Burnham Beeches

DustinDustin ✭✭✭
Number 183
Shall we try and meet beforehand ? How about outside Apex sports opposite the baggage storage ?
Afterwards in the Stag ? It looks like we run past it after after about half a mile ?
Comments ? Alternatives ?
Target : sub 1.40


  • Number 203. Blue knees the give away

    Meeting point sounds fine as does the Stag

    Target 1:45-1:50
  • Can't remember my number, but I'll be there too...(sporting my URWFRC Vest)

    Target 2:00 - 2:05
  • Forgotten my number - but I'll be there..target 2:05-2:15...will lookout for the vests!
  • I'll be there along with Mrs RB. Looking forward to meeting up. The Stag sounds good to me. Not sure about before but deffo afterwards. Reckon on a time of 2.15.

    See you there!!!

  • Hmm, have wondered about doing this, but my training programme for Dublin had said to do 15 miles so I had decided just to go along and cheer you guys on and run my 15 in the afternoon. But, now I quite fancy doing it slowly as the training run (with a couple of miles warm-up!!

    What are my chances of getting a place on the day does anyone know?
  • I wouldn't have thought you would have a problems but thats a guess. Are you going to wear that off the shoulder item or the club kit?

    Wheres you face gone Ratbag?
  • The off-the-shoulder number was my charity vest for FLM 2002 which has now been retired for posterity (and on grounds of taste!). Club kit is still at Wasp Sports being changed into something a couple of inches bigger, so the answer is...neither!
  • opposite apex sports stand sounds fine...

    looking for a sub 2 (still running like a fat turkey, RB, and getting worried about this one, now....)

    as for the pub option, i'd go for the CROWN as opposed to the stag - it has a large beer garden (it will be sunny won't it) and tends to appeal to a more eclectic group of drinkers. the stag is good if you like playing pool and watching big screen footy

    anyway we'll pass both of them twice , so you can make your minds up then.

    final thought is that the crown is closer to the car park..
  • I guess we need to make decision.

    So let's have a vote.

    I go with Wolf (the fat turkey) for the Crown due to his local knowledge.

    Next please....
  • Crown is fine by me - considering how last nights run went,(for some reason total lack of motivation) figure by the time I get there you will all have gone home !
  • hey RB, everybody! I'm not doing BB but there's no other action on the forums this morning so I thought I'd say hi!
  • Crown sounds fine RB. Mailed Dustin earlier re that.

    Don't worry about times New Runner and no we won't have gone home. I will actually recognise three people at this race which will be a first

    Hi little lamb. You still look cute. Baaaaaa
  • Crown sounds good to me too...
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Bit late , Crown is cool with me (its still a pub after all !)
    Don't know the area that well, and if the weather is anything like today its gonna be a scorcher.

    DW - you shouldn't have any problems getting in on the day, 13 miles /15 miles
    does it matter ? You can always run to the bar and back a few 100 times to make up the deficit......
  • Dustin,

    Bar and back eh? Now you're talking!!!

    Shortly after posting my last message, I actually sent an entry off (a couple of days ago) so am hopeful that I will get a number back by Sunday anyway.

    You're right, 13 or 15 probably makes no odds, except I've got the first 20 of my schedule in about 3 weeks and it could be a bit of a shock to the system if I don't keep pushing the mileages up gradually!

    Looking forward to meeting you all anyway.
  • interestingly, (not), i was out on the course yesterday - did about 7/8 miles. i have no idea how i am going to get round the bloody thing!! i had to stop three times!!

    a couple of observations -

    VERY WELL shaded, so that'll help a bit.

    you will enjoy pumpkin hill and abbey park lane, always good to have some gradients in there.

    i feel a bit guilty for suggesting the Crown, given that i have to dash off afterwards, cos we have guests (one of whom i've press-ganged into running !!!!!), but i know that you'll enjoy that pub
  • that's more like it!
  • Wolf with Runs - Is there any good places for spectators to visit during the race?

    Thinking about bringing Mrs JL along to support, but I don't want to leave her in the pub for 2 hours.

    Jason L
  • the school grounds are open, which feature a swimming pool, which is great for the nippers and always busy. - burnham beeches itself is a beautiful park area and a walk down king's drive (i think it's called) will bring mrs JL out near a little coffee shack called "the dell".

    she can then walk about 60 yards to the west along hawthorn lane and she will be at the point where the (unlucky) runners join the "twice round" loop, so there should be some good running action there and a chance to see you in all your glory

    if you give me your fax number i could draw this for you

    PS the pubs won't be open until we finish anyway :-)
  • oops it's lord mayor's drive not kings - and there's a map on "www.cityoflondon.gov.uk" - under living environment/open spaces...

    we will start where it says crown lane and the coffee shop is marked by the number "16 " on the map - we will run along hawthron lane and our loop will take us up pumpkin hill and park lane, we will come back into the loop from grove raod and do it all again before returning along hawthorn lane and doing another loop dwon past the crown.

    probably too much detail in here - sorry. but let me know if it helps
  • Thanks for the detail FT it sounds idyllic. I bet it won't feel that way on lap 2 though.
  • Thanks FT...
    I'll pass the details onto Mrs JL. :-)
  • Sorry Wolf, its just dawned on me you've morphed into a different sprecies
  • there's a reason for it which you'll spot on sunday

    i am running just like the above
  • I found a nice bit of clipart for you FT. If you're interested then mail me
  • Morning all. I think my number is 1085 (looked at it briefly before running out to work this morning) Weather forecast for Sunday is hot, hot hot! See you there
  • hot hot hot

    oh shit
  • start drinking now..!
  • Wolf,

    I can't believe that you're not going to make the pub afterwards. You blew out at FLM 2002, you can't do it again!!!

    BTW have you got a URWFRC running vest or did you sell it in the end?

    I'll be wearing mine.

  • it's true i can't make the pub 'cos we've got visitors...one of whom is running and will put in a sub 1.40 time unfortunately. so he will be kicking his heels waiting for me to finish

    vest was sold to barkles, but lamb is getting me a new "fat turkey" sized one.

    i am going to hate this sunday...having only managed about 15 miles a week for the last couple of manths and havnig not run further than 7 miles since march 15 (cranleigh 21 miler), this one will FIND ME OUT!

    other than that.....have planned new forest half on sep 22, windsor half on sep 29 and henley half in early oct. are you going to any of these?

    plus eyenesham 10k in nov (scene of my 10K PB many moons ago)
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