Friday Session - 15 November

For me it is!

What: Unsurprisingly, more resting my foot.
Why: Injured. May do some upper-body, however.

Last hard: Ages ago
Last rest: Every day :(


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Bah. Somehow, strained back yesterday. Not sure how.

    What: Meant to be 10 miler, maybe common sense will take over and I'll lie in the hot tub at the swimming pool for an hour or so.
    Last hard:Tuesday
    Last rest: Saturday

    ...but this morning, I have to wait in for a man to come and read our water meter.
  • Last nights easy 5/6 mile run turned into hill training, oh I do love hills, thunder thighs this morning, rest day today.
  • what- nice 6M plod
    last hard-thurs
    last rest - sat
  • Lizzy; did you spend too long in your buff on a wobble board?

    What: 6 brisk mile run (whatever the weather)
    Why: need to convince myself that running a 10K next week is a good idea.
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday.

    Keep the spirits up Psi.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    What : Plan to do either some hard hill reps (road) or a tempo run off road over 5-6 miles.
    Why : End of week hard session (usually on Thursday but running a day late this week, hence no rest today!)
    Last Hard : Wednesday
    Last Rest : Tuesday
  • Morning all

    What: 5 mile steady
    Why: Speed work last night and hard session tomorrow

    Last hard: Yesterday (well it was hardish)
    Last rest: Wednesday
  • Hi Everyone

    What: Treadmill 6 x 2k/7.5mins with 2.5min recoveries
    Why: I figure it should help build my speed and endurance
    Last hard(ish): Yesterday (I know, I'm bad)
    Last rest: Monday


  • Today: off to the pool at lunchtime for my weekly swim.

    Last hard: Yesterday. Ran to the top of the local hill. Skillfully missed the rain and was rewarded with 30 mile views to the Bristol suspension bridges. It's what it's all about! Panting at the top, a question formed itself in my mind. What's the Swedish for 'hilly fartlek'?...
  • So tired yesterday but managed to do a cross training session (20 minutes bike, 10 minutes rower) as part of marathon / knee rehabilitation.

    Today: 40 minutes steady
    Why: Knee won't stand any speed training at the moment
    Last hard day: See above
    Last rest: Last Friday

    Most of the time I hate the amount of travelling that I have to do in my job as its mostly within Europe - but I've just heard that I need to go to Canada on Sunday (nothing like a bit of notice) so I've postponed my planned holiday for week and will have a business meeting on Monday but then take Tuesday to have a look round Toronto) - Yahay
  • what: easy paced 7.5mile
    why: recovery/ endurance from yesterdays intervals
    last hard day: thurs
    last rest day: weds

    have a good weekend folks and Pbs for racers please.
  • Martin go up the CN Tower for a meal, its not too expensive and the views are amazing, and if you have time take a trip to Toronto Island, its only 10-15 mins. the skyline of Toronto is wonderful from over there. I could go on all day of places to visit its one of my favourite cities. Keep promising ourselves another trip over there to go to the new ice hockey stadium to watch the Maple Leafs.
  • Morning all – Bright and sunny here – which is typical on a none running day

    What : (Lunch ) Swimming Drills
    (PM) Turbo trainer (possibly)
    Why : Active recovery day

    Last Hard Day : Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

    This weekend I plan
    Saturday : Steady run about 11-12 mile (starting to build my long run up again)
    Sunday : 4-5 hours MTB – Out with the lads from work – easy but good time in the saddle

  • Another relatively easy day -
    am: cross training (rower)
    pm: swimming, if I finish work in time to join the class I have found
    Last hard day: Sun
    Last rest day: Mon
  • Morning all - not raining in Huddersfield,yet.

    What : swim drills (lunch)
    6 mile steady (PM)
    Last hard : yesterday
    Last rest : Monday
  • Thanks WW I'll put that on my agenda.
  • What: tempo run of 10 miles
    Why because i need to run more quickly and I did and it was gloriously sunny, couple of dog encounters though.

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest yesterday
  • what: 8 miles in 52 mins (i.e. 6:30 pace)
    why: key 1/2M session as suggested by various forumites

    last hard day: Tue
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Mon

    Have made the arbitrary decision to keep the length of this run 2 miles shorter than the previous Sunday's long run - this is the first time, and it will get longer! Also, will run this on the flat - seem to be seeing enough hills elsewhere in my schedule at the moment.
    3 laps of my 4.3K course seems most appropriate - albeit rather boring.
  • What: Might try a short easy run later.
    Why: have had a 48hr sickness bug and am feeling a little weak. On second thoughts might leave the run until the morning.
    Last hard: Tues
    Last rest: yesterday.

    I hate being sick, can't remember the last time. My son has also had it and I work at the school he goes to, where it's been going round like 'hot cakes'. The delights of working with kids!
  • What: Rest
    Why: Still rationed by my physio. Sneaked an extra K last night. I won't tell if you don't.

    Last hard: Sunday race
    Last rest: Wednesday

    Accidentaly founded the UK's first running club for cattle. Running across a particularly squelchy field, I was immediately surrounded by around 15 bovines who 8min/miled with me until I exited via the opposite stile. One or two talented ladies there. I'll have them fell running by Christmas.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Swerve - please don't get them fell racing. They'll beat me.

    Earlier I said "got to wait in for a man to read the meter" oh! the joys of living in a foreign country and having notices in some strange language pushed through your door.

    Notice actually said "we are cutting off your electricity for two hours" (I read it properly after the electricity went off). So despite poorly back, went for a run for two hours. Back feels a lot better and the electricity is back on!
  • swerve

    well done with the bovines. I dare say by january you'll have them all kitted up with an HRM and access.

    I recall a couple of years ago walking across a field of ?bullocks who not only followed at increasing pace but also adopted an interesting habit of pawing the ground with their feet reminiscent of their fully grown fathers. Fortunately this summers encounters were more passive - chewed cud and stomped off.
  • what : 4.5 miles at at half five this morning.
    why : 'cos i'm mad! That and i've been frustrated by working late everynight this week missing both club nights and not having any energy to go out. So i thought sod it, i will run today and set the alarm ealy.
    last hard : sunday
    last rest : mon, tue, weds & thurs. Bad Boy!!

    Bit of a swim later and 3 mile route tomorrow at hard-ish pace then 5 mile race on sun.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Update to earlier post.
    Compromised the two choices and did a 1.5 mile jog followed by 20*30sec fast hill reps with jog/walk recoveries.Easy jog home.
    All off road on boggy (and in some places flooded) fields.

    I have to say this was probably the most knackering session I have done for a VERY long time.I'm ok (all things are relative) with road hill repeats, but this was a killer.

    Why did I decide to start off road running this winter? Will I see the benefit next spring on the road?

    Good luck to all the pb chasers this weekend.
  • Hi Everyone!

    Well just like Psi im having injury problems to my ankle,sunday and monday could just about walk.

    But today saw a great improvement.......

    What: 5km run easy, 2000m hardish, leg resistance workout 20 reps x 3
    Why: Wanted to test out the ankle (felt good)

    Last Hard: ?
    Last Rest: All week.

    Have a good weekend runners!!!
  • What: nowt
    Why: Always take Friday off
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Today

    Just got back from Harry Potter + Chamber of Secrets, umm, well, if you really liked the first one I'd say it's worth a look, if you had reservations regarding HP + Philosophers Stone then I'd recommend offering to drop everyone off and fitting your long run into the time (easily done, movie + adverts must be ~ 3 hours!!).
  • Did 8.5 this afternoon,

    Left ankle hurting,

    Blister burst on toe, sock full of blood,

    Hard skin on ball of right foot cracked and split, very painfull,

    Dont you just love running.........
  • 8.5 mile that is........
  • Swerve, this happens all the time around here! I'm secretly dead scared of cattle in fields, told my husband who said 'What, another mad cow running through fields.' Can't think what he meant, surely he wasn't insinuating that...?

    What: enforced rest.
    Why: Been on the phone all day and now it's dark, damn that means long run postponed until tomorrow.

    Good luck all racers, esp at Brighton.

    MM - I'm set to miss out on Harry Potter all together, younger daughter got invited by friend, and older daughter in the process of making arragements to go with her mates tonight and I'm pretty sure they won't want me tagging along. Suppose I could sit on a different row. Oh, and guess whos' driving!
  • What:
    AM - 4.3 miles easy
    PM - 35 mins turbo
    Why: Recovery day
    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last easy: Tuesday

  • Oh and good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Have a good one :o)

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