Give us a job


IT professional looking for new job!!!

My moral and patience has finally reached rock bottom, with my boss and all the BS of this new management structure.

Help me get out.

If I could work from home and not have to move back to the uk that would be a great advantage...

Anything and I mean anything considered.




  • Give me £10K to fund the start up my writing business from home and you could have my job! If you can design for print as well as web this could be right up your street!

    Based in Cambridgehire.
  • Sure it's not your morals that have reached rock bottom, SB. :o)

    Don't do anything in a panic. Keep looking until you find the right thing. I hated my last job, but took my time and only applied for jobs I really fancied (no point in doing the "out of the frying pan scenario). Once you start applying for other jobs, you can get a better perspective - the job you are in is paying the bills, feeding you, etc, until you find a better one. Going through the motions is easier once you have made the decision to move on.

    Good luck.
  • Top shout there, Nessie!
  • I need a new waitress SB, what do you look like in a skirt??????????????
  • ive only met Swiss twice, but he has lovely legs

    Seriously, dont just leave

    Plan it like a military campaign, and this time, get what you want and deserve
    i agree with Nessie 100%

    (im in a similar situation)
  • well spotted nessie french "moral" = english "morale" and french "morale" = english "moral"

    not surprising a dyslexic like me gets all confused...
  • I got really F****d off with my job earlier in the year so I just quit there and then, my boss phoned me up the following day and in the end I got a 40% payrise and a new car!!!! So sometimes rash decisions can pay off.
  • You can have my fecking job as i am still here and only got in "late" at 08:00 this morning.


  • I have to get this off my chest....

    I hate my fecking job too !!!!!!!!!!

    Just got a new boss (actually several months ago), who knows less than me about what I do (oh and he full of BS too, in fact that is all he his full of) and he only got the job cos he is a mate of the MD...

    Fed up with teaching him the A,B,Cs and listening to his sanctimonious crap ....
    Waste of space..

    Military plan now in full swing. Have sent email probes out into no mans land heavily loaded with CV material.. awaiting incoming...
  • Good luck Cartman
  • Right I think we need to set up the URWFRC Career Club!!!

    Networking, Idea sharing, etc... and just general support.
  • Im up for that
  • Hi SB
    Good Luck and for what it's worth I think Nessie has it right!!
  • Thanks for all the support, I am glad that later in the day I eventually did see my boss, and explained why the new project management process was not working for this particular project.

    Which he accepted :-)

    a lot of the stress was lifted for now, but I am very aware that my heart is not in this job.

    The other certainty is that I want to stay here in CH-land.... I have a little electronics idea, which might be interesting for recovering some of the laptops that are stolen every year...

    Any-one work for a computer manufacturer?

  • If your heart is not in it the Give it toes mate.
    Life's too short.
  • I left my previous (very stressful and unrewarding) job without having anything else lined up.

    It was the best thing that I could have done and the feeling of relief was enormous. This just clarified how fed up I was.

    Good luck

  • RW Career Club v v good plan - I was made redundant last March and am really struggling to find a good job. I'm temping at the moment, but pay is sh*te and am now at the point of do I don't sell my car, rent out my house, leave the country etc etc. Situ not good! I've sent out so many applications its bizarre, but no joy. Am DESPERATE!!!!
  • Whatever you do ........DONT WORK AT ROYAL MAIL :(
  • I reached a point a few months' ago where I couldn't work for my employer any more. I had worked for them for 10 years and I was so unhappy it was making me ill.

    So, with the support of Mr Het, I quit. I now have a part-time job which pays about £18K less than my previous job, but I'm happy and healthy again. I am building up some freelance writing work and life is once again fun and challenging.

    Not everybody is 'lucky' enough to be able to quit without their current level of income (god knows, it's tough not having the money sometimes)

    What I'm trying to say is - if you're that unhappy - leave. Get some contracting work, whatever. Life is too short.... etc. etc.

    Good luck

  • well
    now allegedly at the pinnacle of my career-waited 20 years for this
    No respect, working harder than ever-i dont mind that, but im so isolated and unhappy that i dread going to work
    For a hippo with a massive work ethic this is hard

    Lived in a shithole for 18 months and have now bought house
    Love the area
    another job means moving again--not sure i can cope with that
    and will another job be equally shitty?

    Its time to write my priority list isnt it
  • yes is it Benz
  • or just have another Gordons and Tonic, and be a little daring put lime in it
  • Sorry to hear that new, SB.

    Plenty of good advice above, plan it, and work out priorities so you know where you are looking.

    I'm at one of those stages where I can seriously look around for something else.

    I have committed the next year to the school and LEA, for whom I am doing consultantcy work with other schools as well as running this one,which gives me time to work out what and where....

    The anomally is that if I move to full-time advisory role, I would have to take a significant pay cut!!

    Best of luck SB!!
  • swiss, not at THIS time in the morning
  • Did you notice how Nicko managed to get "work" and "royal mail" into the same sentence.

    Now that *is* skill :o)
  • Hating my job also, believe it or not because I dont have enough to do, keep being promised stuff on some big projects, but the managers running these projects dont like to share. And now I've just been told by my boss that I need to be more proactive...
    Careers network sounds good to me, anyone need any Crystal reports???
  • Well Gail, you could show me some stuff with Crystal Reports ;-) would help me out
  • Easy way out Swiss Bobby, just keep running harder then perhaps you might get noticed and land a cool job working for RW or something.

    I was considering doing the forest gump publicity thingy to get noticed but i'd seriously miss my razor and gel !

    I hear Quaker Oats are looking for candidates for their new advertisements too :)

    I think everyone gets pee'd off with their job at some point, i have to travel 120 miles a day for work and when i get home i'm physically wrecked.
    Think i'll go looking for a low paid job later in the year .
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