Personal Attack Alarms

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Anyone know where I can get one for Mrs FF when she goes out running by herself?



  • FF,
    Contact the local constabulary and ask to speak to your crime prevention officer who should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • I believe that the Suzy Lamplugh trust sell them. They have a website (but can't find the details, doh!)

    I'm going to buy one (just as soon as I get round to it!). Maybe Santa will bring me one...

    Creamcake (CC)
  • I got one for the Mrs in Homebase of all places. 100dB +, so quite loud, and small enough to be placed in the hand - doubles as a key ring too. About 10 quid.
  • My husband bought me one many moons ago in an uncharacteristic display of protectiveness.

    Used it a few times, but was always accidentally setting it off by clutching it in the wrong way whilst running. It's been in a drawer ever since.

    good luck though!
  • Wonder if they'd work on dogs?
  • There is a Maplin shop across the road from where I work. I got one yesterday for £2.99 that was 105dB. Tried it out last night and I could hardly hear it when 40 yards away. I've ordered a 135dB one which I should have by Friday. It is £7.99 and has a torch on it as well.
  • Personal alarms by Maplin are an option and I've found if you Google WE Alarms who are a UK manufacturer provide them direct which seem to be the best value I've found on the net.
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