Matthew Walker Xmas Pudding 10k

I did this for the first time this morning, it turned out to be a lot harder and muddier than I imagined. I felt terrible from 4k onwards and the hill at 9km was an absolute killer, so imagine my suprise when I crossed the line in 44.02 (PB by 18 seconds)
What did everyone else think


  • Sutts,
    nice one mate. Always a real test when the wheels come off that early, but you were obviously giving it hell, well done on your PB.
  • There was certainly more hills than I thought, even though the description said 'undulating'. I'll be reading more into that little phrase from now on !

    Well done Sutts on PB, a bit like Shepshed, propensity of hills, unexpected and not a little disappointing. However, I felt much better afterwards today for some reason !;-} [ChickenLicken]
  • I was nearly killed off altogether by the hills. And the last bit I agree was a killer. The thing that got me was - after turning each corner I was expecting to be at the finish - but no! just another corner to turn. I crossed in line in a slug like 68.14. Did enjoy it though (always do once it's over).

    Well done Sutts - you're a hero!
  • The results are now available on
    Check out how you got on
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