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  • Eh??? me ears are full of wax earplugs.

    Race briefings were never so quiet! Ergo my race briefing rule, just follow the one in front. In last place, that is surprisingly hard coz you can't catch them!

    My socks, gloves and gimp mask have arrived! Now the question is, can I get into the water and 1/4 mile offshore before getting arrested? Very pleased with gloves and Socks, mask is a little "restrictive" in neck rotation. OW trials soon in the sea off of Weymouth beach.

    And, as we are on cr4p swimmers thread, big bay series.

    Selection of 3 IM & half IM swims in salt water in sheltered bay and new Olympic (2012 sailing lagoon) off Chesil beach near Weymouth. 2 hours from SW London.

    He puts on a cracking show and some excellent tris. If you can do these, no OW IM in the world will scare you, apart from the nutty Cornwall Perranporth thing. 

  • Went to watch the endurance session at the club today and joined them on a bike ride.  That 50m pool looks a long way to swim......might give it a go though as the Coach taylors the session to each individual depending on ability. image Lucky it's a small club.....only 6 swam today in 2 lanes and 8 of us went on the cycle.

    OW starts tomorrow!!!!!! I don't think I am busy either.imageimage

  • Well done LB and Schmunks on your swims.

    Dustboy - that Weymouth swim looks good - only a short train journey away from me.  I like the look of the super sprint too.  Do people ever do those things without wet suits?

    Saffers - I prefer the 50M pool to the usual 25M public pool.  I found I could get into my stroke a bit more easily and concentrate on technique for longer.

  • Dustboy wrote (see)
    2. Wetsuits can give sore backs if they are very leg buoyant and you do breaststroke. Cure is to roll over and go backwards for a bit, it eases things.
    I had a sore back when actually in OW and I noticed today there was still a slight ache.
  • wetsuits are made in different styles for beginners up to elites, if you buy one that isn't right for you, back pain can result. I always advise people to research the makes and styles before buying, a good well fitting wettie that is not too advanced or too simple for you will be a dream to wear. If you buy one that's too high-tech and designed for fast swimmers you are asking for trouble.
  • I hear what you're saying UIW, but mine is the Orca Equip which seems to tick all the boxes for me being a carp swimmer and an OW virgin.  My mentor did say that wettiea aren't ideally suited for BS so I put it down to that.  My aim for the next session is to be able to do FC for a while in it
  • Yes, that's right, "normal" wetsuits are not designed for the BS movements. You can get some that are.
  • image I had a lovely sesh this morning with swim coach.  Went early and had a go at tumble turns - thanks for the info and link on that Schmunks.  I'm pretty sure I did them at school as I managed to get it straight away. image

    Coach arrived and we worked on the catch.  He managed to get me down from 19 strokes/length to 15 quite quickly.  I'd done some work on the catch at the end of the tri club sesh with limited success, but 1-on-1 really worked well today as that's all we did and he analysed each length.  I also got him to look at my bilateral breathing.  A bit of tidying up needed on the wayward left side but he said it was OK.  He did say that he's flexible on the breathing and that if someone breathes confidently on one side, he wouldn't mess with it and introduce bilateral necessarily.  T'was a lovely start to my week. image

  • My fastest ever 400m yesterday. Cleveland Sprint tri, I managed 400 metres in 12:45 was really happy with that as the swim felt a lot easier than the tri two weeks before image
  • image You need to change your name Dawdler!
  • lol I wish! image
  • Schmunkee, I remember struggling to FC on my early forays into open water.  It's partly a pyschological thing and partly a cold head thing.  Try splashing around in the water for a bit, dunking your head under to acclimatise to the cold.


    I've been a bit of a lazy git recently and only been swimming once a week.  As I'm not doing much other training I really should get off my @rse and swim twice a week.  I was reminded of this on Saturday when one of the ladies in my lane commented about how she hates having to lead the lane when I'm not there.  So, from now on I will swim on Wednesday as well as Saturday....... if I don't you can all nag me image

  • M.ister W wrote (see)
    Schmunkee, I remember struggling to FC on my early forays into open water.  It's partly a pyschological thing and partly a cold head thing.  Try splashing around in the water for a bit, dunking your head under to acclimatise to the cold.

    Did not get brain freeze, but as soon as the cold water hit my face I panicked.  When I had done one loop, I swam (doggy paddled) to the side and deliberately put my head under the water once or twice so that my face was more acclimatised.  I was then able to at least attempt FC but only for three or four strokes.

    I have now joined Lake 32 at South Cerney so that I can go OW swimming any morning of the week before 10am.  Also, there is a rumour that, because membership now exceeds 300, they will be opening up the lake in the evenings too image

  • Well done Schmunkee - I may look into this.  would be lovely for evenings too.  Do they have nice shower / changing facilities?  then again, this I can look up on their website!
  • Well done for persevering.  It will soon become second nature and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.
  • FB_Princess wrote (see)
    Well done Schmunkee - I may look into this.  would be lovely for evenings too.  Do they have nice shower / changing facilities?  then again, this I can look up on their website!

    TBH their website (Lake 32) does not say much and I did not get to look at the facilities.  What attracted me was the oppurtunity to swim 365 days a year at Lake 32 as opposed to 8 or so Saturdays at Lake 12.  If the evening sessions happen, then that will be a bonus.

    From the OW on Sat, I know I need to practice a lot more frequently than once a week esp as I have an OW event in approx ten weeks.  Only OW swimming on a Sat is really cutting down my chances of practice when I try and do things with Jr at weekends

  • Well done DD on that sprint tri and I agree about the name change...LOL image

    I have just dug out my wetsuit and trisuit for tonights OW swim.  Feeling a bit chicken though cos it looks cold outside, let alone in the water!!!! image  That's my only concern with OW swim.....bliddy cold! Oh and the fact that they have no steps for us ladies to climb image  I am going to have to ask one of the fellas to hoist me out of the lake, any which way cos I'm not exactly petite. image  If it rains, I may use that as an excuse.....LOL....

  • If it rains, you're already in there getting wet Saffers! image

    You're going to have to get a bit more creative with the excuses or the hunks with trunks imagewill smell a rat.

  • Where are you swimming, Saffers?
  • LOL... Parklife.....okay, I still have a couple of hours to think of something. image

    M.ister, Southwater lake but I need the sun to come out at least so I can pretend it's warm.image

  • It's going to be sooooooo cold image
  • Yes, thank you for that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image I am not looking forward to it and hoping that hubby is late so that I cannot go! image
  • I might wrap myself up in a warm coat and come along to watch image
  • and would that be to give me some tips on my OW technique or just for the giggle!!! image I am starting to feel a little.....imageimage
  • Mister W needs to prove his status as a hunk in trunks and get in there with you Saffers. 
  • Too right Parklife......but M.ister is a whussy with cold water! image  Then again, I have not been as yet either! image
  • Trunks, yes.  Hunk..... I don't think so image

    My wetsuit is in a box at the bottom of a pile of boxes and I can't move them until the weather gets a lot warmer image

  • If I can dip my toes in on Saturday, then anyone can so all you blinkin' whusses out there just STFU, HTFU and JFDI (and any other acronym that's applicable) image
  • I'm just going to see if I can fit into my tri suit.....I know I am gonna wish I had gone on a diet! image  Schmunks.....serious a bra needed?  Obviously, I would wear one if cycling or running afterwards but as its only for the swim I am wondering whether to bother as find it constricting enough.
  • The difference is that I have no races scheduled in for this year so I don't have to swim in cold water image
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