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  • Swimming has improved greatly, sinuses even with nose clip are a pain, was wondering if taking a Sinutab would help.
  • Sorry to hear that Smitch - don't forget - Touching the Void on ch4 tonight at 9pm :o)
  • OOOH - good heads up XFR - ta !!

    Hope you get fixed soon Smitch.

    WW - maybe two sinutabs - one for each nostril ? (I know, I'm no use)
  • 'Thwack' cheeky young whippersnapper.
  • just came back from my first swim. Managed 64 lengths in a 25m pool. Had to stop a few times so did it in about 45 mins!! JRM mentioned that total immersion wasn't good for beginners (I have not swam properly for 20yrs!!)can you reccommend any good reads for beginners? Have a lesson booked for next wednesday, it must get easier!! Tell me it gets easier!!!!

  • Ow !

    (makes note to weight 8irons swim pants down with lead)

    64 lengths !! I thought 12 meters was pretty darn good ! ;-)
  • It wasn't continuous, believe me!! Need crawl lessons, or 4 lung implants!!
  • 8iron - apparently the Vitruvian 1/2 Ironman is in shallow water - so you're already fine for that. Just keep resting in between ! ;-)
  • when is that? Would you recommend doing a couple of halves prior to July?
  • I've only had 4 swimming lessons and my front crawl has improved so much, would recommend giving lessons a try.
  • A mile isn't bad for your first go 8iron!!

    Definitely go for lessons - it helps soooooo much :o)
  • 64 lengths.....are you 'avin a laugh....this is a forum for cr@p swimmers...people who are pleased to do 3 or 4 lengths without stopping...have you just come on hear to mock us?!!!
  • If I could do 3 or 4 lengths without stopping, I'd probably have to go & lie down in an oxygen tent afterwards!!

  • Mock not!! If it was videod I'm sure it would make one of the christmas comedy hot sellers!!
  • Just to let you know swimathon have just emailed me and their site is now up and running, for those interested next year.139 days to go!

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Back in the pool tonight & did 500m for the 1st time this year. I think the presence of the eye candy helped! Still slow, taking lots of breaks & my style is crap but am working on the stamina at the moment.
  • Well done Gavo :o)

    Amazing what the over 60s aquarobics class can do to motivate you, eh?
  • Just have to tellI managed 10 whole laps front crawl!!! and did not drown obviously...............

    It's a world record for me :-)
  • Nice one was in the adults pool I hope!
  • and no arm bands either!!!
  • Yay!

    I just managed my first full session on Tuesday night without resorting to the slow drowning action of my breaststroke.

    It's great to be able to actually do the whole thing front crawl isn't it?......
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I dunno - still on the breaststroke at the mo. Well done to FFM & Melsie though!
  • I had the new swimshop catalogue come yesterday: there's bags of great stuff in it, including a lap counter and LOADS of gear that'll really do your swimming wonders.

    Some of the stuff has just been released for the first time commercially(in uk at any rate).

    Am getting my xmas list drawn up as we speak!
  • ooh, do they have a website?
  • Can you believe

    Have never been able to swork that one out.

    They are mail order only..but bloomin great from my experience.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    What's the company called dan dan?
  • Swim Shop is the imaginative name!

    Swim Shop, 3 Dencora Way, Luton, LU3 3HP.

    Call 01582562111.

  • Go get the hip belt they sell.I am soooooo very excited about this.It should make massive differences to your swimming.

    I have spent years trying to a)get one or b)make on, but to no avail!

    Now they do one for about 17 quid.What a bargain!
  • what does it do then?
  • Basically, most people dont realise that the power in swimming comes from an effective hip snap.It has two wings which provide resistance until the hips have rotated enough.Teaches feel for the water and makes you twist sufficently.

    Makes you look like an alien or a jet fighter, but hey, if it makes you swim faster...!!
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