Ryka trainers

I have just recently bought a pair of Ryka trainers from the States and just wondered if anyone else has a pair and what they think of them?

I have been out in them twice and for the first 15-20 minutes make my foot hurt a little on the outside edge but after that feel really nice and comfortable.


  • I bought mine in Australia about 8 months ago and they have been great. A little amount of wearing in needed but after that - fantastic. I want another pair but think I will have to buy over the web as you can't seem to get them at a decent price in the UK.

    NB I have run 2 hours at a go in my Ryka's and have had no problems with feet, ankles or knees.
  • does anyone know who i can get out to my house to fix my proform treadmill and does anyone know the cost for this.thanks
  • non sequitur of the year?

  • Rhona - if you want to talk about something new, it's best to start a new thread for it so more people can see it.
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