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  • mornin
    dont feel that healthy, bina hard week
    Roll on Brighton
    Hi cath
  • Hi Cath

    Thanks for starting.

    Just caught up on yesterdays posts you chatty lot.

    Don't know what's in store today but no running.

    Talk later.
  • well didn't I have a laugh this morning..?! Left here at half ten yesterday morning with a bacon buttie in my sights (which I didn't get) and come back to find the chatty-fiends ran riot!

    Caught a bit of CFC this week. I haven't seen it since it started. They've done well.. well, all but Rik that is. Tommy & Colleen look loads better. But, I refuse to watch it and get into the humiliation that the programme makers are perpetrating >>nods<< hhmm.

    Anyway, on-topiccy me.... was going to have a laze around today but will venture into Manchester to do some Xmas shopping and buy new pillows.... oh and eat loads of food (hopefully, unless miss-fussy-pants rears her head).

    So walking, shopping and eating. Not bad for a Saturday :)
  • Sounds good to me :-)

    Just had toast and marmite and stared out at misty garden. Very autumnal
  • Isn't that what all Saturdays are for.
    Mr Clariss has just had bacon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms - bit early for me so I've just had a cup of tea. Am going to get my armpits waxed this afternoon so that should be a nice outing with two bored children in tow! (Don't think that counts as exercise, although I do tense my stomach muscles everytime she strips the wax off.)
    Am off to see Harry Potter tonight - but strictly no popcorn or Revels as they cost more than the tickets.
    Have a good day everyone.
  • Clariss -- Jammy bugger. I have to avoid the cinema :(
  • Cath - you never know with the way the publicity machines work they'll probably bring it out on video in time for Christmas! Hope your day of walking, shopping and eating will be fruitful - but don't overdo it (well not the walking or shopping).
  • Clariss -- hhhmmfph, not going tooverdo it - shopping is out now. Mr has justdecided that a) he has to go to work and b) there'd be nowhere to park anyway. hhhmmfph. Oh well, people don't get Xmas pressies..? Not my problem.
  • Re Trafford Centre.
    How about 'Temple of Tatt' Cath?
  • Moring... I'm new.
  • I have just got out of the bath (yeah, I know its late) and have tried on about 3 different bras and don't fit into any of them - in that they're too small. I am really p****d off because I thought I was doing OK. Daughter has just asked if I'm stressed ...... told her the best thing to do was just leave me alone. I am sooooo annoyed. Sorry to go on but Mr has gone to play golf and I'm seething with myself. Its almost like how on earth could I have let myself get into this state - I've never been as big as I am now and I'm only a shortie (5'2") so I don't carry it well. Kind of feel like I should just not eat for the rest of the weekend. I know that won't do any good (and won't happen either as I'm getting hungry) but I feel full of despair. Sorry to be a misery but thank you for listening - I kind of feel a little better already. Will go an make a cup of tea and ponder what course of action to take! Will also apologise to children.
  • Hi Chrissy - welcome.
  • Don't suppose its possible that running has increased my lung capacity and thats the reason?????
  • Danny -- THAT really made me laugh. That'll be my words for it from now on :)

    Chrissy -- welcome!

    Clariss -- Oh boy, can I identify with you right now!!! I lost about a stone when I started training and now I've put on about a stone and a half since I had to stop running and I get so cheesed off some days. Some days I know it's not my fault and other days I could cry because I know I ONLY want the salt and vinegar crisps because Miss Fussy-Pants is in residence again! :( ((hugs))
  • morning campers,
    lovely day for lying on the sofa watching footie (saturday is my official rest day (sunday-friday are just unofficial rest days)). Big dissapointment of the week - Harvey not slapping that great whingeing lardass Rik. I find it impossible to find any sympathy whatsoever towards him.
  • Hi Chrissy

    Welcome to the club :-)

    Clariss, Could be the time of the month. Back when I had breasts I could go up a size. Even if not then chin up lass the running WILL help. Did me :-)

    Never been to Trafford Centre, looks like I'm not missing much.
  • I saw that Candice from Corrie and was pleased to note that her @rse was much wider than mine.

    Just thought I'd share that with you!(my observation that is,not my @rse)

    Have a nice day all ;-)
  • Afternoon all, how are we today....?
    Had a session on the elliptical trainer yesterday evening and I'm bouncing this morning. Can't understand it, ususally completely knackered on a Saturday.

    Hi Chrissy, Danny, thanks for sharing.
  • Sorry to have dumped on you guys this morning. My sister came round just after I'd posted and I had a good sob, she sorted the kids out and I believe they are under pain of death (or a babysit with the aforementioned Auntie Sally!) if they don't behave for the rest of the day. Am feeling much better now and JJ I'll take TOTM as a reason for shrinking bras and not stuffing my face.
    Cath - thanks for me not being the only one.
    RoboKidney - Why on earth would any of them want to help Rik? Harvey should have booted him out weeks ago - he is just a self-publicising pr*t. Mind you, don't think this kind of publicity can do him any good - people just want to smack him (he lives in Rochester which is just down the road from me so if I do ever see him in town I'll give him a swift kick in the shins for being so pathetic).
    Armpit wax in 2 hours and counting. (I'm hoping my running might improve without the wind resistance of Julia Roberts armpits.)
  • Hi all.

    Chrissy, Danny, welcome. Barkes, well done. Normally I'd have been on the steppy and the treadmill and the barbells and everything by this time on a Saturday, but...well, I had to take the babbas to the optician, and I'm tapering for a race tomorrow, and I couldn't be @rsed...sorry, that last bit just slipped out.

    Clariss, dump away. You're a good'un and I'd be blubbing if I knew somebody was going to wax my armpits and take hard-earned cash off me for the privilege. Yeowch!

    I do feel sorry for Rik. I think he's repulsively pathetic (not repulsively fat - fat doesn't bother me as long as the skinfolds are washed and dried properly before I have to examine its bearer), but he's only a nipper. I was capable of being just as self-pityingly help-rejecting at 21 and I have the never-to-be-published novella in my filing cabinet to remind me of the fact.

    Severe celestial incontinence in the West Midlands today. Glenn, it is going to be LETHAL underfoot tomorrow. I may yet pop out to Sutton Runner and buy some spikes. Or maybe I'll just whang some six-inch nails through the soles of my trail shoes.

    Done lots of stuff with the kids this morning. Wish it was because I was a good mother. It's not. It's displacement activity to keep me from stuffing my gob (which I really want to do) and doing my writing (which I can't be bothered starting).

    Cath, internet shopping is the biz! OK, so it's not the same as mooching around the shops among the Christmassy canned music and being able to smell and handle things, but it's so easy. My credit card has never forgiven me for bookmarking all the flowers-by-post sites.
  • Just woke up after a busy night shift patrolling the warm-hearted, fun loving revellers of my fair city, who never drink too much and love my colleagues and I so much it hurts (sometimes literally!). Another 12 hour night looms large on the horizon tonight.

    Nights are usually purgatory for hearty, nutritional food and I'm afraid last night was no exception. Still, I haven't touched a kebab for months, so it can't be all bad.

    On a brighter note (and following the undoubted success of Benz and Sassie) I was told yesterday that I am being "temporarily" promoted as of next week. Temporarily in my line of work can be anything from a few weeks to a year or more, so it'll give me something to do whilst I wait for the exam results (expected Christmas week - how festive).

    Finally, welcome to Chrissy and Danny.
  • Filbert, my heart goes out to you. Really. I remember night work well. Night work combined with hospital food or, occasionally, a dose of takeaway, swallowed cold because the bleep always went off at the wrong time and the microwave was never working.

    Is it true that police officers are now expected to hang out in supermarket caffs and Golden Arches instead of skulking in station canteens? If so, it must be impossible to finish a meal. A couple of years ago I walked through Birmingham with a copper in uniform (we'd given evidence in the same case and his station was near my surgery) and couldn't believe how many times he was stopped and asked to give directions and break up fights.

    Well done on promotion, even if it's officially temporary at present. Does this mean that you get a bigger truncheon?
  • Hi all. Had a real fright when I saw CFC last night. Anne Widdecombe weighed exactly the same as I did yesterday morning. I do hope she's short ;-)

    I've had a bumbling day today....kiddies swimming lessons and checking out my marshalling spot for tomorrows Cornish Marathon. I'm at mile 1 and mile 25 (downhill finish), so I'm hoping they are all happy souls! I've been practising my 'Awesome run' 'Looking good' phrases all day. Nippers think its great, I'd take them with me but its going to be such a long day.
  • Filbert, well done mate, congrats.

    Hey folks ahd another hour session on the machinery tonight and feel marvellous!!!!
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