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  • Someone should invent a spider web-type suit made out of thick rubber bands which only let you move in a certain way for each stroke, so you get instant muscle memory.  Probably have to have lots of lifeguards on hand while getting the hang of it.
  • Parklife wrote (see)
    I'm trying to visualise the push-off things Shmunks - is the coach teaching you tumble turns?

    Not at this sesh, but I do a PAYG Swim Clinic on a Sun morning and we have learnt them there.  They are fairly simple to learn.

    First of all we do a forward roll in the lane, making sure we land on our feet again and can stand up.  That sends a shot of water up your nose which is awful but, as soon as you have got that over and done with, it's nowhere near as bad the subsequent times.

    Then we just swim towards the end of the pool, tuck our chin to our chest, rotate, as we come out of the rotation, twist...................................................

    I was gonna explain how we do it, but I found this which probably demonstrates it better than I could

  • Sounds a fab idea Parklife.  One friend told me to imagine a piece of string  thats attached to my hand and head and when the string reaches my hip it pulls my head to one side..........I truly think my string just gets well and truly tangled before I even start. image
  • Parklife wrote (see)
    Someone should invent a spider web-type suit made out of thick rubber bands which only let you move in a certain way......................

    But they probably won't be found on a swimming website image

  • Great - thanks Schmunkee.  It looks like the swimmer needs to be nearly at the wall when rolling then?  I'll try that next week.

    FC 'restrainer' prototype:

  • LMAO....I am only just over the self consciousness of taking all those swimming aids along! image  Wearing that, I will just fit into tri problems!image
  • Parklife wrote (see)
    Great - thanks Schmunkee.  It looks like the swimmer needs to be nearly at the wall when rolling then?  I'll try that next week.
    I would guess that the closer to the wall you are, the more force you will have in your legs to use to kick off again.  But I might be wrong image
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    Little Ninja wrote (see)

    The coach said I needed to bend my arm a bit more on the catch so that was a useful tip and to basically just keep at it. My technique isn't too bad.

    LN, I was told the same in last weeks session with bending the elbow going into the catch.  My arm was entering the water and then pulling back but with the arm too straight.  I did concentrate on this but then this week was told that although it was good that I was trying to keep the elbow position in the catch, I was pulling the arm away from my body too much so had to concentrate on keeping the arm in a position nearer the body!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really not easy this swimming malarkey.

    Hopefully UIW will come along and explain it all a little better.

    I related to that! image My arms don't feel great today so I know whatever I was doing last night wasn't right. Think I'll go back to my straight arm version. image

    I'm quite confused now.
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    <just lurking quietly out of shame in not going to tri club this week> 
  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    First OW session planned tomorrow. image

    Just looking at swim4tri website.  Its expensive.  image  But have to say, I'm tempted.  Will go to Monday tri club I think to compare with the Weds session I went to and then make a decision.  Went to Virgin pool yesterday and did a reasonable session and old swim teacher gave me thumbs up.  Tis a lovely pool indeed, with windows floor to ceiling overlooking a lake.

    That contraption!!!!!!!  LOL image

  • S4T has been great Soup but it is expensive and you only learn so much in one lesson. which makes it seem even more expensive. Of course, one lesson may be enough for you but only one or two things will get addressed at once. Mr W (often found in Beebs Kitchen thread) recommended a place in Surrey. I've forgotten the name of the place but I'm sure it was cheaper...

  • Really pleased on Thursday - managed 1,500m. 500m FC, 500m BS then 500m FC again. Did the 3rd set in 15 mins which is a great improvement for me. Also managed bilateral breathing for the 500m!

    Isn't it funny how you feel like you did great some days but other times don't make any progress at all!image

  • Woohoo. Well done Ali!! imageimage

    Those days when we don't make progress are hard aren't they? I'm keeping a log of my training now so I can look back on days like that and see how far I've come. I wish I'd kept my first running logs as I'm sure I'd have had similar thoughts then. 

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Keeping a log is a very good idea.  I get very frustrated sometimes so I have to look back on how far I've actually progressed.  This time last year I could only do 1 length of very bad front crawl and the furthest I could swim breast stroke was 400m.   Survived OW at Datchet today so thats going on the log.  No idea how long I was in the water for though. 

    Well done Ali - thats a good session. image

  • Soup - meant to say if you go to S4T, think about having a 1.5 hour lesson. The first lesson goes too fast anyhow because they'll be asking you about your needs, assessing your swim etc. I asked for a 1.5 hour lesson for my second one and the coach  commented at the end he thought it was a really good length of time to have a session for.
  • Well done on surviving the open water Soup.  How cold was it?image
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    It wasn't as cold as I was expecting Saffers, but still too cold to swim properly (although others managed it!).  I just couldn't breathe and technique never entered my head as pure survival took over.  But I managed 500m before the first signs of hypothermia set in with a strange dizzy, disorientated feeling so I got out then. But a great sense of achievement and I really enjoyed it.  Had to do about half of it breast stroke just because of the breathing, -  and sighting, which I was hopeless at!

    LN - that sounds like good advice re S4T thanks.  I'm still thinking about it.  How many sessions did you have and how helpful was it for you do you think?  I was a bit dissapointed with the TI course and after not learning that much from the latest coach I have to get the next one right!

  • I've had two sessions Soup. It has been worthwhile but a big factor in the value is the coach. I can't help but think he'd be able to work out most of my problems in a normal pool.

    Of course it's easier for him to see what's happening below the surface with the cameras and it's also good that they can play back what you are doing so you can see it for yourself but it's certainly not cheap. I think it'd be good for advanced swimmers who just have minor issues with their swimming as opposed to me who has lots of issues! On the other hand because I'm still fairly new to swimming, it's meant I haven't picked up any bad habits.

    I didn't get much out of the first lesson because of all the preliminary stuff but found the second lesson more valuable as we went straight into the work. I'm going to have one more lesson in June and then hopefully that will be it. 

    Mr W said there's a place in Surrey that does similar. I'm sure they'd be cheaper. 

  • Just leaped on cos I promised that List fairy I would report in!

    New gym has a VERY chlorinated pool. image I did 800m and came out scratching like a good un....image

  • Just popping in to make sure the errant LB has kept her word! image
  • I did a fantastic swim session today

    doggy paddle in OW

    Did my first ever OW swim at Datchet this morning and really enjoyed it.  It was not half as bad as I was expecting ie no brain freeze nor teeth chattering. The cold water did however take my breath away a bit and made breathing a bit difficult so I had to do Breast Stroke as there was no way I could put my face in the water. (I do WI breast stroke image).  On the final stretch the water was a tad choppier and a huge wave (ok, minor ripple) hit me in the face and I panicked. I then had trouble catching my breath and had to doggy paddle my way back to the pontoon.

    But overall, it was a great session and I can't wait to do it again

    Oh, and doing breast stroke in a wettie gave me lower back ache but only during the swim

  • *pats LB on the head*. Run along now and get yourself a little something from the treat jar, Little Girl image


    Schmunks - whaddya want after your OW swimble?image
  • Can I make a list? image

    In order of preference.........

    1) Toffo
    2)  Curly Wurly
    3)  Wham Bar
    4)  Drumstick
    5)  Sherbert Dib Dab
    6) Handful of flying saucers

    I fear the parm violets might be left uneaten.  Eurgh image

  • There's some in my car! LOL!

  • And they can stay there, m'Dear!
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    I'll have the parm violets please! image  yum, yum.

    We did good today Schmunks - it was brill. image  

  • 1. Anyone who likes parma violets is mad. It's officialimage

    2. Wetsuits can give sore backs if they are very leg buoyant and you do breaststroke. Cure is to roll over and go backwards for a bit, it eases things.

    3. Dizziness and nausea. When the medics test your balance, one of the tests involves squirting cold water in your ears for 30 seconds. It makes you go from feeling stone cold sober to that bit 5 seconds before you throw up  when the room suddenly spins uncontrollably after a crate of Special Brew or whatever. Unfortunately, it has a similar effect in OW for some people, yours truly included.

    The cure is wax earplugs from Boots, sealed in tight. 100% effective. And, for wusses like me, a neoprene hat under your swim hat.

    Damn, I am useful!.

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭
    Dustboy wrote (see)

    1. Anyone who likes parma violets is mad. It's officialimage

    Says the man who's ordering a full neoprene mask, gloves and socks! image

    Chuck us another violet. image

    I'd better get some ear plugs for next time then DB - where would we be without you? image

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