My husband has developed what we think is gout. He can't get to a doc until Monday, but is in agony.

We've trawled a few websites, but I remember there being some excellent advice on here a few months' ago.

Any suggestions for short and long-term care apart from the usual avoid alcohol/red meat/take pain killers?

Thank you on behalf of hobbling hubby :o)



  • anti iflammatories--brufen
    take 400mg threee times a day

    expect you may already be doing that

    hope he is better soon
  • and he must see his doctor, because there is medication that flushes uric acid out of the system - and it is nasty little sharp crystals of it that cause the joint pain.
  • got it 3 years ago (it's not nice) and only once afterwards, 6 months later, when i used the doc's strong anti-inflammatories (a few left over for the second time). Any slight twinges since (probably not even gout but me being over-sensitive) it's straight to the brufen, watch the booze, and up the water-drinking. It was just after the first attack that i got into running regularly, and the second attack was after a 2 week drink-a-thon. Run more and drink less works for me!
  • Hey, thanks all. He's off to the doc first thing tomorrow. It has eased slightly but has worried him enough to keep him off the booze (a complete miracle with my husband).

    thanks again

    Het x
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