Is there a doctor in the house?

Help needed please! Neither running, nor nephrology, but oral. Pardon dear? No, not aural, ORAL!

Since about September, I've had a mixture of symptoms including.. small splits at the corners of my mouth, little raised lumps at the beginning of my soft palate, sore tongue (looks a bit serated at the edge), and a generally feeling of burning, as though I've just eaten a curry. I made some dietary changes back in May, but isn't that too long ago to make a difference?(I gave up tea, coffee and spirits, and began drinking half a pint of cranberry juice each morning.)

My dentist has looked at my mouth and pronounced it fit and well - indeed, there is really nothing to see. But it is beginning to really annoy me and spoil my enjoyment of eating and drinking.

Other thoughts: I don't eat/drink things too hot; I do use a Becotide inhaler bd, but I rinse afterwards.

Would be really grateful for advice. Sassie.


  • Sassie -- becotide inhaler you should do a full brush not just rinsing (what my practice nurse told me). Also, have you tired a vit C supplement..? I find when I'm ohysically low, mouth is the first thing to suffer. Like at present, I can't eat well, fruit & stuff takes a back seat so I have to supplement and I've been lucky - out of 10 weeks chemo so far I've only had one lot of mouth ulcers (this last cycle) :)
  • tired = tried
    ohysically = physically

    just got up typo errors :)
  • sounds like dietary deficiency/being run down
    VitC, zinc, vitB, oh and ask your Gp to check you for iron deficiency
    See you tomorrow
    Ps, difflam is good
  • Sassie, I have had similar symptoms as I too use a steroid inhaler. I would suggest a visit to the GP, as it is possible to pick up a fungal infection, sounds lovely doesn't it!!!
    I use a Betadine mouthwash, which you can get from over the counter, it is Iodine based and looks foul, but doesn't taste too bad. It will kill off any fungal infection that might be lurking, but do see your GP for a second opinion to the dentist.
  • I once had something similar. It was diagnosed as a fungal infection, probably brought on from eating seafood (I'd just got back from the Scilly Isles). It lasted about month and hard traing made it worse.
    at times it was very uncomfortable.

    See your GP.
  • Get your doc to cast an eye over it, Sassie.

    If you use a Becotide inhaler, you can get a nasty dose of thrush in your mouth. Sometimes it's obvious (stuck-on-looking white spots on the back of your throat and soft palate are a giveaway), but often it just presents as a sore, reddish mouth with or without soggy cracks where your upper and lower lips meet. A swab should confirm or rule out this. If it is, a course of Fungilin or Nystan lozenges (I think they're prescription-only) should see it off, and Cath's advice about brushing and rinsing is spot on.

    Vitamin B12, iron and zinc deficiency are all linked with sore mouths too, and veggies are a bit more prone to the latter two than omnivores. Even vegans tend not to get dietary deficiency of vitamin B12 because some fungi can make it.

    Antiseptic and alcohol-containing mouthwashes can cause irritation of the delicate lining of the mouth, and so can some foods. I can't eat pineapple because there's an enzyme in it which "digests" the skin of my tongue and palate.

    Sometimes there's no obvious reason for a sore mouth. In that case, doctors and dentists tend to call it "idiopathic orodynia" (trans: "sore mouth, dunno why") and put it down to stress, and advise avoiding using creams and gels and mouthwashes and suchlike.

    Hope you get an answer and an effective treatment, Sassie!
  • I've noticed that quite a few people post very specific personal health questions on this board for velociraptor to diagnose/suggest treatment. She seems happy to help, but Woud'nt it be better to let your own doctor do a proper examination/look at the lesion first hand and suggest treatment on this basis. Rather than a bit of informed guesswork, even by a medical practitioner. general advice on running related injuries/problems is one thing but advice on complex medical problems seems to me at least asking for a bit too much.

    Helpfully I hope Cha
  • I don't think people use V-rap et al instead of their GP. Sometimes people just need some extra input or sometimes we are worried about approaching doctors either in case it is something silly and we are timewasting or in case it is something serious and need to pluck up courage in an anonymous way first. Any way I don't think I've ever seen a repsonse that didn't include 'get your GP to check it out'
    I for one stupidly like to have some idea of what I'm talking about before I go to the doctor just so I can try to ask the right questions when I get there.Wrong way round I know but that's just me!!

  • No SP - thats how i feel too

    Im also aware that my GP is very busy as are all Gps and being able to say ooh Ive got this I was just wondering .. when its probably trivial feels like a waste of time

    also remembering what to say --by the time the appointment comes round and even more so remembering and perhaps understanding what has been discussed at the appointment is sometimes difficult and not all docs explain - my underactive thyroid is 'just something thet happens sometimes' -Im too curious for that!

    there are lots of online medical sites where anyone can log on and ask questions -its a feature of the net -good or bad

    here we are very fortunate to have fairly instant access to a range of medics who also understand runners who are prepared to help out - a sort of virtual walkin clinic and it is up to the individuals who use the site whether they use this or not
  • Chamac, a perennial debate, and a relevant one!

    I think empowerment has everything to do with what SP says. Consulting a doctor doesn't come easily to most people, and we're all confronted with the dual messages of "Don't bother your GP needlessly" and "If you think you might have sprained your eyelash, see your doctor urgently". There may be times when it's obvious even long-range that a hands-on medical opinion isn't needed (in those instances plenty of forumites will usually respond with "this is what I did when that happened to me"), but more often all I can do is provide the factual background for the sort of questions to take along to a consultation.

    Problem is, I want to share something with you all, and the only useful thing I can contribute is a bit of medical knowledge. Sad, innit? OK, then, of COURSE you can borrow my trail shoes, but you'll have to wash them first :-)

    I free-texted a disclaimer when I first registered my details on the site, but don't think it appears on any of my screens.

  • Hi Velocirapter

    No Unfortunately I've never seen your disclaimer, and I'm just a bit worried that you may at some future time fall victim to the horrible " patient- how come you are suggesting this course of treatment doctor? When my online friend who is also a doctor suggests somethng different. patients doctor - is not even slightly amused" senario.

    Unless your dislaimer is always visible this could be problematic. HoweverI do understand completely your answer.

    I'm not a medic but a Biomedical scientist who does diagnostic cytopathology, mostly breast. You cannot believe how many friends/relatives think that I am the font of all knowledge in matters cancer.

  • And I'm sure you're only too happy to admit to the gaps in your knowledge, Chamac - as I am! Though I usually know where to look up reliable information.

    Knowing that I'm just providing general facts for people who also have flesh and blood GPs is a good incentive for me to stick quite rigidly to evidence-based medicine when I've got my metaphorical white coat on, and to provide a warning when I do suggest something that isn't supported by research.

    I also reserve the right to ignore all the medical threads when I just want a bit of craic, or to stand back and see what gets posted because often I have nothing to add to other people's suggestions. I do hate to see a health-related query going unanswered, though, and try pick up and respond to the neglected threads even if it's only to say "No way this can be answered long-range, see your GP/physio/other hands-on person.

    If it's OK for Sarah Brewer to tout her alternativist nonsense under the title of "The GP who thinks of alternatives" in the Daily Telegraph, I think I'm on reasonably safe territory here.
  • Actually seeing as you're here Charmac, maybe you could help more than you want to - maybe you could explain exactly how aggressive a "grade 3 invasive duct carcinoma" is...? Hhhmm. Maybe not.

    I think V-rap has a choice to answer the questions as she feels fit... and often the recipients of her advice are offered a swift boot in the rear end (and sometimes, believe it or not, it's accepted with grace!)

    Similarly, people who ask V-rap questions ask because more often than not, they trust that persona - they don't ACTUALLY know she's a Doc (unless they've met her) and if they want to say to their GP, my online friend who is a Dr says this and that... well, that's up to them... their GP would be more inclined to prescribe rest and relaxation for their obviously tired mind though (imnho).

  • Good answers, V-rap and Cath, and I accept them almost completely. Perhaps my post was more gently directed towards the questioners rather than the answerer ( is that english ?).

    I agree with most of what has been said but only seek to suggest that there is a Line (of specificity) that probably should not be crossed.

    I think, given the history of your posting Bune, that you are well aware of the anwer to that question. I can and do teach students about these matters but am not qualified to advise a specific patient on any aspect of their disease or treatment.

    Thanks for the chat its been very interesting thread.

  • Chamac -- actually, it was I, not Bune who asked about a specific cancer question. I didn't actually want an answer but as you probably realised... it was to illustrate a point that a) it's easy for the forumites to ask a question when they know of a person's background and quite simply b) it's very easy to not answer that question politely just as you did

    Nice to meet you :o)
  • Forgive me for the name slip Cath, I knew your question was of the rhetorical variety but I just thought I'd put that in in case of tricky questions from others that I could not answer.

    Best wishes

  • Thanx everyone. My only concern about V-rap is that she might feel put-upon, but I work on the principal that she'll ignore me if she doesn't want to take part!

    My reason for asking rather than going to the GP is that, as an ex-nurse, my experience is that most things have a simple explanation.

  • My only concern is how V-rap finds time to log onto the forum - superwoman or what?!!

    I have been the recipient of her words of wisdom in the past and very welcome they were too.
  • Actually V-rap, I am trying to get info on exactly how serious blood clots in the lung and legs might be. Can't get any info other than the'she's comfortable variety' but natural curiosity and a distance of 600 miles means I want to know more than that in a more detailed way. If you feel you can give me any info could you email me. I won't be offended if you don't. Thanks. SP
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