Pulled calf muscle

I've been running for longer than i care to remember. But for the last 6 weeks i've struggle to run even 3 times. Each time i run i manage to pull the narrow muscle that runs in- between the calf muscle. I've allowed myself 10 days rest after the last pull. I went out last night and was lucky if i made it 500 metres before it started to tighten up again. I stopped running before it went completely. Can anyone help me here as i'm becoming really fed up.


  • Not sure I can help, but I can offer some similar experience. 4 weeks a go I had a problem with my calf, but /i don't think it was a pull. I rested for 2 days but it tightened too much when I started.
    5 days allowed me to get back into it. What did help though was an aromatherapy massage and so far I've gone 5 days without a twinge.
    With me it happened suddenly after the best period of running I've had for years. I think it was simply that my calf got too strong and big and whilst i did stretch regularly, it wasn't enough.

    good luck.

  • could be what's happened to me also as i was running better than i have for a long time. I'd just completed a half ironman down in wales and then did the Great north run 4 weeks later. Maybe i need that massage !
  • T&R,

    What narrow muscle that runs between the calf muscle?

    What were you doing in that 10 days rest? Was it total rest?

    Depending on how bad the tear is you should have 10 days off all weight bearing excercise including cycling as this can pull on also muscle (swimming only). For the first 3 days, ice it to increase the blood flow. After 3 days you can start gentle stretching & gentle massage.
    Remember when you start running again to take it realy easy as the muscles have just had a 10 day break. The scar tissue that is forming each time you pull the muscle heals slightly shorter than the time before. Therfore making the muscle more suseptable to tearing again. You'll have to do loads of stretching but building up slowly.
    It might be worth a trip to the physio for some ultra sound to break down the scar tissue.

    Best of luck
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