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Decided to start my own thread so if you have read this before sorry! I have just been for a 6 mile run in my new Rider 7's. At about 5 miles the bottom of my feet started to feel sore. When I got home and looked at my feet there are the beginnings of blisters on the bottom of both forefeet corresponding with the bumps of the innersole. I am really annoyed as I thought I had found my perfect running shoe as the other problems I had seem much better since switching to the Rider. I have done a couple of 3-4 mile runs with no problems. I know I could switch the inners but would this change the workings of the shoe? I have inners from the Nike pegasus, Asics gel cumulus and 2090's should I swap or would a different sock make a difference. Are the 1000 mile blister free socks really that good? Any comments greatly appreciated.


  • Have exactly the same problem! I have been battling with my riders for about 8 weeks now and they show no signs of wearing in. I have finally resigned myself to the fact that there is no way I can do a half-marathon in them in two weeks time so have resorted back to adidas response in desparation!
  • Swapping your inners is a good idea, it's not going to alter anything in the shoes, choose the one with the best fit. Proper socks should help. Not a big fan of 1000mile, prefer Hilly twin skins. Cushioned socks are better for me - Thorlos, Hilly padded training work best for me. Hope this helps
  • Used to get blister on my right foot with Wave Rider 6s but no problems at all with the 7s which I love. That said, I agree with kanichan and wear Thorlos
  • Thanks people, I think I'll try changing my inners first. I have never had blisters before with the socks I'm using. I must admit the inners all fit pretty well but the Asics 2090 corresponds most to the Riders with a more pronounced arch. I suppose the only way to find out if I still feel as good in the shoe with different inners is to try and see. I really want to get this sorted as I am doing a 10km race at the weekend and it is my first since a foot injury in May. I seem to have been struggling ever since to feel quite right and I do feel the correct shoe will help.
    Fingers crossed.
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