Feet of stone

I have recently started getting feet of stone about 2-3 miles into a run. My left foot seems to tighten around the toe ligaments and the arch and then this spreads to the lower leg - seems worse at the front of the leg. This leads me to run without any push off power as I cant raise my foot properly during the stride, so I end up running with static feet! I must look like Ronald MacDonald!!!

I have tried loosening laces and no socks, which worked for a couple of runs before it came back. I have a normal foot plant with no supination of excessive pronation.

Any ideas advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Would consider looking at your ruinning shoes now then and maybe changing.
  • All of a sudden I'm getting stiff lower legs too? Could it be something to do with the weather? Running shoes have been OK till now.
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