Training with a 3-wheeler

I've been running with a 3-wheeler for 9 months now (daughter is 1). Last week I ran round Richmond Park in the driving rain - but I got to run and the baby got to sleep! What's the furthest that anyone runs with a 3-wheeler? What do you do about speed training? Any tips on technique (ie one hand or two...)?


  • Hi Vic,

    Iv'e never done any training other than recovery runs with my son, up to an hour/7 miles gentle running. I think doing speed sessions might be a bit dangerous.

    For me, I find 2 hands is fine but I guese you just adapt to what suits you. There are some on the forums who've enterd 1/2 marathons pushing a 3 wheeler but I think my 2 year old might gat a bit board.

    In case you feel like it, the unofficial world record for pushing a baby on a 1/2 marathon course is 1.31. Apparaently they wont make it official as it's deemed too dangerous!
  • I ran with a 3 wheeler for a few years. I found speed training too tricky as my feet kicked the bottom. I also found it tricky to run with one hand, but then I was a beginner and didnt run until after I had the baby. As you say, its better to be out than in. One problem I did find and particularly with my second child who was one when I moved to Scotland, was the cold.

    I wasnt able to run much in the winter as I couldnt keep him warm enough.
  • I run with a 3 wheeler & my daughter of 2 accepts it as her normal daily routine. I have mastered one handed running,running in the rain & hill work.I have lost over 2 stone in 8 months.I run with 2 other ladies, one with a 3 wheeler the other with a double 3 wheeler, we do get alot of funny looks when out together but we love it! The furthest I have ran with the pram is 10 miles in thepouring rain, it was great. Don't give up.
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