Monday Session - 18 November

When you go out training today, or resting or whatever, please remember how fortunate we are to be able to do such things. This weekend I found out about the death of Ruth, one of my best friends from work, in a road traffic accident. She wasn't running at the time, but if she had have been it wouldn't have made much difference. If you go out training on the road today, please be careful of traffic - unexpected accidents really do happen.


What: No running - still rehabilitating stress fracture - but probably a decent length cycle ride, followed by either a swim or some circuits.
Why: Have to keep active despite injury.

Last hard: Will be today.
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • well put Psi

    take it easy out there
  • That's awful to hear about Psi.
    And to think we get whingey when we get a cold or something minor that stops us from running.
    This just puts it all in perspective.

    Be safe people.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that PSI, sincerest sympathies.

    I can appreciate your comments given the speeds some lunatics drive on the country roads near me.

    What : 3 mile easy
    Why : recovery run
    Last Hard : Sunday
    Last Rest : Last Tuesday
  • A reminder of the dictum 'carpe diem', if one were needed.

    What: swim drills (lunchtime)
    6 mile steady after work

    Last Hard: Friday
    Last rest: The weekend!

    Decided that my body needed time to adapt to the higher intensity training with my club. Couldn't remember when my legs didn't hurt. Next weeks 10K will tell me if the effort has been rewarded.
  • Sorry to hear about your friend Ruth, Psi. Always makes you appreciate what you've got.
    Take care today.
  • Sorry to hear about your friend Psi. What with the fog this morning as well, it serves as a timely reminder to order that hi-vis bib for winter running at any time of the day or night.

    What: - Long run
    Why: - Nothing yesterday due to coming off a 12 hour night shift and I'm off all week now.

    Last rest: - Sunday
    Last hard: - Friday
  • Sorry to here you bad news Psi - kind of makes what training we are doing today unimportant.

    What: Easy/steady 3-4 miles
    Why: Always do this on a Monday coz have a hard session on a Tuesday

    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Wednesday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Really sorry to hear about your friend Psi. I've been really slack about wearing reflective clothes recently because there are so few cars where I live. But your post makes me realise, it only takes one car to make an accident.

    What - 5-7 miles steady
    Why - didn't run at weekend but did lots of snow-related sports so a recovery run, really.
    Last (proper) rest - ages ago
    Last hard - Friday
  • Bit of a shock to read that Psi, puts all other things into perspective.

    Any way this weeks training is


    Why: I have a cold and so many niggling injuries I've decided complete rest would be a good idea, and after surpising myself at Brighton (25sec/mile faster than previous PB) I feel I can cope with the loss.

    I'm sure by weds I'll be itching to run again so I'll need tis forum to stop me!

  • Sorry about the bad news Psi.

    What: 8km run easy (5 miles )
    Why: Monday is normaly easy/steady due to longish runs on sunday, and resistance workout on chest.
    Last Hard: Yesterday 10 miles + Squash
    Last Rest: Saturday.

    PS. Just got a copy of the bleep test through, cant wait to give it ago!
  • Pretty sobering that is, Psi.

    Bearing in mind also Cougie's injury (did that happen in the dark?), along with the injury one of the runners picked up on the hill reps session I did last Tuesday - makes you think "there but for the grace of God...."

    Anyway, for today:

    what: blissful rest
    why: between long run and hard session
    last hard day: Fri
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Mon
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Psi, makes you realise how fragile life can be and as Mike says - it could happen to anyone.

    Today's session: Hill reps + weights
    Why: strength training
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • Sorry to here about the bad news Psi.

    What – Rest Day
    Why – I deserve one

    Last Hard Day – Thursday
    Last Rest Day – (before today) Last Sunday

  • PSI, sorry. I feel bad, cos I had a run in the woods yesterday that was a truly fantastic experience- nature being so close and even tho I was a comparitive slug, just doing it was wonderful - soul development.

    What: nothing - rest day after Fri, Sat and Sun sessions. Performance wasn't marvellous, but I feel fantastic. No stiffness in the back, which is what I was worrying about.
    Think the belief is coming back.
  • Sorry Psi, thinking of you and your friends family,

    What: 13 miles hill sessions
    Why lovely sunny day for once

    Last hard: Friday
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Terrible news, Psi. Are you OK? All we can do is trust that Ruth has gone somewhere where the running conditions are always prefect and your legs never get tired.

    Made me think. I'm dreadful for playing chicken on the (many) roads round my way when aiming for a good time on a short run.

    Rest day today after yesterday's race.
  • Hi PSI - so, so sorry to hear of your sad news. Thinking of you.

    What - Absolutely no exercise at all since Friday..
    Why - Still suffering effects of hangover (yes, 3 days after getting drunk!!). Must be getting old...

    Take care PSI... xx
  • Very sorry about your friend Psi.

    What: Rest
    Why: Extremely tired from yesterdays race. Not quite over cold I think.

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • What: 5K treadmill
    Why: Not allowed more, and knee a tad iffy
    Hard: Long ago
    Rest: Yesterday

    Take care, Psi. And point well noted.
  • Psi, that's tragic. Really sorry to hear the news.

    What: Rest + Sauna
    Why: I'm taking Laura L's advice (well I never run on a Monday, but 30 minutes in a ridiculously hot room is warranted after yesterday).
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Today
  • Thanks everyone. It was specially hard as I had no idea until our regimental dinner night on Saturday night - I was looking for her in the sherry reception as she always attended them, but couldnt find her.

    Then when we went down to dinner, instead of sitting down, the C.O. said, "Ladies and gentlemen of the mess: it is my sad duty to inform you of the death of ... " etc. Not a nice way to find out - I'd head a guy called Rich say something before but didnt realise what he was on about.

    She wasn't a super fast runner, but when she ran with work she tried her hardest, as we all should do. :)

    Finally, any of you Manchester lot, if you are in the area and have time to go to the Cheshire Cat pub in Fallowfield (the one that's a converted church), you can see the floral tributes and - if it's still there - a photo of her and her friend (Ruth is the one on the right).

    sorry for making this a rather morose thread, but hell, if any of you lot want to stay up til 5 past midnight to post a more cheerful one, be my guest (except for mr. godzilla .. i'll take you on any day pal ;);) )
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Sad news Psi and an awful way to find out.

    Today's training consisted of a trip to the gym for the following cross training:

    rowing machine-3000m
    stationary bike-15 mins
    stair climber-15 mins
    upper body weights, 3 different exercises-3x25 reps 30secs between each set.
    hip flexes-3x25 reps.
    back exercises-3x15.
    Ab crunches-3x50.
    press ups-3x30.
    Finished with a good stretch.
    Total time of workout= 1hr 30mins

  • Psi, really sorry to hear about your friend, what an awful way to find out. You must have been shocked.

    It does us all good to get things into perspective sometimes.

    What: 8 * hillreps
    Why: club session, coach was late so I sneaked into the slow-middling group where I belong.
    Last hard: tonight, but i think I could have worked harder.
    Last rest: Fri.
  • Sorry to hear about your friend Psi, never easy losing someone close.

    reflective flashy things are on my xmas list

    what: turned my recovery session into a speed session ran my usual speed/recovery route nearly 4 mins faster than last effort (the run that made me decide to quit smoking)

    why: very angry for no apparent reason, needed to feel the burn

    last hard: you, show me hard eh? - c'mon sunshine...

    last rest: Sarraday
  • i echo the sentiments about your friend.

    what : club night - steady 6 miles
    why : easy run after yesterday's hard(ish) 5 mile race
    last hard - yesterday
    last rest - thursday

    looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and then starting to taper for sunday's 1/2M (Clowne 1/2).
  • Godzilla, don't leave it 'til xmas, someone recommended flashing armbands from bike shops, only £8.95, and they really improve your visibility.

    Tonight in the car I met group of runners along pitch black lane, they were wearing head torches as well - these are probably the best thing if you run where it's really dark.
  • Psi - sorry to hear your news :o(

    Did about 6 miles around the local streets. Didn't plan the route, just went out and ran, which was really nice! Part of the route was across the local park in the dark, which wasn't a good idea as there was a gate half way across to keep out cars, and I didn't see it until I was right on top of it!

    Dead chuffed after yesterday's run that I was recovered so well too.

    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Friday
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