return of the padded cell


My computer died on Friday, so now I am here in the uni computer lab. No one else is around, but another poor thesis-crazy soul. I'm on the final stretch, soon, but feeling pretty crazy. Body here, but mind somewhere else. Hopefully processing my Meisterwerk.

My last run was on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I think I'm loosing weight. Please take pity on a demented soul and stop in to say hello.


p.s. sorry to all you newer forumites who don't know me. I'm usually saner than this. And my new 10K pb is 54.30.


  • Your computer has my sympathy....mine died 2 weeks ago after I dropped it (only from 1 inch honest guv)...the insurance is taking their time to find a replacement.

    I'm not usually sane at all :-)
  • i think you should find the original padded cell
    i might tomorrow

    wish id lose weight

    Hang in there hildy

  • Hi Hildy . . stick with it . . who wants to be sane anyway :)
  • yo Hilde

    Nice to here from you
  • Hi Hildy. Good to see you. Nearly there now!
  • Hi Hildy - welcome back :o)

    Keep going - nearly there!!
  • I tried to find the original padded cell, but couldn't. This one is quite comfy though. Computer is having its data extracted, then I'll probably have to shell out £300 for a repair. So it's the not the end of the world. Yet!!!

    Anyway, hello. I'm feeling a little saner now.

    So what exciting forum running news have I missed?
  • the sun shone . . . Oh my did it shine !

    the ground was hard . . . Oh very hard !

    The sea breeze stunk . . . very stinky !

    The land breeze off the cabbages stunk . . . twaz exceptional !

    Loadza peeps runnin - mostly in the same direction . . . but not in all cases !
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