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  • Ride there TST? Is it worth contacting the club to see if anyone lives nearby and maybe you can walk to a place they can pick you up from.
  • I think  riding there would kill me at the moment!  lol  I don't really think I'm fit enough for a club just yet, although it might be worth emailing them to see if there is anyone near me.  Might be worth finding out where they do the swimming at least as they are based at a lake but I'm sure they can't swim in that all year round! image
  • TST - the OW place is a lake in central Bristol that I've managed to get weekday membership to.  (There's a 3-year waiting list for full membership.)  I'm going to take my 50M test next Fri in order to collect my membership card - that's presuming the pike don't pull me under.

  • Oooo, good luck with it Parklife, although I'm sure you won't need it!  50m doesn't seem very far to have to swim, but then I say that as someone who's not done any out door swimming yet!!  (Well not unless you count the sea on holiday! image)
  • Well I went to the swim session. The coach this week was sooo much better than last week. I kept up (ish) when everyone was doing the drills but when they (note the word they) were doing the speed session, the slowest guy was coming in at 2:05 for 100 metres image So I had to swim to one end, wait for the whole lot to come through and then swim back. Not much fun but it gives me a good aim ie being able to do two laps before they catch up.

    The coach said I needed to bend my arm a bit more on the catch so that was a useful tip and to basically just keep at it. My technique isn't too bad.

  • Well done LN for going back and having another go. image  Stick with will all come together, well that's what I keep telling myself anyway. image  I am going to go along and watch the Sunday session before cycling with them......just to see if I think it would be a real disaster to have a go at that swim session too. imageimageimage

  • Thank you Saffers. Why not take your swim gear in case you want to join in? What kind of session is it btw?
  • Nope, nope, and nope!!! I will not take my swim stuff.....LOL.  I would die on the bike and get left behind. image

    Sundays is 50m pool and more endurance and speed I think.  The Coach is there but not so much drills....I just want to see what the session is like as I think different members turn up for this one rather than the technique one. I shall sit and have a nice cup of coffee whilst I oggle the "Hunks in Trunks". image

  • Thats my first open water done tonight in the duck pond image. All went very well, nice to know they I have got a regular open water venue for the next 12-14 weeks so be good practice.

    Wasnt that cold either image

  • Nice going RC and good to hear that it's not tooooo cold.  I enjoy OW but am dreading it being too cold. image
  • Happy perving then Saffers.

    Well done RC. Great work!
  • Lol Saffers, I used to scuba dive and have had to break the ice to get in the water before at 6am in mid January so this was like being in the med image image image 

    One thing I did learn was that I will take my wedding ring of next time. Thought I was going to lose it halfway round. I think best thing is to dunk your head get it over and done with. One thing I had forgotten about was the dizziness when you get out of the water, climbed up the steps on the jetty nearly fell back in image image.

  • So reading between the lines it was indeed fecking cold to those of us not used to swimming in ice then. image
  • It wasnt like the ice on ice road truckers image.  Anyway I believe that you are further south than me so nearer the equator so the water down south should be at least 5 degress warmer than here image. You will be find Im sure, in fact just go in your cossie Im sure it would be fine image
  • I was thinking of wearing two wetsuits just incase and just float about for a bit. image
  • Just ask them to heat the water up first Saffers. Shouldn't take long. At least Regensburg will be warm.
  • Wolf -after being told in the tri club yesterday to bend my arm more on the catch, I'm confused. Any tips on how far the elbow should be going out to the side/ angle of arm etc? I was trying to bend my arm more but don't think I got it right. It felt really unnatural and my arms hurt this morning but not in a good way. Thanks image
  • LN have you downloaded Mr Smooth?
    He's very good to watch to see where your arms should be!
  • Yes I have Becky but it doesn't help in this instance as his arms look quite low.
  • Oooo BMB that Mr Smooth is really useful!!  I'm struggling with technique and that's really helpful, although I think it will be a long time before I get that good! image  I will show it to the OT as well as he swims when I do and watches my stroke and tells me how my stroke is looking and stuff.  Mr Smooth rolls his whole body more than I expected; I am trying to twist from the hips when I turn to the side to breathe, but I don't have as much of a rolling action as Mr Smooth does.  Maybe I need to work on that.  Although we have to go after work tonight and it will be full of annoy children getting in the way and we don't have too long before they chuck us out for the local swimming group, so think I will save the technique changing when it's not so busy! image
  • Hello, hello, hello.

    Long time, no speak on this thread but I have been lurking and everyone seems to be progressing nicely.

    Not sure if I told you but my gym have started their own Tri Club and things seems to be coming along nicely.  RPM sesh on Tues eve, swim on Thurs, and a run on Sat morning.  Went to the swim sesh yesterday thinking it was all beginners/improvers but it is an add-on to the 'proper' Tri swim sesh. Was a bit nervous but the Coach asked me to come into the lanes and give it a go.

    And it was fabimage

    He set the 'proper' guys off on their sets and then watched me do a length.  He said my hand entry was flat and should either be little finger first or thumb first, but he thought my kick was quite good (and that's something I have never ever been told before image).  I did a fair few lengths like that with a rest in between as he would rather we we rested between lengths and get the technique right rather than get tired and rush it.

    Then he told me I should really push off from the wall (cue nerves bordering on hysteria).  But he got me to jump up and then submerge under the water.  Then I had to do that, but kick off from the wall whilst streamlined.  And I did it image but probably on the 9th attempt image.

    It lasted an hour and was really good.  After I had got out he told me I was the one who had made most progress even in just an hour.  I think he was a little shocked when I said, 'well, when you're at the bottom, there is a lot of progress to be made' image

    Defo going again next week as it was almost a 1-2-1 session as all the 'proper' guys were off doing their own thing and I had the Coach almost to myself

  • imageimage Shmunks - that sounds great.  image  How are your injuries from the bike?
  • The physical ones have faded, but the psychological ones appear from time to time image
  • Fantastic Schmunkee image  Well done with that pushing off business.....that'll get you to the otherside much quicker. image
  • I managed to go further than 5m underwater.  Not really sure why I am bothering considering all swims I have entered are OW but it's another string to my bow I guess.  And if it helps me cut down on my 400 metre time so that I can go to 'proper' Tri club where I can lech at 'proper' Hunks In Trunks..................image
  • So now you'll be able to letch from above and below .... and I thought this was a thread for serious-minded improvers.  I was so wrong.
  • Parklife wrote (see)
    So now you'll be able to letch from above and below
    I hadn't thought of that.  Maybe I ought to buy some scuba gear and just lay on the bottom of the pool all day image
  • image

    I'm trying to visualise the push-off things Shmunks - is the coach teaching you tumble turns?

  • Little Ninja wrote (see)

    The coach said I needed to bend my arm a bit more on the catch so that was a useful tip and to basically just keep at it. My technique isn't too bad.

    LN, I was told the same in last weeks session with bending the elbow going into the catch.  My arm was entering the water and then pulling back but with the arm too straight.  I did concentrate on this but then this week was told that although it was good that I was trying to keep the elbow position in the catch, I was pulling the arm away from my body too much so had to concentrate on keeping the arm in a position nearer the body!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really not easy this swimming malarkey.

    Hopefully UIW will come along and explain it all a little better.

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