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  • Do you remember "Eric the Eel" from a few Olympics ago? You know, the guy who nearly drowned doing the 100m freestyle? The same guy who was just finishing the race by the time the Aussies had showered off and changed back into their tracksuits? Well, he's the strongest swimmer in my family!!
  • Guy who nearly drowned doing 100m freestyle? It must have been his DVD I've been learning from. That might explain things.
  • I'm still about too, athough I suspect multi will try and evict me for being too good!

    You having lessons Multi, it's really worth it as once you get the technique right you suddenly find you can go for ages.
    I got my 1500m badge last week after starting lessons in September when I struggled with 25m.

    FS - where are you planning to try out your wetsuit? I just got mine last week and am itching to get it wet.
  • Good progress Lindihopper. Don't know where to try wetsuit. My mate got his last year and used it in our local outdoor pool, which they were happy about as long as pool was quiet.

    My tri club are looking for some open water to train in though, but no luck so far.
  • Lindi, are you serious about your swimming improvement? I take my hat off to you, girl!! How often wereare you taking lessons?
  • Yes Multi - I'm 100% serious.... did the 5000m swimathon on Saturday in 1:48.20 (just a little bit proud of that!!!)

    I have lessons once a week in a group class at the local leisure centre which really helped with water confidence but the big breakthrough camein January when I was at La Santa and a friend gave me 3 x 20min lessons on a one to one basis - he totally changed the way I swim so that I included a glide into the stroke. Means I go much much further using much much less energy.

    Since January I've been swimming about 3 times a week including my group swimming lesson and a drills session with the tri club.

    You have to put in the practice and put up with half drowning yourself to start with but persever and you will get there :-)

  • Multi...I'm one of the few that is still firmly in the crap class...all these others have gone way past anything I can do...

    I'm going to the pool tonight to see how many lengths I can do...I have a number in mind but I'm keeping that to myself...
  • (is it 83 ? bet it is !)

  • Awesome Lindihopper. Hope I can make a similar improvement. Did another 1500 today, but not attempted to try anything over that yet.

    Have a good swim Rb.
  • my dreams mate!!! No it was something more modest...if I thought I could do 83 then I definitely would tho'... ;-)
  • Blimey Lindi - that's very good going !
  • See what we have to live up to cougs??
  • Awwww - she started in September. We've got a few months yet ! ;-)
  • You'lll catch me up I'm sure.

    Now I'm off to worry about the bike and run....

    furthest ever cycled in one day = 60m
    furthest ever run in one day = 16m (and that was 2 lots of 8m)

    I'll be needing every minuite I can save on the bike leg :-)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Lessons have just finished (well, 1st set) for me. Really improved my stroke - only taught me the basics but it's really helped. The only problem now is avoiding Multi at the local pool.
  • Got back into swimming thanks to Lindi - had a session with her on Friday, and just back from a 2k swim today.

    My times are about 3 minutes behind her for 400m!
  • Seems to be the week for everyones swimming to improve.....

    Well done.
  • There are still places left at IM Switzerland you know

  • don't think my knee will take it Carl!

    Still - at least me bike tyres are ok now, and I've got the tri bars fitted.

    Oddly (or maybe not) I've got a sore bit on each of my hips. Strange in a way, as it doesn't hurt when I run usually.
  • Back from another 2k session - and knocked a minute off my 400m time.

    9:29 :o)

    Okay - not great, but it's progress, and I was starting to feel I was getting into a bit more of a rhythm.
  • Great session today - 2.5k, felt like I could have gone on longer too but I parking ticket was running out!

    Next target is 3.2k, or 2 miles :o)

    Is anyone else going to post on this thread? What happened to SMitch and co?
  • Have been posting my swim updates elsewhere XFR, but as you ask.

    The winter triaing with the Tri club has been great for me. For the first few weeks the sessions were absolutely exhausting and I practically crawled (no pun) out of the pool.

    However, I perservered. My 400m time is down to 8:48 from 11mins plus last year.

    I can swim further now and the remaining goals for this year are:
    - finally learn to swim bilaterally
    - get 400m time down to 8:30
    - be able to swim 1,500m so that I can enter an Olympic Tri.

    Overall: I no longer look and feel like I'm drowning in the pool.
  • Great stuff FFM :o)

    Must have another go at 400m when the pool isn't too crowded. Great to see that you've knocked several minutes off in a relatively short time :o)
  • Go away. You lot shouldn't be on a crap swimmers thread ;-)

    Well done <he says jealously>
  • Hello. Didn't swim for 3 weeks as I managed to crack a rib falling down the stairs :-( But I've been back in the pool this week, feeling a lot better to get back into it. I managed 750m (the distance I need to do in my sprint tri in June) in about 15 mins today, went on to do another 20 lengths afterwards too. Feeling a bit more optimistic about my first tri now - the week after I did my rib I thought I'd never be able to run or swim again, *very* painful.

    Still breathing on one side, though, need to work on that.
  • I had a lesson today using fins (the short ones) for the first!!! They're great...shame I can't use them for IMCH....

    Good lesson tho' to concentrate on stroke...
  • Wow - great time Quimby :o)

    Fins are great aren't they!
  • Is it a good time? Not really sure, but I was really trying to use my arms properly, went on that swim masterclass a couple of months ago and they showed us how to really power along using a proper pull through the water.
  • FS,
    I started as a non-swimmer last Jan, was utterly cr@p for my first Tri last May. Was just plain Cr@p for my 2nd race in Sept and a bit cr@p in an aquathon last week.

    My goal is to finish the year as "well, he's not exactly cr@p"
  • if any posters want to ensure they are not last after the Swim, then i have a totally foolproof, inexpensive method.

    All you have to do is pay MY entry into the same event :)

    at least 2nd last would then be guaranteed (or your money back)
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