.

    I actually don't know about the shorter distances as I don't do them.
  • Sorry Gavin forgot to finish that off therefore if you are looking for a 3:30 marathon then your time for a half should be around 1:37 = pace 7.5 min miles
  • Gavin check this link out it will help you put together a decent training plan and gives you all the tools you need to work out pace.
  • Hi Gavin Williams.
    10k of 42mins
    Half of 96mins

    If you have a look at my article under the name of Sean Fishpools HR in simple English you will see how to calculate any predicted time for any distance as long as you know one distance time.

    This info and much more can be found on pages 12 to 14.

    Hope this helpd

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Feel almost able to help here!
    I ran 3.31 at FLM this year (and hoping to do better next year!) , this was based off of a 1.37 halfM in March and an unofficial (ie run in the gym as opposed to race) 10k of 43mins.5k time similarly is 20mins, but the gulf between 5ks and marathons is so great as to be irrelevant.

    The halfM time *2 plus 10-15 minutes is about right, it seems to have worked for me over the years!
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