Abductor problems

I was chatting to my father on sunday who has been running now for three years and loves it! Over the last couple of months, he has been experiencing some upper leg problems that won't go away.

He reckons that his running days are over, but I'm trying to solve the problem!!! He's been to a physio and had ultrasound, but hasn't helped, any ideas welcome!




  • I can only go on like a broken record about how important I find stability exercises. An awful lot of my leg problems seem to become less when lower abs, back and pelvis are all well supported.

    How to get that help: I wouldn't dare advise, but I do a bunch of exercises in the pool 3 times a week, together with other dry land exercises. Best to get physio tailored to suit the individual, but if that really doesn't suit, ask again and I'll e-mail you what I do.

    Did your Dad see the right sort of physio? Some have very low expectations for older people, and don't give them help appropriate to athletes. Important to see someone with a strong interest in running, who will commit to getting him back in his running vest, not just tottering to local post office.

    I met one who said "your fine, call me again when you need a wheelchair".

    Oh yes, and tell him I'm cheering for him. Marj
  • This guy is great, recommended by a Great Britain athlete, cheap too!
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