Feelin fat fed up and friday 15th club

ok my PMA has evaporated, my motivation dissolved, my get up and go has got up and gone somewhere without telling me and im feelin gloomy and gloomy doesnt like it!

please tell me a joke....
or give me a poke with a pointy stick - -cos im feelin Rik!

apart from that everybody have a good friday only hours to go to the weekend

have a good one fitties


  • Big hugs to both of you:)
    Im starting work again tonight, feet FIRMLY on floor
    Brain too carked to think of any jokes
    Remember tomorrow is anohter day
  • Good Morning,

    POET's day! Going in late as well. It's lashing it down outside. No run this morning!

    Little news since I posted quite late last night!

    Feel good after yesterday's 5+ miler even though I ran quite hard. Knee is feeling better and better each day so I'm much more positive about Brighton!

    Went o scales this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks and weighed 13st 0lbs - a 1lb loss.

    Patiently hoping to get into the 12's.

    Enjoy your day & for those on the work's computers have a good weekend.


    P.S. I'll try to keep off the old "London Pride2 today with a race coming up at the weekend.
  • Morning everyone
    I have to go and do the work thing, so I haven't much time.
    Just ask your boss if he has any goldfish at home, if you don't know this one I'll explain later when I get home.
    It'll be worth the wait I promise.
    See you about 9ish
  • Benz: congratulations - you're a star!

    Redhead: can't say more about the job yet,as it hasn't been officially announced, but you'll be the first to know!
  • Morning everyone. Congratulations Benz, I'm so pleased. But whatever you do DON'T join Tipton Harriers!
  • Where is everyone?

    V-rap, is Angelmouse fully recovered?

    Gordon (if you're out there), Daisy, I'm trying to do a roll-call for the Suicide Six. Did post on Events, but threads don't stay near the top for long on that forum.
  • So far we've done prayers & positive thoughts for Sassie & Benz and they got their just deserts.

    So Bune you've got no chance being down with all the buzz we'll point at you today - feel it coursing into you (no pointy sticks required)

    tee hee, enjoy today
  • Bune take yourself over the to URFC and read the sexist jokes, there's some crakers in there.
  • Morning all,

    Well done again Benz in case you didn't see my message last night. Where is the job? Will you have to move house? Great news anyway.

    Bune, feeling like a bloater are you? Well, join the club - oh, sorry, you have done! We all have gloomy days, in the words of Eeyore "Nobody minds. Nobody care. Pathetic, that's what it is" and my favourite 'Things can only get wetter". Hope you like Winnie the Pooh or you won't know what I'm jabbering on about!
    Cheer up, it's nearly the weekend.

    Good luck to everyone weighing in today.
  • Morning all,
    Come on Bune, beaming positive thoughts as I speak...

    Benz, how's the head?
  • Morning all

    Yipee – its Friday

    I slept in this morning and have just gotten to work – I didn’t even have a shave, so I look a right scruff and I missed this mornings early swim so I’ll have to go at lunch time and I still have not had my breakfast

    But still …. Yipee – its Friday

  • Hello Barkles - you signing up?

    Bune, is your mood lightening a little now? Hope you feel better soon.
  • Hi All

    Bune Know exactly how you feel. Been the same for last 2/3 days. Daisy Duke same also. It's sunny here so if it's the same near you try and get out and catch some rays. It'll do you the world of good.

    Hi every one else.

    I'm going of to work in a mo. Both jumpets are now well enough for off loading, hurrah.

    Talk later.
  • Morning all

    Must be something about today because I also overslept, should have been at work by 8.30 and arrived at 9.45, oops!

    After the rain and gales it is quite sunny and breezy.

    Well done to Benz.

    Bune hope that you feel better and more cheerful soon. The weekend is only hours away so normal life can resume
  • Morning gang! Just saying hello before I embark upon my day of drun... oops, work!! Yes, that's it work :)

    Bune -- smile and the world smiles with you ... apparently :) But if not a glance at the URWFRC will do the trick - 'specially Jon's contributions :)

  • Morning all,

    Glad to see someone managed a lie-in... Because the Tube's all screwed up due to the firemen's strike, I had to actually haul my carcass out of bed before 7:45 and drive my wife to the nearest mainline station.

    And then, even though it's Friday, which normally means casual clothes (NOT sports casual) and no shaving, we have a journalist coming to interview the boss today, so I even had to make the effort to look presentable. B******s.

    I have to admit to not having been running since Monday, and I feel like a bloater. A fat person, that is, not the fish. Still, will try to get out tonight...

    What's everyone signing up for? Have I missed something (again)?

    And finally Esther, I missed the posting from Benz yesterday on the job, so many congrats, and the Black Country really isn't that bad once you've deciphered the accent!

  • Mr A

    You should of gone out last night and you could of felt like the fish ;o)
  • Oh yes, the Black Country. Benz, you can look forward to:

    Gray pays and bacon (best not to ask)
    Hot pork sandwiches
    Baltis - REAL ones, not the limp impersonations we get down south
    Orange chips (really, REALLY best not to ask)
    Pork scratchings from butchers (or donkey scabs as I've always preferred to call them).

    Loads of decent breweries

    Pretty decent night life thanks to the University of Wolverhampton student input - they may be dim as a Toc H lamp, but they know how to party.

    A fair number of interesting off road running routes with "undulations"

    Lots of local races, thanks to loads of local running clubs.

    Goodness, I'm almost nostalgic...

  • I would've gone out last night, WW, but we went to see Suede instead. Equally rewarding, but in a less energetic way!

    Glenn: you've hit the nail on the head, and identified the real genius of the Black Country - a decent pint of mild, "proper" pork scratchings (not those ones that are pumped full of air - the ones with bits of pig hair still sticking to them), and lovely lovely balti. Mmm.

    Oh look, we're back on food again. Doesn't take long, does it? :o)

  • Well, at least food is on-topic! I've just posted on your Ironbridge half thread by the way, 'cos I've done it before.
  • Well, here's me logging OFF wheee! for a few minutes anyway - going to get a bacon buttie :) Well, I just feel like one and I have to hurry before that feeling disappears :) later gators
  • A Bacon Buutie - sounds great ....

    ... no I must resist, I've just had a rather larg bowl of poridge

  • ...and someone here has just brought round a cakey thing with large lumps of chocolate on the top. I'm a very naughty boy and I must be punished...

    Glenn - do many people turn out and watch the Ironbridge HM?
  • Hello - just read earlier postings...WELL DONE BENZ! I am not worthy......

    (Bune - hope you feel better soon)
  • I just wanna wallow. Bune, shove over, there's room in the mud for a littl'un.

    Achieved this week:
    Running: Nil.
    Going to the gym: Nil.
    Walking that wasn't for transport purposes: Nil.
    Swimming: 600m.
    Eating: More than needed to maintain my recent energy output, much of it in the form of junk food.
    Weight: DKDC. Waistbands not strained yet. Not due to weigh in till Monday.
    Late nights: 5.
    Early rises: Nil.
    Sleep: About ten hours' deficit.
    Surgeries missed due to sick offspring: One.
    Paperwork still to do: One and a half mountains.
    Race I'm not feeling ready for but will do anyway: One.

    At least I haven't hit the bottle, started smoking, or taken to spouse-beating.

    Things can only get better....
  • Mr A, as I remember there were quite a few at the end, apart from that the usual crowds along the water side in Ironbridge.

    When I last did it, during the War of the Roses, they had a photographer taking piccies of everyone - you could buy them afterwards. Unfortunately he was stationed half way up that ****** hill. Mine showed me grinning broadly, but I'm not exactly mentally stable and besides I was probably the only one who trained up that same hill four or five days a week.
  • Oh morning V-rap! You're not going to be overly raptoresque on Sunday are you? I'd like to get home with *some* limbs attached.
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