Saturday Session - 16 November

What: No running. Upper-body circuits.
Why: Foot still injured.

Last hard: Today, more than likely.
Last rest: Yesterday


  • What:3 miles easy
    When:Sat morning
    Why:Rec sesh

    Last hard day:Xmas shopping at Trafford Centre.

    Last rest day:Should have been the above!


    Food:Nice Ruby at curry house(lower deck)

    Transport:slow there,slower back
  • What: Rest day
    Why: Out with family, in-laws etc. all day.

    Last hard day: Sunday

    Its been a poor week overall, had a heavy cold for the first half. Will ensure Sunday brings a substantial run of some sort.
  • What: Day of Xmas shopping
    Why: need to start somewhere

    Last hard: You know the drill, they're all hard.

    Last Easy: September 1st. ;)

    DannyM -- one of the Mr's religious work colleagues calls the Trafford Centre the 'Cathedral of Consumerism'. I call it the Cathedral of Misery - getting there and back! Nightmare.
  • What: nowt
    Why: Extra rest day prior to Worksop 1/2M tomorrow.
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    LAst rest day: Today
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Squeeze in a light session sometime today
    Why: easy day on Saturdays (and still sore from yesterdays off road hill reps)
    Last Rest : Tuesday
    Last Hard : Yesterday

    Bon Chance if you're racing this w/e
  • Just done 1:40 steady - just enjoying the country side :o)
  • Quiet round here at the weekend, innit?

    What: Find a 5K that doesn't involve concrete or ankle-deep mud
    Why: Rationed

    Last hard: Sunday 7 mile race
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • what: short recovery run
    why: between hard run yesterday & long run tomorrow

    last hard run: Fri
    last long run: Sun
    last rest day: Mon
  • Good luck at Worksop MM.

    What: 8 miles @ marathon pace.
    Why: need to do one a week. Am very resentful of family commitments today as I needed to do long run, that will now have to be done tomorrow and with speed work Mon not ideal.
    I'm trying to figure out some lit routes since it's clear winter darkness will otherwise interfere too much with my training. Only the main street going through my village is (partially) lit, that's 1 mile from one end to the other.
    Last hard: Wed night.
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • what:- easy run in forest
    why:- Gosport 1/2M tomorrow
    last rest: Thur and Fri
    last hard: Wed

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend !
  • What: - Nothing
    Why: - 6 tempo miles yesterday and nights last night and tonight.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What - rest day. So did 2 hours of cross country skiing/falling over.
    Why - 12.5 hilly miles yesterday so today ought to be a rest day really

    A bruised and battered LizzyB wishes everyone racing tomorrow GOOD LUCK (esp at Worksop - top race)
  • That's not a rest day Lizzy!

    At 6 o clock I grasped the nettle, put on a white Tshirt, reflective vest, flashing armband and a headtorch and left with the family verdict on my attire ringing in my ears:

    'You look ridiculous.' (husband)
    '...a complete twerp.' (teenage daughter)

    and did 5 miles at 1/2 m pace along dark country lanes. On the way home a car slowed down behind me - it was my husband, redeeming himself by nipping out to the offie for some wine. Cheers!
  • Well done Laura

    Managed 2.7 miles at about 7:40 per mile on my recovery run.
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