Maybe some advice from any cyclists out there, maybe someone who competes in triathlons or duathlons.

Im more of a runner than a cyclist but recently I have been using my turbo trainer to do some very hard warkouts on.

My question is this, While wearing all the gear on my sessions I also use my carnac shoes and just recently i have been suffering a very bad ankle.
Could this be the positioning of the feet on the pedal, or the position of the cleat on the shoe, as there is not much movement of the foot I was wondering if the position may have caused some kind of presure on the ankle and/or caused a pinch on the nerve.

Thank you.


  • Speedy

    I wood look at the set-up of you cleat and check you have it at a comfortable angle – It took me ages to get mine sorted as even a little bit out puts strain on your ankle

    You could try loosening the peddle part of the cleat to give more float and this may sort your problem

  • Does this just happen when you are on the turbo ? What is different between that and your rides on the road ?

    Try comparing the right and left shoes to see if the cleat on one is different to the other ?
  • Speedie,

    What cleats and pedal system do you use. I was using black Look cleats (no float) which caused some pain in my knee because of the resticted movement. I changed to the red (float) version and have not had any probs since.

    Other than that, attempt to adjust the cleats and see if you can resolve the problem.

  • Speedie,

    I've never used a turbo, but have had trouble with knee pain from clipless pedals before. I use Speedplay these days (30 degrees of float) which take a bit of getting used to but have ridded me of knee discomfort from biking.
  • Hi Guys.

    I should just mention a couple of points:

    Had an accident a while ago while using clipless pedals (about 4/5 yrs infact) and it put me off for life in using them,I dug them out just recently and only just started using them again on the trainer only,these shoes are now quite old so again this could be a factor.

    I use look pedals and the cleats are red,im out of touch with cycling products at the moment but hoping to get back into it as a form cross training.

    What would Speedplay be marmite?

    Thanks for your replys all.
  • Speedie,

    there's info about Speedplay pedals here

    I use the X-series, X/2, love 'em to bits, but they definitely take some getting used to!
  • Red cleats do have a bit of float built into them - but what about the accident - did you bend a pedal or move the shoe plate perhaps ?

    I can recommend Time ATAC pedals - loads of float, and great for MTBing - they shed the mud really easily.

  • I have some look pedals that have adjustable float on them (pp 256 I think). IMHO setting up cleats is best done on a TT. If you're particularly susceptible to these problems I'd do what cougie is suggesting and use mtb pedals. In genearal they have a lot more float. ATACs tend to have kind of left to right float and spds tend to be more of an angular float.
    In closing, make sure your red cleats aren't to worn. When they wear, they tend to track in one place. (a bit liky worn headsets)
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