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  • another drill that might help is "catch up" - basically it involves not starting to bring the front hand back (the pull) before the other hand has come completely over to the front.

    Normally you'll start the pull when the rear hand is only part way towards the front - by delaying the pull you're lengthening the glide.

    personally I can breathe both sides but don't always do so - I tend to breathe as and when I need to. The local junior squad trained in the pool before my lessons and I watched them, and they seemed to do this too.
  • BTW you can do this with a float held out in front of you and switch which hand is holding it
  • In my innocence I thought "I'll get someone to teach me to swim. It shouldn't be hard to find a teacher". That's correct....... if you're 8!!!

    So far I have tried my local sports centre (lessons for kiddies only), Marlow sports centre (group lessons or kiddies only), Maidenhead sports centre (daytime lessons for adults - what f*ck*ng use is that. I have a job!), Holmes Place Maidenhead (we can teach you but you'll have to pay us huge amounts of money to join a gym that you'll never use).

    So, if there's a swimming teacher somewhere in the vicinity of High Wycombe or central London who wants a job, let me know.

    and breathe...............
  • Mister W - go to a tri club :-)

  • Mister W - my local pool offer individual lessons for £15/hr. I've also contacted the tri club but need to improve a bit before I go to their session. I'm hoping someone there will do 1 to 1 first.
  • That's exactly what I'm looking for, Gumps, as I'd like to be able to get from one side of the pool to the other before I inflict myself on a tri club.
  • Call your local tri club and have a chat, they may have a total beginners group or else might recommend somone that can offer lessons.
  • I go swimming in Old Street (sort of central london ish). I know they do 121 adult swimming lessons. I've seen them first thing in the morning before work.

    pool: Ironmonger Row - part of islington council
  • Amos - thanks for this as this is another option for me. I think it's open from 6.30-8.30 for lane swimming?

    and had indended to do an hour thereeach week from 6.30 after Christmas as my third session
  • Mr W...SBR Sports in Windsor do individual lessons...they are from a guy called Rick Kiddle...he also teaches OW swimming at Heron lake...I think the swimming pool sessions are at Maidenhead or maybe Slough...How: Email: or call Rick Kiddle on 07770 391966 to activate your session.

    Price :- £30 ( not available online)

    I just copied the last bit from the SBR Sports website....not cheap but probably woth it to get started....
  • Just spoken to one of the instructors who teaches at Ironmonger Row at it's looking hopeful. The cost of swimming there looks very reasonable too so I might swim there regularly.
  • How much Mr W?
  • £18 for 30 minutes. They sound like pretty intensive lessons as it's just you and the instructor in the small pool.
  • A silly question on pool tris. When you turn around, I assume you are allowed to push off with your feet?
  • yeah.
  • Pix - get some lessons! Rick seems an obvious peep since you know him already. Or perhaps group lessons to learn the basics.

    I breathe through my mouth (might breathe out occasionally through my nose).

    SLow the stroke down - I think a lot of peeps tend to splash like mad when they start out. If you're going to do any distance then there's a fair bit of gliding built into the stroke:

    reach forward - glide - pull the arm back

    repeat ad nauseum, just remember to do it almost ridiculously slowly - that way you don't get so out of breath :o)
  • I breath thru my mouth most of the time - occationaly breath out thru my nose if i manage to get a nose full of water

    i noticed, most of the time i swim with my mouth open
  • use your mouth then!

    I dunno what's going on inside your nose and I don't want to either! :oS
  • Does anyone use a nose clip?

    Is it acceptable?
  • AFAIK Gumps, yes it is (in tris), I've seen loas of peeps with them in the pool.

    I tried one and didn't like it, as I like to be able to exhale thru the nose as well.

    They're not expensive, but if you want to give one a crack then if we arrange a SE swimming session then I'll bring it along.
  • I've got one and have been tring (geddit?) to get used to it by wearing it around the house in the evenings
  • Hello all. Just spotted this thread. I'm trying to get the hang of front crawl, and have been getting there slowly. Slowly being the key word, but have got up to about 30-40 lengths of a very ragged front crawl. Getting lessons and have read Total Immersion, so hoping I'll improve. Fishlike swimming? Haha.

    I'd found that after swimming I was getting a mild headache and also streaming cold-like symptoms. Finally made the connection that this only happened after swimming I became the proud owner of a nose-clip.

    No more snuffles/headaches/etc, but I do look like a pillock, and forget to take it off when talking to people, and sound like a teenager with an adanoid problem.
  • the only fish I swim like is a dead one! The trick is to look like a haddock, not a pillock ;o)

    I found the nose clip a bit painful, yes, and unless I did something badly wrong with the timing, water never went up mu nose anyhow.

    I can't tumble turn, and to be honest in a big tri it's open water anyway so it wou;dn't make a diff, and I think TT's aren't legal in pool tris where you have several peeps per lane.

    If you had a headache, perhaps your neck/shoulders were hunched up too much, or you turned your neck too far or summat? Lessons would seem the obvious way to go - a lot of pools do group lessons - I got 12 for £50 in a group of six, which made a huge difference
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