Non-running shoes

Its getting to the stage where I am only comfortable in my running shoes plus orthotics. Does anyone know of any ordinary shoes that will easily take orthotics and not look too outlandish for work? I am suposed to look vaguely smart at work!!!


  • Tom, I posted the same request a while back and got a very useful reponse from Nessie. She recommended a number of possible orthotic inserts and the ones I got were by Superfeet, available from good outdoor shops. These fit my shoes and I too have to look half respectable at work!

    This is of course putting it the other way round from your question, since I purchased inserts to fit the shoes. If you really need to wear your own orthotics unfortunately it will depend on the size of the inserts - are your pair too big or too small for your work shoes? No doubt your podiatrist would be happy to make you some for any pair of shoes. Unfortunately they will also charge you accordingly.
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