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  • Ta Saffers - I love big river swimming now because you can go so much along faster with the current. Not scared of it any more. I even actually dived off the ferry today!    


  • Congrats Wolf and LJS! Excellent times for both of you. image
  • Oh you lot are brave!! Well I have bitten the bullet and joined a tri club!! Working shifts til end of June then I will be on regular hours so will be able to train regularly and properly!image I have warned them that I will be irregular for a few weeks but after that I will give it my all!! Happy days!! One day I will be doing events like this image
  • Thanks LN, really enjoyed today.

    Big river swims are brill, the current is sooo fast you get to the finish much much quicker than in a lake or pool swim. I was scared in my first one, but now I love 'em. And they don't come much bigger than the Rhine! Lots of breakers coming at you because of the shipping travelling on the other side of the river, I swallowed quite a lot of water today. I was following the swimmer ahead of me and as we swam alongside a moored boat the guys in the safety boat yelled out "turn left at the end, you're home". Got there quicker than I thought.

  • Well done UIW!!! Sounds awesome!!! I must try! image
  • Well all your hard work is paying off Wolf. It wasn't just the current that got you through image Is your shoulder okay now?
  • Ultra Ironwolf wrote (see)

    Ta Saffers - I love big river swimming now because you can go so much along faster with the current. Not scared of it any more. I even actually dived off the ferry today!    


    Ooooh see, another thing that scares me....diving!!!image  I know that it's all down to just getting on with it though and that fear will go.

    Well done Tri Chick on joining that club.  I'm sure you will see a difference within a few weeks, I know I did. image

  • Thanks Saffers, I hope so!! image
  • Definitely will Tri Chick.  I joined about 2 months ago and have found I'm faster already.....although I am still slow. LOL  It's good to get that feedback on your technique though.  Good Luck.image
  • Yeah! My name should really be Try Chick.. thing is I run, swim and cycle but put em all together and its a whole different ball game haha!!image
  • LOL....I know what you mean.....I come from a running background but when it comes to running at the end of a tri, boy that's hard going.  Jelly legs take some getting used to.
  • I'll get there somehowo!! Persistence is the key!! image
  • Absolutely.  Persistence and bloody mindedness gets me there. image
  • Well done UIW and your hubby!

    I've got a free diving workshop at the lake next Sat. I never learned properly when I was a kid. V excited about this. Off to the lake again tomorrow too.
  • Well I made the lake today - 20 mins in my cozzie before I felt lightheaded and got out. Only did 7 x 100. Was hoping to do a mile but I was concerned I was going to pass out. Combination of cold water and needing to eat more beforehand I think. I'd also cycled there so that had burnt up some energy. I'm living between 2 houses so that's why I haven't got my usual stash of portable snacks. Should be better next week when I'm back at house-sitting place. I met some people I knew down there in wetsuits and 2 little girls jumped in not long after I got in but got straight back out again after some shrieking. My legs were a lovely shade of purple but on the plus side, my aching piriformis from running the day before has eased off after the cold dip.

    EDIT: Some inquisitive moorhens plopped in around us to see what we were up to and I had to weave around them. Moorhen, less speed.
  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Now diving is something I CAN do! image  Just haven't had the opportunity for xx years. image  Re-phrase, diving is something I COULD do - will have to try again.

    Hard lines about your swim PL.  I got that light-headed feeling on my first OW session and its quite scarey.  But good going on 700m.

  • My swim coach had warned me about the lightheadedness Soupy, so I was prepared. I just floated on my back until it passed then breast-stroked gently back in.

    I didn't feel too hard done by - I was the only one in there in a cozzie and there were only 3 other swimmers. It was quite overcast. A kill's a kill ..... (I keep quoting Ninja!)

    I think I'm going to take a flask of soup for after my pre-work swim on Friday.
  • There's no way I'd be in the lake at this time of year without a wetsuit, Parkilfe.  Be careful you don't get hypothermia... seriously.
  • Thanks Mister W.  I think 20 mins will be my limit in this sort of weather.  It was much colder than on the day I did my test.  I'm keeping an eye on the lake's notice board for a cheap wetsuit.
  • Parklife - Don't know if you receive notifications from the PSOF forum but Meldy is selling a small wetsuit. More details would be on the site. Also, think about posting a wanted message. You never know if a Pirate has an old one lying around they haven't got rid of yet.
  • Thanks Ninja - I will take a look.

  • Wot Ninja said image
  • PL - OMG - you didn't have a wet suit on?   I felt cold and heady with one last month!  I must be a right  wuss.
  • Hey Parky,

     You mentioned a swim post work on a friday, I thought the lake was only open to non-member on a sunday? Or have i missed something?

     I keep ducking out of taking the dive! But determined to do some open water this week.


  • It was OK up to 600M - that was when I felt heady but not really cold at any point.  It probably wasn't helped by the fact that one of the wetsuited people started chatting to me when I paused at the pontoon.  Next time I'll just be rude and say I need to keep moving.  I imagine I'll get used to it too and HTFU.  image  I used to do a lot of open water swimming as a kid - you couldn't keep me out of it.

  • 88 - I have a limited weekday membership while I remain on the waiting list for full membership, so I can go Mon-Fri and in theory Sunday with tri club.  They are also letting me join the diving workshop on Saturday.

    I go to tri club at the pool fortnightly (my compressed hours day off) and am planning to go pre or post-work on the other Friday at the lake.

  • something has really happened to my swimming.

    in February, I couldn't (or rather, wouldn't) swim out of my depth in the pool and so couldn't get in a full length. Last week, I swam more than 5000 metres to take May's total to 10,000 metres.

    Today, I managed the first 300 metres of my swim unaided and non-stop before my sprained ankle started niggling a bit again so I resorted to the pull buoy for the rest of the session. A total of 1250 metres in 35 minutes.

    It looks like something has finally clicked with my swimming so months of persistence has really, finally, paid off image

  • @Durham Dawdler -1250m in 35 minutes, I reckon, is really good.   I made my first 1000m non-stop this morning (previous best being 300m last week) in 29'51".

    I'm still not a good swimmer, and need to mix up distance with some speedwork I guess, but I'm pleased with today's effort.  On Friday I'll try some sort of interval routine for a change.

  • Excellent swim this morning in the main.

    Only problem being for 10 mins or so some fookin ijut thought that the middle lane (lane I was swimming in) was the lane to lie on your back and float aimlessly around like he was in his holiday pool image

  • PL - Brrrrrr, I can't imagine swimming at the mo without a wettie - my feet were so cold on saturday I never noticed I'd cut my foot quite badly! 

    DD - well done!  Sounds like you're really getting the metres in and making good progress image

    Tri club was REALLY hardwork tonight.  I felt like I was swiming through treacle, and didn't manage to complete the main set - this is the first week the coach hasn't adapted the session slightly for me.

    Warm up
    3 x 200m (FC/drill/choice)

    Main Set
    6 x 100m 15s rest (100slow/100med/100fast x 2)
    6 x 50m 10s rest (25mfast/25mslow alt with 25m slow/25m fast)
    1 min rest
    repeat above (I had to skip the last 4x50m as out of time)

    Cool Down
    50m easy

    I'm a bit disappointed I didn't finish it, but then I still managed 2300m in 1 hour, which is a massive improvement on pre-tri club swimming. Onwards and Upwards eh?

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