Friday Session - 15 November



  • There's obviously a huge untapped market for cow running merchandise out there. Can I interest anyone in a Bovine Trotters Running Club vest at £399.95 each, XXXXXXL only?

    Anyone know a good sports bra manufacturer? I've just had an idea.
  • What: 8 miler this morning - first time i've run without being soaked by rain for a week! Did two miles over the fields, then 6 x 800m round the footie fields and through th epuddles, then 2 miles home. Seemed to be all wet again.
    Why: needed a bit of speed work.
    Last hard day - tuesday: Speed session in morning and club handicap race in evening
    Last easy day - yesterday - in the rain again.
  • Good idea swerve, anything to avoid the dreaded 'runner's udder' syndrome.
  • What: approx 4K easy this evening
    Why: Just to keep me going, distinct lack of training this week.

    Last hard: Sunday
    Last easy: Tuesday
  • 8 miles in 52:31

    Started off a shade faster than schedule (6:30 per mile) - stayed ahead until 6 miles (38:52). Then the wheels flew off big style - last 2 miles dragging myself home at 6:50 pace. Mean HR pretty high also - 165.
    This 84 minute 1/2M looks a formidable proposition......
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