Morpeth to Newcastle

I have heard from 2 different sources that next year's Morpeth to Newcastle has been cancelled.
It seems crazy that one of the oldest races in the country, its centenary this year, & with a pretty big field can be got rid of without much discussion.
I know that the police had some concerns this year, but a Sunday morning in January can't be that difficult to police surely.


  • That's terrible: M2N was one of my first 'races': would be gutted if it was no more.
  • Look North ran the story on BBC last night. Cancelled for 2005 due to lack of funds and increasing cost of Policing etc. Hopes to be up and running again for 2006.
  • That is a real shame. Not a race I had yet run but one I really wanted. Seems more and more these traditional events are being replaced by the mass particicipation events at outrageous prices.

  • This is awful. I 've run this race more than I have any other, 11 times, I think. It was a wonderful way to start the year, even after they moved the date to mid-Jan.
    Maybe we should have an informal run along the course on the day instead ?
  • I would not want to run that course unless it was marshalled!

    Bit too daredevil that.

    Really enjoyed it last year, want to go back to Newcastle again, don't know how to enter GNR, so I might do Blaydon Race.
  • I did the 100th and perhaps last edition this year. A great event that should be saved. I did the Blaydon too and will be back next year unless it gets the chop as well. It did start 20 minutes late, allegedly due to traffic so I'm not entirely hopeful that it will be allowed again.
  • There were rumours that the Blaydon Race could be scrapped as well.
    Did the Tynedale 10 on Sunday & the organisers were saying that the police were tryingto get rid of as many road races as they could. Anything for an easy life.
    Seems daft when we are being bombarded with programmes about stopping obesity that one of the few groups of people who are making an effort are being penalised.
    I'm sure that somebody could be given a huge grant to prove that it is cheaper to police these events than to have people in hospitals with weight related illnesses.
  • Strange how there are always enough police for football matches whereas some cycling events have been stopped because the police can charge for their services, £2,000 in some cases which is well beyond the means of most clubs, even with sponsorship.

    Political rallies are policed free of charge so a group of peaceful,health conscious people like ourselves could have to pay for police whereas the BNP would get them for nothing.
  • So if we changed runing clubs into political parties and races into rallys would the police have to then do them for free?

    Just a thought!
  • Perhaps we could have a National Front half-marathon?
  • A half marathon for half wits?
  • Perhaps we should ask Brendan Foster to donate some of the huge sums of money they get for the GNR to the Morpeth to help. Strangely, the police don't seem to have a problem with that race.
  • yeah 1/2 marathon for the national front!

    They could bill it as one race for one race!

    Of course te course would have to be a white handed one.

    (Sorry I'll leave now)
  • Is this the thin end of the wedge? In a few years, there could be cross country, fell and trail runs and no road racing except for the big city events that generate enough revenue to offset the cost of closing the roads early on Sunday mornings. How will the DIY superstores and garden centres survive?
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