One leg longer than the other ?

Just got back from my ist visit to my nearest running store with my new shoes.(I used to go to my local dont know much about the shoe fashion accessory type shop)But really nice bloke in new shop looked at old shoe,s and swooned a bit. The right shoe was worn down to the heal nearly but the left was still relatively ok.So ofter loads of analisis iam not over pronating just slightly unbalenced in leg length and i ended up with new shoe,s and some insert things that go into the heel of short leg shoe that should balence things up over the coming months leading to better running performance so any others out there with simlar problems or the like that have had success with these inserts i have to add i was doing ok(but a bit subceptable to injury in the knee of the leg that was long) Intrested in your thoughts)
Ps the difference is only sight it dose not show up until you for it. PPS Ive been running about 6 years


  • Dave -- I only restarted running in July (am currently not running due to illness) but I started off with over pronation as a diagnosis and anyway I went to posh-running-shop rather than high-street-don't-know-any-better-shop and they told me there that my right leg was also a bit on the longer side - and had been prone to injuries etc etc etc.

    As you see, nothing really to add, just confirmation that it happens :)
  • Dave - it's perfectly normal, a very high percentage of runners have one leg longer than the other, just as most of us have one foot a bit bigger than the other. It's nothing to worry about.
  • 1/2 inch is supposed to be OK biomechanically
  • Yeah mate, I'm about half an inch too long on the right. My podiatrist seems to think this is enough to be significant when you run on roads, cos the camber of the road can add to it.
    Advice: get to podiatrist and check it out.
    I'm going again next week and will report back.
  • My experience (as a student osteopath) would say that true leg length discrepancy is far less common than an apparent leg length discrepancy caused by a problem in the pelvis, hamstrings, quads, abs, back muscles etc etc etc.
    I'm very wary of inserts handed out by anyone except a qualified podiatrist as messing with your biomechanics is asking for trouble. You might want to get to the root of the problem either with a podiatrist, or an osteopath, physio, or chiropractor. Or if you don't get much trouble from it, you might choose to just leave it alone!
  • nice one Mungus - since having a back injury a few years ago I developed groin and knee problems and have a vey obvious leg length difference and I can tell its related to my pelvis shifting and tight illiopsoas muscle
  • The iliopsoas is my favourite muscle! And you thought you were sad...

    I'm off to get a life. Do they sell them on the internet?
  • I have a similar problem and have just started with a heel raise. My pelvis is awkward though and tilts the other way, so it's lower on the side with the longer leg!

    My right quad is bigger than the left as it's beent aking more weight, and now I'm getting the legs sorted, the left quad is doing more work and is getting knackered as it's not used to it!

    In my experience, as you correct one problem, it may kick off others elsewhere. My left quad problem will hopefully resolve as it gets more used to taking more weight, but don't be surprised if you get niggles elsewhere, at least at first. However bad your biomechanics are, your body is at least to some extent used to them, and any change may feel a bit odd.
  • Thanks for the advise guys the heel inserts i have start off really thin and gradualy build up over 6 months so its not to much of a sudden shock to my gate.Iam going to go with it see how it goes i suppose the proof will be if my shoes wear down a bit more evenly. Who knows it might even improve pefomance.
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