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  • Must do that swim masterclass :o)
  • lindi - I'm still gonna be warming up when you're out of that swim!! Well done on the 5K. Yet to attempt that distance, let alone go for a time!!
  • 2 miles today - 128 lengths :o) I was tempted to stick another 26 or whatever on the end of that so that I'd done the IM distance
  • Well done XFR ! I think its 160 lengths you need for IM.
  • Thanks Cougs.

    Isn't IM 2.4 miles?

    I'm working on 1609m to the mile, and the pool is 25 metres, which on my calculator comes out as just over 156 lengths. Not a huge amoutn of difference either way.

    Don't think I could have got much further without struggling, shoudlers were getting tired at the end.

    Plus you don't get a feckin' great push off every 25m in open water :o(
  • Had a few days off swimming and been concentrating on the cycling last week but I'll be getting wet again at lunchtime today.

    Fruity - I don't think you loose that much in open water compaired to being in the pool. The advantage you get in pushing off is weighed against the advantage of not having to slow down to avoid hitting the wall, and wearing a wetsuit makes you more bouyant so with a better body position you go faster.
  • Although I haven't tried it yet so perhaps I should wait till next week.... if I return from the sea!
  • XFR - you're right ! That blummin Jane Tomlinson woman said it was 160 lengths, and I just took her word for it.

    152 lengths of a 25 metre pool.

    I guess her pool was 23.75metres long ?
  • Anyone got any open water swims planned (apart from in tri's) - I fancy having a go at one at some point soon?
  • a good session for distance is

    500mm warm up
    3 x 1000m main set
    500m warm down
  • XFR - it is always the problem - how to get in OW training
  • I'm hoping to find somewhere nearby to OW swim from beginning of May so I'll let you know
  • For you southerners there is always
  • Thanks Will :o)

    Look forward to it Lindi - definitely up for something
  • OK, I`m coming in here too - my name is laurauk and I am a crap swimmer. There, I feel so much better now. I can`t remember when I last swam, I just remember almost seizing up and drowning. I can`t even swim a whole length of normal sixed pool without having to stop for a rest. I am thinking of taking improvers classes as I would like to try and tri one day - my running and cycling are ok-ish. I`d also like to do swimming to increase my upper body fitness and as cross training on non-running days. Have to go check out classes now that I`ve said it out loud in public.............
  • Yay! Welcome Laura :o)

    I did improvers classes last autumn having been in a very simila rposition - splashed frantically and then ran out of breath. That was for six week,s then I swam for two weeks and did nothing again until two weeks ago.

    It's made a huge difference to me, and I think the lessons have helped me make a huge amount of progress :o)
  • had a mare of a sesion this morning. Just could not get enough motivation to get going. When I try and swim 100 - 120 lengths in a set time I get up for it. But today I was going to do a slow 70 and I think mentally my body really could not be bothered!!

    Am looking for a neoprene hat type thing to swim in the sea. Went in the other day and its still a little too cold to do any serious swim!!!
  • I find I have to break the lengths up and throw in some structure - so many lengths warm up, so many time trial etc, so many practising an aspect of the stroke, ohterwise it becomes mind-numbingly dull
  • Right - where's that Dr Nic?

    She should be here to give her wisdom, imagine my suprise when I open 220 last night and there's another article by her on different swimming classes....
  • 00
  • Is that by her?

    I'll have to go and re-read
  • Oooh - is there ANOTHER 220 out ? What's on the front ?

    (reading material for the journey to London I think)
  • it says 220 on the front
  • But more importantly it's got results on page 73 ;-)_
  • Oooh haven't got that one then.

    Would that be you then Lindi on p 73 ?
  • ooo - must pop down and have a look :o)
  • XFR Bear - so you think the improvers classes are taking then? I half-figured I wouldn`t even be good enough to take them *blush*
  • lessons are always worth time
  • Yes Cougie that is me - my first mention in 220 :-)

    Lessons are definately worth having.
    I know I've already said this 1000 times on this thread but for Laura's benefit I'll say it again......

    I did my first tri in August last year when I had to "granny breast stroke" the swim.
    I started having lessons in September and at the first attempt failed my 25m front crawl badge :-(
    But the lessons went on and in October I got my 25m badge and then I've gone form strength to strength.
    I did the 5km swimathon last month in 1:48.20, have a 400m PB of 7.26 and at lunchtime today I swam 3.9km in 1:25

    Go along to the local lessons or join a tri club as they also cater for beginners as well as more advnaced.

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