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Aaagh! I was quite happy with my training, running about 25 miles per week for 6 months or so. I ran the Taunton half marathon and then the GWR Half marathon with no problems. A few weeks afterwards I started getting a pain in the outside of my knee while I was out training. When I stopped running the pain subsided, but came back when I restarted running. I have rested it and been to a couple of physios who seem to think that it is ITBS. I have been given strengthening and stretching to do, but now I still cannot run more than 3 miles before this pain starts again. It is in the outside lower part of my knee and if I try to run through it, the pain becomes very sharp! It's been nearly 6 months since I ran properly. I can play football and volleyball etc no problem.
I don't think that the physios are getting to the root cause - could I be 'out of alignment' somehow which is causing this pain ? Please HELLLLPP!!


  • My heart always sinks when I see thread titles like that. :-(

    Classic ITBS, I'd say. Unfortunately.
    Strengthening and stretching are fine, but if you don't sort out your running gait, they'll be fairly ineffective in the long term. So, yes, I do think you're 'out of alignment'. I suggest getting your gait analysed by a podiatrist or a running shop with treadmill video analysis. You may (like me) need extra support in the arch area, or somewhere else. If they can't fit a suitable running shoe, you can get custom inserts (orthotics) made to fit in a neutral shoe.

    Finally, I got ITBS in March last year (17th - St Pat's day!), and have come back twice unsuccessfully, but I think it's third time lucky now I'm in the proper shoes (and seeing a sports physio who's had ITBS herself). So be very patient (I know it's hard) and REST when you can. If you run with pain , you're causing damage.

    Best of luck with it. You CAN beat it. I think!

    Disclaimer - I'm not an expert, just a sufferer.
  • I've just arrived at the same point. Acouple weeks agon running New York I had the problem at 10 miles and ran/walked the next 16. No problems when I stopped or walked but a lot of pain when I restarted. I've had a complete break for 2 weeks and done a lot of stretching and went for my first run this morning. Al was fine until about 4 miles when the knee tightened to the point of making me stop.

    Sounds as though a visit to a proper running shop is the first step.
  • ITBS, yeah, agree with swerve. Also a sufferer. Gait analysis would be good, but get to a podiatrist and have things checked.
  • thanks guys
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