Aching Shins

Having run alot when I was younger at a reasonable pace (35m -10K) I have started again 6 months ago after 10 years off. Over the past 2 months I have increased my training and have been developing pains in the front of my legs which sting for the first few miles of running and whenever I try running up long hills. I have tried warming up better but to no avail and have tried running slower to see if it eases. If I run fast the pain does ease but then comes back as soon as I hit any hills.
Can anyone recommend any excercises to strenghten my shins and stop them hurting. I currently run 3 times a week between 6 and 10 miles on varied undulating road courses. Any advice would be greafully recieved.....


  • TO: Evil Pixie
    Yes I have increased my mileage but not my pace.... if anything it has slowed down as I am now running with someone who is slower than me. I did a race 3 weeks ago and so ran faster than I have been training and it is since then that they have hurt especially on any hills.
    I have dropped the training down to evry 3 days but am still concerned as I dont want to damage my shins. Trouble is once you get the bug back for running I am reluctant to stop training so have just dropped the pace and mileage.
    Also started taking Ibuprofen 2 days ago and that seems to have eased it alot.
  • I am going to get slaughtered for saying this but if it isn't too bad I would run through it using ice and compression bandages. That's what I did and I don't get problems now - OK so it was kill or cure but it seemed to work out as the latter. Same thing for a guy in my football team who took up running in the summer to get fit - he tried resting completely etc after missing the first few games of the season he said sod it and played through the injury with no ill effects now we are in November.

    The other thing I did was change my running style to try and become more forefoot/midfoot striking and changed my shoes to something lighter. This worked for me - or has so far - it could all go wrong of course - but then everyone is different.
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