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  • Gavo,

    I guess what I meant is that if I swim slowly at the moment, I automatically go into this sort of sewitch drill (as I think it's called)...and the only way not to do it is to try to swim faster...not that I'm bothered about swimming faster right now...but I do believe my coach will put my stroke (such as it is) back together again...

    I'd be seriously made up if I could learn to be good enough to coach anyone!!!


    My kids can whup my ass at swimming...the shame of least they were taught properly....
  • sewitch = switch....
  • Just been to pool, managed 2 lengths freestyle, rest, 2 more freestyle, rest, then had to revert to breast stroke, will definateley look into a 1to1 lesson as I am absolutely knackered now.

    Am going to enter a sprtint tri in June - 300m swim - which sounds impossible to me now but June is a long way off :O)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    RB, the automatic thing might be her plan. Once you've mastered the new technique, you should be doing it more naturally as opposed to feeling strange at it at the moment.

    Although a proper swimmer would be able to give you a better answer I'm sure....
  • Nice one Pie....

    I stopped for a couple of seconds at the end of every length in my first Tri and swam alternate crawl and breast stroke lengths.

    Triathlon is all about you and the clock. It doesn't matter one bit what anyone around you is doing. So if you need a breather, take one.

    I just wanted to get through it. I was so happy to get out of the pool that first time having done it, knowing that barring accident I was going to complete the race as the worst was over.

    I'd encourage you to keep going.
  • Thanks FFM

    I reckon If I can increase it a little bit each week (and learn to breathe) I ought to be able to manage 300m fairly comfortably by june, I will be quite happy to finish last if need be just so long as I get across the finish wanting to do another!
  • Gavo,

    I'm sure you're right mate...I'm hoping that this will all become more natural as time goes by...

    I'll keep you updated.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    RB - I'm never right!

    You're aiming too far for me anyway. Although I'm moving on to a 50m pool next week so I'll see what my stamina is like. One of the lanes on the side I think.
  • Good move Gavo...50m is a long way and you don't want run out of puff half way...

    Actually, I think I might prefer a 50m pool...sort of force the issue a little bit with less time for hanging on to the side pretending to adjust goggles....
  • No, you don't want a 50m pool, as I'm reliant on the push off to give me some propulsion.

    Pretending to adjust goggles!! LOL! How many times have I done that?

    This year I am aiming for an Olympic Tri in July with an open water swim as its good to have a target. Also in the plans are a 750m pool swim sprint tri and a 750m open water swim sprint tri. I honestly believe I will be the last out of the water, but I don't really mind as it gives me lots to chase on the bike leg!
  • Am starting to get nervous now about the Swim Masterclass in Feb. It will be a 50m pool. I'm used to 25m. Even though I managed a whole mile of crawl this lunchtime (with a couple of rests), I'm still a bit wibbly about not having the safety of (a) a short pool, and (b) a pool in which I can touch the bottom with my toes at both ends (*just* at the deep end).

    This wouldn't bother me if I was breast-stroking, but with crawl my breathing still isn't fantastic, and if I breathe in water, I don't panic in the 25m pool because I know I can get to the end or put my feet down if I really can't carry on without spluttering.
  • Q,
    Are you sure that it's a 50m pool? I thought you were oing to the one in Walsall that I went to......that was 25m.

    In any case you'll be amazed at how well you can do in these sessions.
  • I am going to Walsall, yes, I assumed it was a 50m pool as it's a big town pool compared to my usual small gym pool.
  • Quimby - Don't forget that if you can't manage the full 50m length you can always change to breast stroke half way - drowning isn't the only option! You might be suprised though, one lenght of a 50m pool doesn;t feel as fr as 2 25m lengths to me.

    Fat Squirel - Don't worry about being last out of the water in your tri. I was so far behind in the swim at the Brighton Marina tri last year that I didn't even see anyone else get out and I had 6 canoes with me by the end of the course, but I picked up a lot on the bike and run sections and overtook a few people.

  • Thanks Lindihopper

    I wasn't quite last in any of the 400m pool sprint triathlons I did last year, but then due to different starts it doesn't matter anyway.

    My worry in an open water swim is that as we all start together, and so then I will be last, especially as I'd guess that the swimmers will be of a higher standard.

    Having said that, last year was doing breaststroke, and now doing FC, managed to get my times for 400m down by a minute and a half, so by the time spring is here, I may have taken a little bit more off that.
  • Hi folks

    I'm thinking of doing a beginner-friendly triathlon for my first attempt in September.

    I know that I can do 16 lengths of a 25m pool - but it would be just ssooooo slow, as I can only manage a sedate breaststroke with my head held well out of the water. Is it worth me trying to learn frontcrawl before then? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  • Entered Tadcaster Sprint Tri in May (500m swim) but it's a ballot so don't know if I've got a place yet.

    Swim coach says my front crawl technique is OK now. After I get the marathon out of the way at the end of February I'll do more sessions at the pool and just concentrate on banging the lengths out.
  • Lynne

    Firstly, good for you!

    you certainly will have time to learn crawl between now and Sept if you take some lessons to start with and put in the time.

    I did my first 3 Tri's last year and alternated between crawl and breaststroke. At the races I did there were people who swam all breaststroke and did the 400m in around 12mins. If you can do that, that's OK I think.

    It's worth remembering with Triathlon that 1) you tend to make your biggest improvements in the early days (probably just through the fact you are training at all) and
    2)the effort it takes to reduce your swim time by two mins is considerably greater than that required to do the same on the bike. Given that you spend longer on the bike than in either of the other disciplines, it's worth putting in most effort there.

    Good luck!
  • FFM - that's very reassuring. Thanks.

  • Lynne. I did my first 4 sprint triathlons last year and loved it. I was doing breast stroke 400m in about 12 minutes, and being near the back wasn't an issue. In the races I did, I noticed a 20 minute swim and 17 minutes in another as being the last swimmer's time.

    When I did my first 400m FC beginning of Januray, I was still swimming 400m in about 12 minutes, but now starting to see improvements into the 10.5 minute range.

    I did start trying FC last summer, but only managed to string more than a couple of lengths together last month. The biggest help has been getting 2 regular swim sessions a week in, when before I was getting 2-3 a month. You have to be patient.

    Go for it!
  • I've got a problem with not keeping my legs up high enough in the water. Been advised by clubmates to do a lot of swimming with a pull buoy or float. Half a length kicking with the board in front, other half with it between the knees and swimming with arms only. Reverse length, same thing on my back. Tried it Tuesday night at training and it seems to be working.
  • IW,
    my resident coach (looking over my shoulder) says check that your head is not too high in the water......your feet might drop to counter balance....

    ... apparently you can stop this by looking at the bottom of the pool...
  • Has anybody seen this?

    front crawl

    It largely ties in with what my instructor at the pool says. It helps me anyway.
  • No!
    But I like it a lot.



  • Lost enthusiasm, have we? I'm hoping to be able to do a sprint tri in summer 2006 so I need you lot to keep me motivated!!

    Come on!!

    Where are you??

    Let's be 'aving you!!
  • I'm still here!

    Up to 1500m front crawl, but not tried anything further yet. Planning on a timed 400m tonight in the hope I can dip under 10 minutes (fastest 10.20). Still swimming at least 2 sessions a week. Now bought wet suit for that first open water experience.

  • FS, you do realise that this is a crap swimmers thread, don't you? I don't think you qualify!!
  • LOL!! Definitely fall into the cr*p swimmers category. Could only do 50m fc in January and that was with a high risk of drowning.
  • Multi how crap are you????

  • *quickly hides orange inflatables*
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