Is lurking a crime?

I don't see anything wrong with lurking.

If I see a thread with an interesting title I'll dip me toes in and have a read. Sometimes I feel the urge to post and sometimes not.

Whwt's wrong with that? It's betting than thinking "Ohhhhh I've read it I'll have to post something now" and then posting some drivel.


  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    Ohhhh I've read it - I'll have to post something now :o)

    Sorry - just couldn't resist.

    I think if every lurker did that, these threads would be so full as to be unusable.

    I don't mind how people use the forum - they may be the most active posters going, others sit back and read / digest everything and never ever post.

    Either way, they're part of a big Runner's World cyber-culture. So called Lurkers are just the ones who in real life go to parties and sit on the sidelines just taking everything in and only contributing when they feel absolutely necessary.
  • A lurking column would be good. Just a little box which gave the ID's of peops either lurking or posting on the thread.

    Hmmmm, but then it would become a chat-room.

  • My thoughts too, Pizza Man! Sometimes I just don't feel I could add anything interesting / witty / amusing which has not already been said, though wish I could.

  • Me too, sometimes I read and leave, other times I read and post-depends on mood and interest level.
  • Sometimes posting and sometimes not isn't lurking.

    It's those that *never* post that are lurkers.
  • Even though I have read this thread I won't be contributing to it.

    But if I did, I would agree with Pizza Man, a few more lurkers and a few less drivel writers would not go amiss.

    Oops, I have now set myself up for accusations of writing drivel.
  • XFR has hit the archaic fixing device on the proverbial noggin. Why enter a "Forum" (place to "share" ideas etc) and never post?

    Nice idea for outing the lurkers though.

  • Jeez you lot are useless!

    Having nothing informative, interesting or amusing to say has never stopped me!
  • But chimpy at least YOU do have occasions when you contribute informative, interesting or amusing posts.

  • When?

    {ooops, did I think that too loudly?}

  • Is this a good place to ask about good etiquete on forum then?

    What is a lurker then? also what Trolling, boinging, spaming a thread?

    Whats the deal with trying to get 100 posts or the 100th post?

    Bert Brown Bear
  • Bertie

    You ask some fabulous questions, i will await feedback from seasoned formites with relish

    pizzaman, how the devil are you? are you still, like me, dreaming of a sub 3 LM one day?!

    btw i am 80% lurker, 20% contributor, i like to tease by only putting 'pen' to 'paper' once in a while

    Quality not Quantity!!!!

  • Ok my understandings are (and I sit to be corrected) :-

    Lurker :- just reading the posts, but not contributing to the discussion.

    Trolling : just contributing to a thread to start an argument.

    Boinging : if you think a thread needs moving up to the top of latest replies, then just put 'boing' as a comment.

    Spamming :- adding to lots of threads with something totally unrelating to the thread, e.g. to advertise a race you are organising.
  • Hi Harry,
    Still dreaming, maybe next year. I've had a hell of a time with injuries and (touch wood) I'm on my back, hoping for that sub 3 in the spring.
    Are you running Chalfont on Saturday?

    I thought Trolling was disagreeing with Dodge?

  • No Pizza Man, that is simply 'dodging'.
  • Hi all, was gonna just lurk, cos i dont really have anything witty/interesting,or remotely funny to ad!!!

    so hi :o)
  • "Whats the deal with trying to get 100 posts or the 100th post?"

    We're all very sad. 'Tis the highlight of our day.
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    It took me ages to figure out what a Cross post was!

    No, it's not when someone is angry. It's when two people post at exactly the same time about the same thing (or something like that!).

    Agree that a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) type document could be set up for the site. Maybe we should suggest it to Runner's World? And I don't just mean a pointer to different forum threads that you have to wade through to get to the good stuff.
  • Here are the instructions for how to do flaming (not mine, I'm just quoting them):

    1) Think of something the other person has said that you particularly disagreed with.
    2) Focus on the negative intentions behind that statement.
    3) Imagine the negative effects the statement might have, and make sure you're convinced the person deliberately intended all those bad effects.
    4) Ask yourself, "what kind of person would say such a thing?"
    5) Tell the other person in no uncertain terms what you think of him and his behavior. Remember it's important to be honest. Let yourself go. If you feel you are expressing yourself too strongly, remember it's important to stop the b****** from spreading any more incorrect information.
    6) Feel good about having upheld forum values and high moral standards.
  • VS, is that a 'before and after' or 'after and before'? Either way it's pretty radical

    PizzaM, good to hear you are on the way back, i am heading the other way at present and barely running - i have my eye on a return for the Ricky Road Run at the end of Oct but the prognosis is a wee bit gloomy.

    Dizzy blonde, don't worry about being funny/witty, it's very tough to pull off and only the creme de la creme manage it - your best tactic would be to make the rabbit pop in and out of the hole, a good visual does wonders

  • I will often spend time just reading discussions but if I dont have anything useful to contribute will leave and move on to another thread,

    time to move to another thread.....
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