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Anyone out there who severely overpronates but isn't a "big guy"?

Time for me to change my shoes. Currently using Nike Air Durhams, but getting warning signs in the shins and knees.

Any recommendations, so I know what models to ask to try out? Reason I'm asking mid-weight runners is that most motion-control shoes seem designed for blokes a lot heavier than my 10 and a half stone. Soft ride preferred, more like marshmallow the better.

Ta in advance.


  • Do you honestly expect anybody to admit to not being a "Big Guy"?
  • Depends what you mean by "big guy". I'm 5'10" and weigh just 10 and a half stone, but then I do take size 11 shoes... :-)
  • Hi Muttley

    I'm a gal that is somewhere between 9.5 and 10 stone (only 5ft 4in!). I'm currently wearing Brooks Ariel (lady version of Beast). They are quite rigid and took a bit of wearing in, so don't think they would suit you if you want a more flexible shoe. Have you tried Saucony Grid Stabil? I believe they are motion control shoes and want to give them a try the next time I change my shoes.

    I did try Asics Kayano a year ago but they caused me all sorts of calf and black toe nail problems (I even tried going up half a size to see if that would help!).

    Sorry not to be much help.

  • Also believe Saucony do a Grid Courageous (just having a look through a Saucony booklet I grabbed whilst at the running shop last!).

    Should have put that on my last message but looked through booklet as an afterthought - sorry!

    Would the Asics 2070 have enough support - I know they are just classed as a stability shoe but as you're not a big guy...

    Just a few thoughts for the melting pot (hubble, bubble, toil and trouble...)

    Creamcake (CC)
  • Hi Muttley
    Like Creamcake I have a pair of Brooks Ariel. But my favourite motion control shoes are the Asics Koji & have found that these to be excellent, I think Total Fitness Nottingham have them on their site if you need more info on them
  • The Nike Kantara is a strong support shoe but not designed simply for "big-guys"?I wear them and I'm only 10 stone?Might be worth a try
  • Hi Mutley, I don't concider myself a big guy (some might though), I' 5'6" and 12st 3lbs. I overpronate and wear orthosis and I am currently running in a pair of Mizuno Wave Legends which a re a motion control shoe. I had previously used Mizuno Wave Conviction (stability). The Waves are fairly light, reasonably flexible and took no breaking in at all. The guy at Runner's Need said that it is a myth that shoes like these and the Beast are only for heavy runners. It boils down to what works for you.
  • Much appreciation to all for replying.

    I've tried the Beast and (?Gel MC) in the past, and found them hard underfoot - I got the impression the cushioning and shock-absorption were designed for a greater weight than mine.

    I switched to the Nike Durhams after being told to reduce impact. These feel very soft underfoot, so I might go one further and look at the Kantara as well.

    Cheers again, I'll try the models you suggest.
  • Hi,

    You should also look at the Saucony Omni 3 Ultimate. I'm running in it now and it's a great shoe for severe overpronators, but in a 12oz package. It will give you more support than the 2070. Happy running. DL.
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