Colyton 10K Race Report

Mission: To beat PB of 52.32
Running Background: 3rd 10k race, (previous Langport & Mersey Tunnel Liverpool) running since May 02. Gym on and off last 4 years.
Personal Background: Age 47, From Liverpool (Well the posh bit across tghe river, The Wirral !!!)
Weather: Could not be better, (I had packed me wellies after the rain yesterday !!)Fine dry morning no wind, brillant.
Before driving down I decided not to wear my running shoes & socks,as I thougt my socks might get...well you know nerves and all that.

Felt good , had me bagel and honey as suugested by Runners Mag for breakfast and Pasta for me Tea last night !!!

Course:2 1/4 laps - Worries about a hilly Devon course completely unfounded, apart from a small climb between 2 & 3K, and 6 & 7K an excellent flat course.

The best bit was getting my running socks wet !!!, getting to the start across farmers fields, bridges etc.Should have worn me wellies !!!

The Race: Bit of a narrow start!!! Reached 1k in 6.02.....panic I was aimimg for an average of 5.10. 2K 10.35..panic Have I gone too fast ? Reached 5k in 25.42...Yes on course, although legs a little heavy..7K 36.02..Hang in...8K ..41.11, suddenly my legs come back to life, the end is near, PB in sight, I am going past a few runners ( well 2 actually).The rest is history as they say PB of 51.11.

Perfect day, Mission accomplished, Excellent organisation & course, and all for a good cause. It does not get any better than this...well until the next PB!!!


  • Great race report. Well done on your PB!
  • Nice one Jammy, you should be well pleased, a PB is always a good feeling.
  • Well done Jammy. This was my first run at Colyton too - I wished I'd had my Wellies too - mud on my smart Saucony running shoes, oh dear! and I hate narrow starts. I was surrounded by very tall people & couldn't see where I was going! Apart from that it was great - perfect weather, almost completely flat and I normally hate running two laps of the same course but I think starting part way round made a difference. I knocked an amazing 1 minute 20 seconds off my previous pb, and I still haven't recovered from the shock! Only downside is now I'll have to come back next year, get wet feet and see if I can do it a bit quicker......
  • Well I also got a PB, as it was my first 10K!

    Yet to find out what it was though, as web site not updated so far this evening.

    If you want a faster time, rumour has it that the 'Last Chance 10K' in Exeter (SWRR)at the end of December is even flatter.
  • Congratulations Dave. Did you make it to the pub with any other forumites? I was looking out for Happyslug, but didn't spot her. I had previously arranged to meet my family at the Blue Ball at Sidford (which I can now recommend if you're running in the area again) so I didn't hang around for long afterwards.
  • Met Fiona & HS (& Mr HS) but we gave the Kingfisher a miss, perhaps next time.

    I've now got my time - 43 - which was 2 min under target. I'm feeling quite happy with that as a first attempt, although I found pace hard to judge.

    Fiona - I'm still feeling guilty that it wasn't as flat as I expected, but well done.
    Great sprint finish, witnessed by HS & I!

    'Last Chance' entry going off soon...
  • Dave, results are now available on You then need to go events.
  • hi all, didn't realise there was another thread started! thought it was a bit quiet! dave sorry we couldn't hang about, but nice to meet you and Fi!
    last time I did this, my friend and I went down the road way by mistake, much drier, still once I got running didn't notice the soaked left foot! working on that sun. between Xmas and NY, which is I think where the last chance is, :-((
  • jammy well done, wot a long way to travel!

    Is anyone doing that deadly hemyock run? that hill is always a test of our new cars, once had a sierra estate which wouldn't do better than 2nd, and as for the austin ambassador...well...

    still, given my secret yearning to do the Snowdon marathon,... (land of my fathers)so to speak! - perhaps I should make it my hill rep site!

    Keep smiling all through winter ahead!!
    Lin, catch you next time we cross paths!
  • This was my first 10K and thoroughly enjoyed it - apart from the two hills! They may have been small to everyone else but to me it was like trying to run up a mountain.

    Good to meet up with Dave and Happyslug (+Mr HS). It was very well organised but the "jog" (for me, add part of the run) to the start was a little muddy to say the least. Wonderful scenic country and will definitely be back next year.

    My time (by my watch) was 71 mins and a few seconds and I was expecting 75+ so am very pleased with this.

    Happyslug - am giving Hemyock a miss!
  • Well done Fiona - sorry I missed you all.
    Happyslug - I have sent off my entry for Hemyock this week, so hopefully might see you there. I haven't done this race for a few years, but I used to live in Wellington, so it was virtually my "local". Over the years I have run/walked/cycled and even ridden a horse up the dreaded hill.... and I have to say I can recommend the equine option every time!! (Do you think anyone would notice?)
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