x-country spikes.

When you buy a pair of x-country spikes, do you get the spike pins with them or do you have to buy them seperate?
What length of spike is it best to use?


  • Hi,

    You usually get a set of spikes with the shoes - probably a "middle of the road" size like 12mm.
    The size of spike used is dependant on the conditions.
    I've worn 6mm track "pins" on frozen courses right up to 20 and 25mm in absolute mud baths.
    It may pay to buy a couple of spare sets in different sizes.
    TIP - put vaseline on the threads before you screw the spikes into the shoes, they'll be a lot easier to remove later.
    Good luck
  • Thankyou.
  • Exellent advice from Ricky, I would just add that a pair of pliers in your kit bag is a good idea, as despite the vaseline, the little spanner things cannot cope if the spike has been left in for a while.

  • I use mole grips !
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